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What to Look Out For This Week

Things are just rolling along, and the new fall season has turned into the story of declining ratings with almost every new series dropping in week two with only a few exception, the returning shows are really what to watch now, and here are some notables for the week:

Lie to Me – 9/8c Monday on FOX

Lone Star out, Lie to Me in. After only a little more than a month of hiatus, Lie to Me is back with season 3 of the sleeper performer about Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) who is a human lie detector. The series was originally set to return in November but things changed rather quickly last week. The premiere of the new season, is very much in line with the solid second season. The episode follows an angry Cal, now split from partnership from the FBI, helping with a thief.  Expect more recurring female cast members this year as well as guest stars like Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn to throw Cal for a loop if that is possible.

Stargate Universe – 9/8c Tuesday on Syfy

How many of you tuned into the second season premiere last week? 2nd season? Does it not feel, or is it just me, that SGU has been chugging along for a while now. If you liked the premiere, which I thought was solid, the second episode is one of the show’s strongest. With great performances by Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle, the show is at heart a human sci-fi drama, and this episode showcases this.

Caprica – 10/9c Tuesday on Syfy
Now another case of a series brought up earlier than expected, Caprica was originally marked as returning in January, almost a full year after the series completed its half-season run, but Syfy decided to pull it up earlier after SGU. I have not seen the new episodes of the series which I thought at its core was great when it went from family drama to hardcore Sci-fi drama and I hope that continues in the second half which will explore in more depth the growing concern and construction of cylons.

The Whole Truth – 10/9c Wednesday on ABC

If you had to bet on a third series cut, The Whole Truth might be your best bet after barely reading on Wednesday nights. ABC is giving the series one last shot, and moved up an episode to showcase its strong legal stories. They were wise to do this, as the episode in question airing this week, guest stars Wire alum Andre Royo, as well as fellow Numb3rs grad Judd Hirsh, as a very corrupt judge that Jimmy (Rob Morrow) defends. The episode is the best one yet and got me more interested in the stories they can tell but the series is not one I would be upset about losing.

Lies, Guys, Comics, and Unknowns: June 7th, 2010 TV Highlights

Lie to Me

New, new, and new….Not what you would expect right now.

Lie to Me – 8/7c on FOX Oh, Lie to Me, what a crazy run you have had. Premiering in late January of last year, doing so-so and coming back after House only to be pulled in December and saved until June, but at the same time getting picked up for another year. Kind of strange, but there is now denying that Lie to Me has quality and Tim Roth and Kelli Williams sure make the most of their interesting characters. I quite enjoyed the next two installments from The Shield‘s Shawn Ryan who show-ran this season, including a great guest turn by Jason Dohring (Moonlight) seen to the left. Good quality scripted summer fare for sure.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys – 9/8c on FOX I just giggle at the thought of The Good Guys. I don’t know how much creator Matt Nix wanted us to think of it as a comedy but he sure pulls it off. I really love this humorous buddy cop drama especially the interplay between Bradley Whitford’s Dan, his mustache, and Colin Hank’s Jack. I have seen tonight’s premiere installment and it may be better than the preview that aired a couple week’s back and features a great Lauren Stamile and a fun romp for the cops.

Persons Unknown – 10/9c on NBC Another summer, another summer of international imports to air on American television. Persons Unknown was an international co-produce drama picked up by NBC a long time ago and is finally seeing the light of day. Unknown is about a group of strangers pulled from their lives and dropped in a house they cannot escape from and stars Jason Wiles and Alan Ruck. I am intrigued a will be tuning in and see if it can become more than a one-note mystery.

Last Comic Standing – 8/7c on NBC How is this back? Can someone answer that question for me because I am puzzled on how a summer reality show on NBC was cancelled twice then resurrect again thinking that it would be a success. Sorry NBC but I doubt even the funny man Craig Robinson can salvage this reality competition about comics.

This Week in Review!

Here is my thoughts on everything I watched this week, some short, some long, and some spoilers so be aware. What do you think on them all?

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESHow I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin have been a highlight of all the episodes so far this season which has overall being pretty good. This week was episodes was one of the best of the year even though it marked the end of Barney and Robin. Alan Thicke was great in a fun cameo too.

Lie to Me: Can I just want to say I want Alicia Coppola on a show now. I loved her in Jericho and she was great as Agent Reynolds pal in this week Reynolds-centric outing. I have seen next week’s very much relevant episode on Black Friday and it is one of the best of the show.

So You Think You Can Dance: When the season started and they had that fantastic showcase show I thought this year would be outstanding, so far this year, so not. Nobody is wowing me except for maybe Jakob who is just so fun and brilliant. I still love Mollee and Nathan even though the performance was cringe-worthy.

V: V is my favorite new show this year. It is so epic in its feel and just fun to watch. Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch are a perfect pair, and it was great to see Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica) as a FBI friend of Erica or is she. Plus any show with Alan Tudyk is a win in my book. The one area the show lacks though is in the teenagers, better dialogue and story is needed or the ratings could just go down even further.

Melrose Place: Heather Locklear we need you know. Just a million viewers is pathetic for what is a pretty fun soapy drama, next week is the week. Amanda is back and will it help, I hope so.

The Good Wife: I would watch The Good Wife just for the judges alone who have all been great in the series and next week Peter Riegert comes to the panel, love him. This week presented a nice dilemma with a lawyer/non lawyer for Alicia and the story with the son keeps me interested in her personal life.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is funny. Really funny. This cast is really fun which it turn makes me laugh so much.

Top Chef: She is gone and I am a little sad. Robin who should have been voted off in Week 1 finally had to pack her knives and somehow I don’t think the show will be as great just because of not as much drama. However, Nigella Lawson was the perfect judge. Opinionated, funny, and adorable, I wouldn’t mind her being on each week.

FlashForward: Like I have said before the show is not bad, the story is interesting and gets better when Rocky Jay shows up but the writing is not good, and that combined with the TERRIBLE acting of Joe Finnes overshadows any good performances by Christine Woods or John Cho. The show needs to get better soon with more episodes like last week’s fantastic “The Gift.”

Survivor: Best season EVER? With episodes like the last two with brilliant blindsides, I think so. Russell is one of the best contestants ever. Love this show.

Parks and Recreation: I love this show too. By far the funniest show on NBC and the second best comedy on air behind a certain ABC comedy. The supporting cast is unstoppable.

Private Practice: Last night’s episode was off the hook. I cried and was engrossed by the emotion and story in this medical drama. Everything was perfect except for the unnecessary last scene, brought me out of it just a little.

Fringe: This week, pretty good. Next week, fantastically freaky.

The Vampire Diaries: So this show is surprising me. As I watched it this summer, I hated it. Found it so cliched and stupid, now I look forward to it each week. This week was strong once again but the episode left me hanging and confused. First, Alaric is obviously a vampire of something but when the episode ended with Jenna’s old boyfriend and supposedly dead Logan, my first thought was that somehow Alaric changed his body to his. The reason I came to this conclusion was that he said something along the lines of “Will you let me in,” and when Alaric left the house he said something like “You will let me in some other time.” Just the way the dialogues intertwined made me think they were one in the same. Crazy or no?

Fall TV 2009: Lie to Me, Trauma, and more tonight on the TV…

More premieres are rolling in with two notable ones to report:

  1. 201_coreofit_165FOX is airing its semi-hit last season Lie to Me tonight after House at 9/8c. I very much enjoyed the first season of the Tim Roth lead lie detector series. It is a very interesting procedural mostly thanks to the great combo of Roth and Kelli Williams who plays his partner Foster.  The season premiere is emotional, and it centers around first, a mulitple personality played by Erika Christenson who has some interesting personalities such as a prostitute. Also, Lightman’s personal life is more explored through a bombshell by his ex-wife (Jessica Beals). The acting is fantastic and the characters strong and Lie to Me could soar out of the growing House.
  2. Premiere on NBC tonight at 9.8c is Trauma. You can check out my review here, but all I can say is it is action packed and well worth watching in HD. The characters and actors are good, and this show is worthing giving a once look over, to see if you love the action as much as I can.
  3. Remember to check out the second episode of ABC’s Castle. The show is so good and you need to be watching. The same with CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

Sorry, I Am Under The Weather but Some Quick Thoughts

Sorry about the lack of posts recently but I have been a bit sick lately and haven’t really felt up to doing much of anything (besides TV!).  While I am away I want to know what you have been thinking lately? What was your favorite show on last night? Are you loving CASTLE as much as I am and are you think that this is the second best season of 24 behind season 5? Here is a quick take on my thoughts of the last couple shows I watched.



Castle on ABC:  This show gets better ever week it is on. The show has found its stride and the chemistry between Castle and Beckett is getting hot. I loved last night’s episode with the conversation on the crazy Nikki Heat name. Love it!

Gossip Girl on The CW: What has been up with the upper east siders? Every since the show came back three weeks ago it has been terrible. The joy and love of drama in NYC is gone and now it just about family troubles. I want my show back!

Tricia Helfer on Chuck

Tricia Helfer on Chuck

Chuck on NBC:  I love this show! Last nights episode was just plain brillance. The guest turn by the always stunning Tricia Helfer was great as Agent Alex Forrest and I want her on my TV each week! I can’t wait for the last three episodes of this season and lets just hope they won’t be the last of the series.

Kelli Williams on Lie to Me

Kelli Williams on Lie to Me

Lie to Me on FOX: I caught up on the last three episodes this week and they were just fabulous. The show is just so interesting and you learn so much by watching it. Kelli Williams is great as Dr. Foster and I love how she is as flawed as anybody which makes her so real. Also, did you hear Jennifer Beals is coming on as Cal’s ex-wife for a recurring role. Awesome.

Life on Mars on ABC: Also caught up on about the last four episodes of the dying ABC drama and they showed me how much this show is so great. Life on Mars is just a great period drama about real people that are flawed and the last couple hours were great. The guest turn by Paige Turco and remember the series finale airs tomorrow at 10/9c, where all your questions will be answered.

What I Will Be Watching – February 18th, 2009

What is on tonight? Lots of good TV, that is what is on.

Lie to Me

Lie to Me

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Starting March 11th on FOX, there will be a switch that creates some conflicts. No big surprise though. The new hit procedural Lie to Me will move to 8/7c and American Idol on Wednesday will move to its normal time at 9. That begs the choice, Idol or Lost? Which will land on the DVR. I think you know what I think you should choice! But tonight, there is an all new Lie to Me and it sure is to be a interesting one. The team is sent in to protect a diplomat’s daughters wedding where there is a war going on that will end with some terrible fatalities.

Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Another new episode of the best show on television airs tonight and it will alter the show in another direction. I promise (I hope)! Tonight the episode is called “316” and it surrounds Jack and the journey to get back to the island. If you watch last week, the episode ended with Eloise Hawking saying we are about “to get started.” The journey will happen tonight with some how, hopefully Kate, Sayid, and Hurley going back to the mysterious island. Also look out for the never before seen grandfather of Jack who may have a connection. Check out two sneak peeks of the episode after the jump!

Anne Marie Boskovich

Anne Marie Boskovich

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Great performances last night and who will continue to see the Top 12 in March. Find out tonight and did you vote? 

Life on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  I will be first to admit the long break that Life on Mars had did not serve it well. But tonight, the show is back. I have seen tonight’s episode (thanks ABC!) and it is a great one. The show tonight balances the sci-fi element, with the characters and the heart. The episode surrounds a murder that happens in the 1-2-5 and the guy that gets shot has a surprising connection to Sam. The show also shows us Ray’s personal life when him and Annie visit his wife played by the awesome Laura Benanti. If you gave up on LOM, here is your chance to get back in!

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  Finale alert! Part one of the season 5 finale airs tonight and they are in the Big Easy. That of course means one of the most famous chefs, Emril! Lets just hope the resident southern contestant Carla can pull out and win it!

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Deal alert now! If you loved the first season of Damages as much as I did you can go to itunes and get the entire season for 17 dollars or $.99 cents a episode. Also, the Season 2 premiere is available for FREE. Awesome and the deal ends March 2nd! Anyway, tonight on the legal spectacular, Ellen continues to work with FBI and finds something new to give them on Patty. Plus, the future story-line continues from the spot of Ellen naked in the shower.

What I Will Be Watching – February 4th, 2009

It is Wednesday. What are you watching?



Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Last week on the island/off-island: Desmond went to Oxford, found Faraday’s past, had a baby with Penny, named it Charlie, saw Charles Widmore, found where Faraday’s mom lives, Charles is from the island, he was an other, Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer meet some 1950’s others, they take them to Richard, along with Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte, Faraday confesses his love for Charlotte, there is a hydrogen bomb, there is another flash, bomb is bye bye, Charlotte collapses, not good news for her, and that was “Jughead.” Last week was full of answers but also more questions. Hopefully this week will answer more.

Tonight’s episode is entitled “The Little Prince” and I think that refers to Aaron, Claire’s baby but Kate’s “son.” That is because tonight, Kate gets more insight into who knows about Aaron’s family and what they want. The hour also continues to tell the story of the Oceanic Six and how Ben and Jack are going to convince everybody to go back. They will have to do it quick because we only have 70 hours and those hours will end in the February 18th episode. Time is running!

Life – 9/8c on NBC Will you find this hidden gem among all the other offerings at 9? I hope you will. Life is a show that is so well produced, acted, and all around well made. Last year, the ending episode left us with a bang. Charlie Crews was shot. It sure was a shocker for me and can’t wait to see where it takes us. On related news, the female star Sarah Shahi is pregnant. Congrats.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Group day! After yesterday’s premiere of Hollywood Week, which was a great showcase of some of the good singers that we did and did not see in the auditions. Tonight, in this SOLO competition, the singers get in groups and sing with having to go through that long night of fighting. Now that is fun TV!

Carla; Top Chef

Carla; Top Chef

Top Chef: New York – 10/9c on Bravo  I say this over and over again but I really have been enjoying this season of Top Chef. It is sad to hear the show will be moving to the Big Easy on the 18th for the two-part finale with guest judge Emril. I am really glad to say that my favorite Carla Hall is still in the running. I love her. Tonight, Eric Ripert returns when the cooks make dinner at his restaurant.

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Have you been watching this new series? Have you liked it? I know I have. The series is now exploring the characters, and not just the cases. There personal lives are taking center stage, and I hope more of Cal’s will be scooped out with his daughter played by the great Kay Panabaker. In the third hour, the team has to delve into the world of prep schools when a federal judge’s kid gets killed.

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Two shows on Wednesday’s that work your brain to a pulse. Lost and Damages manage to get you thinking like none other and that is often the reason I watch Damages on Thursday, so I can just wrap my brain around it. Last week, we say Daniel blow what we that of him, and we learned West Virginia is toxic in the Damages’ world. This week, Patty finally suspects something from Ellen and Patty also suspects more from Purcell.