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Relive the End: Lost’s Final Season on DVD

New Man in Charge

Why do things have to seem so real? May has come and gone and I still often think about that final season of Lost, and now in August, that final season of Lost is now on DVD and Blu-Ray. The Sixth Season of 18 episodes comes on the disc with a fellow release of the complete series, with every episode and even more special features that made the Lost collection a must-have in your collection.

The final season disc-set includes some special bonuses, including an epilogue of sorts called “New Man in Charge” about what happen to the Island’s number 1 and 2 after that plane flew away. The special features a few known faces including Ben and Hurley, but a character you wished was in the finale but got a special and nice send-off here. This has gotten plenty of talk-back by fans but I for one was not phased by it. If this had not come to fruition, I would not have cared, and now is just an extra piece to enjoy.

Also on the 5-disc season, is even more Lost: On Location features, gag reel, and most of all and beautiful feature crafting the final year with the cast, creators, writers, and most of all hard-working cast.

Lost: The Complete Sixth Season and The Complete Collection is available now!


Recapping the Season: Top 5 Returning Shows

I continue my look at the past television season and doing some top 5’s for what worked in a ratings-challenged year. Up second are the returning entries that graced the screen this year and which ones worked well:

1. Parks and Recreation is easily the biggest jump from below mediocrity to so far above the bar this year. The first season of six episodes was nothing special and Amy Poehler was not her finest as Leslie Knope but back in September something changed, and we should all be so grateful for whatever it was. Leslie became a much more grounded character and with less Michael Scott qualities and more funny. The supporting cast was featured more from Nick Offerman as Ron to Rashida Jones better used Ann. Rob Lowe and Adam Scott additions can only make it better come midseason. (Why do we have to wait?!)

2. Lost, I love you. Thank you for the best finale and an overwhelmingly awesome final season. That is all I can say.

3. Survivor this year can be summer up in one word: Russell. Russell Hantz was just brilliant in both Samoa and one of the best seasons ever done, Heroes vs. Villains. Especially this spring edition, really showed what a surprising, compelling reality show it still is and once was and I can only hope this high ride will continue in the fall.

4. Private Practice is a pretty great show and not a lot of people know it. The show was not the best spinoff in its first season but after the writer’s strike the writing got better, smarter and the cast gelled and it has been smooth sailing ever since. What really makes Practice different from Grey’s in recent months is that the cases of the week are very intelligent and are still very much part of the story as much as the soap. Check this out in the fall, you will be very happy you did.

5. The New Adventures of Old Christine was cancelled and I was much more upset by it than I thought I would. While the Julia Louis Dreyfus fronted comedy was never must-see it was a consistent funny half-hour that I wish ABC would have support. This season really developed Christine as more of a dumb single woman and that’s it.

Came close: Grey’s Anatomy rebounded from a rough fifth season in a very solid way. This was the first year I have ever watched a season when it has aired and I am very fond memories from it. Most notably, the shocking, awe-inspiring, intense finale they have ever done. What a fantastic two hours, but not only was that well-done, the season’s fifth episode “Invasion” was remarkable. All told in flashbacks to a day where someone died that shouldn’t have that featured great work by the new Mercy West crew and Sarah Drew. Well done, Shonda and team again.

What is your Top 5?

I am Lost in My Goodbye

This is it.

Tonight marks the end of my favorite drama and television show ever, it marks the end of a show that transcended what television was supposed to be, what it meant to the fans, the networks, the internet, and most of all the world.

Lost made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me scream, it made me travel, it made me believe that entertainment can connect us, it can make an impact, but most of all it made me think. Lost made each of its viewers think about what is next, think about what it all means, and tonight it will make us think for years to come what this episode called “The End” meant.

I did not want to write a long essay about the impact of Lost because I am sure you all know that and I know it as well. The retrospective that airs before the finale at 7/6c will cover what Lost has done to the fans, pop culture, the world, the stars, and what has actually transpired over the last 121 hours. I know someone who watched the pilot last night and said to me after, “Well I guess I can watch the finale tomorrow.” I laughed but then I realized he could. Lost is at most a drama about people, just ordinary people who are above all flawed and anybody can connect with that at anytime.

I urge you to watch Lost today the way it was meant to be experienced without texts, theories, the internet, just go about your day today without all that and then sit down tonight at 7/6c and WATCH! (Also a helpful tip, try not to read the credits in the beginning so you are not spoiled about any surprise guests.)

I leave you all, with a really tremendous scene from the first episode after the pilot, “Tabula Rasa.” which meaning is all to appropriate.

Lost Weekend: My Favorite Lost Moment + The Pilot

Sorry for the lack of updates but life is really going full steam right now. This is a HUGE weekend, my favorite series of all time is ending its six-year run and I am certainly having very mixed emotions. Lost has had many great moments, ones that surprised us, ones that tricked us, ones that made us cry, laugh, or just gasp. I would like to post one moment that has resonated with me for a long time, a moment in Lost, that involved to characters we really did not know but someone made it seem, so so real. It comes for the 5th episode of Season 4, the best episode of the series, The Constant.

Also, before tomorrow night’s finale, ABC is doing a full weekend of Lost events and tonight ABC is re-airing the very first episode, the 2 hour pilot. Watch and enjoy at 8/7c.

Quick Takes on Tonight’s Packed May Tuesday

Wow, there is a lot of TV on tonight. Lucky I have seen some of it and below are my quick thoughts….

Julianna Margulies and guest star Paige Turco in a new "The Good Wife"

V – 10/9c on ABC With next Tuesday, D-Day in the V world both on TV and behind the scenes, as the season finale will air and ABC will decide the faith of the series at Upfronts. The prospects are looking a lot better now as the ratings have been steady unlike the other bubble drama, FlashForward. Tonight’s episode really serves as a prequel to the events of the finale and does it well. It clearly will be Erica vs. Anna, and that pairing has started in an unusual way tonight. Maybe the best episode of the series yet and the last scene will shock you thanks to great guest starring roles.

Justified – 10/9c on FX Back in March, when the Timothy Olyphant fronted series began I was very happy with the product, now as we enter the final stretch of the first season (FX recently ordered a 2nd), I have not been that happy with the product. The episodes in recent weeks have been hit or miss but the episode airing now is very much a hit. Raylan is caught up in a very compelling hostage swap, and the next episode after keeps up the high paced energy.

The Good Wife – 10/9c on CBS Oh how I love this show. Tonight’s episode the Alicia vs. Cary battle that was presented all the way back in the pilot. The episode focuses on Will and Diane’s decision that they do not want to make as bigger problems like the firm going under by losing big players. Alicia meanwhile focuses on how Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) is affecting her life while juggling a case involving a ugly rock-star divorce. Also, look for tons of familiar faces if you watched Damages.

Now, I have some quick thoughts on why I am so excited about tonight’s episode below, there will be some spoilers…


The Good Wife Returns, Southland Departs: What I Will Be Watching – April 6th, 2010

The Good Wife – 10/9c on CBS

Easily in the top 5 of my new favorite shows, The Good Wife is able to bridge the gap between procedural and quality drama. The acting, story, and creative spark by everyone involved is spectacular and after a month hiatus returns tonight with one episode, then another week off. In this episode entitled, “Doubt,” Gary Cole’s Kurt comes back into life of Diane, while Alicia defends a college student.

Gary Cole and Christine Baranski on "The Good Wife"

Southland – 10/9c on TNT

After the miraculous revival of this docu-LA cop drama, the five new episodes have aired and tonight the sixth and final episode of the second season airs tonight. The ratings have been okay, but DVR has been strong, and there is a good chance for another year on TNT. The finale delves into the search for a impersonating rapist that the team is following.

Lost – 9/8c on ABC

DESSSSSSSSS! Oh, how I have missed the “brotha” and finally in tonight’s episode entitled “Happily Ever After,” we learn more about this special character.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX

I just wanted to mention that I was so upset that Didi Benami was voted off last week while the terrible Tim Urban was left standing. Didi had a unique and special voice in easily one of the worst years ever. One thing that could turn this year around, a just announced guest mentor spot by Adam Lambert to happen next week!

Lost: Top 5 Jack Episodes

It is once again Tuesday and that means for me Idol and especially Lost. Tonight’s installment entitled “Lighthouse,” revolves around the shows techniacal lead, Jack Shepherd (Matthew Fox). Although he has never been my favorite character, I could never imagine the show without him, and here are some of his most shining moments.

1. Through the Looking Glass (Season 3) Easily the best finale the show has ever done, and it gets better the more you watch it. The imfauous “we have to go back” flashforward revealtion was a treat, and to watch Jack in such a terrible state, showed both his and Matthew Fox’s venerability. Just a courageous and revealing episode.

2. Man of Science, Man of Faith (Season 2) After the fan outcry of not knowing what was in the hatch, we got answers and the battle between Jack and Locke really begun. Two powerful characters that learned just so much from each other even if they do not realize it.

3. White Rabbit (Season 1) Jack’s first real flashback episode that introduced us to Christian both on and off the island with Jack’s vision and troubled past.

4. Tale of Two Cities (Season 3) This episode maybe was not Jack’s best but it did introduce us to my favorite character Juliet, and the romance between Jack and Juliet in the Hydra was imminent from the start.

5. The Hunting Party (Season 2) Middle of season 2 was not the best time for Lost, but this hour has somehow stuck in my head for the odd reason of the flashback story of Jack losing Sarah, gaining a patient, and having a heart.

What do you think of my list? Anything you would change? Most of all, what did you think of tonight?