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Fall TV 2010: My Review of CW’s Gossip Girl

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. Now, NYU is out, Columbia is in, but first Gossip Girl’s queen bees are going to Paris, will it be a magical trip….

What CW Says about Paris episodes:

The CW’s pop culture phenom GOSSIP GIRL is leaving the Upper East Side behind and jetting off to Paris to kick off season four in the City of Light. Series stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick will be filming on location in Paris in early July for the first two episodes of the season. GOSSIP GIRL airs Monday nights (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on The CW.

In the season four premiere, GOSSIP GIRL will find a radiant Serena van der Woodsen (Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Meester) enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris. However, Serena and Blair will be in for a few big OMG surprises when a friend from home mysteriously appears on the scene.

“Paris has always been the ultimate extension of our GOSSIP GIRL world — the home of high fashion, Michelin star restaurants, chic night clubs, and Blair’s favorite sweet (macaroons, of course!),” says executive producer Stephanie Savage. “We’re thrilled to be able to share with our fans that this fall GOSSIP GIRL is going to Paris. We hope that they’ll come along with Blair, Serena and Chuck for the first two episodes of season four.”

Tune In: I was an absent watcher during season three, gave up after the premiere when it became more about the outrageous then the rich, New York teen lifestyle. Now in season 4, the team wanted the change it up, and with the first two episodes, we head to Paris with Serena and Blair, so they can find some new inspiration. The episodes are certainly visually pleasing, with great shots of landmarks used in subtle ways. Paris is not the only setting however, we continue to have an eye in New York with new recurring star Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place) is an amazing young talent in a mysterious role with Nate. While I love Katie…

Tune Out: I am not really sure what her role is here and it kinda bugged me, the New York subplots were a little tedious for my taste with it pretty much being what Gossip Girl does best, tons of phone calls without much action.

Watch, Record, Skip: Although it’s not the teen drama it was in season one, these episodes are some of the better installments and I would certainly save them up on the DVR.


Upper East Siders on DVD: Gossip Girl goes to College on DVD

Hillary Duff, NYU, Columbia, sex, love, and money were all prominate items in the CW’s hit drama Gossip Girl in season 3.

All those 22 episodes are featured on a standard DVD set which features special features such as interactive viewing for one episode and a making-of feature of the fab parties those socialites throw.

I departed Gossip at the end of season 2 but I am tempted to come back since they have done an honorable thing by going to Paris and bringing in the uber-talented Katie Cassidy come September 13th on the CW, but for now, if you want to live like an upper east-sider you will just have to purchase Warner Bros’ collection of season 3 now on DVD.

There Back on the Upper East Side: Gossip Girl Returns!

gossip-girl-season-3-cast-photoThe fall season continues on the CW with the return of the best spoiled rich kids in New York returning to our screens with Gossip Girl. Last season was notably not one of the high points for the show but the ending did provide some hope that the once super guilty pleasure will be even more guiltier to watch.

With left the year with all the kids finding out that they will be attending NYU even Blair, and to top it off Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg will returning for mulitiple episodes) will be her roomate. Plus, Lily and Rufus kid has shown up and he will be bound to stir up trouble. The season has many guest stars lined up like Gina Torres, Joanna Garcia, and Hillary Duff.  (more…)

What Did You Think?: Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, Castle

Monday night kicked off finale week. For the next two weeks almost every show will close out the season.

004126nj0Tonight, The Big Bang Theory delivered in their finale, while it was a little cliche, I found it hilarious and really set the show off for the season with a great ending with the group, and more Penny and Leonard romance. What did you think?

brittany-snow-gossip-girl-spin-offGossip Girl while not a finale was actually quite opposite. Tonight was the backdoor pilot of the “Untitled GG Spinoff” featuring a 80’s Lily Rhodes and her crazy antics in the Valley. I enjoyed the episode and especially the new cast but I do not think I would enjoy it as a every week hour of TV. What did you think and how great was it to see Lost‘s Cynthia Watros again? Love her!

0000053236_20081110134251Castle had their finale and I am hearing a lot of people are wanting a second season and I am with you. The show is consistently funny, interesting, and fun. I think it could be a hit for ABC if given exposure and time. What did you think?

As always follow me on Twitter where I always give my thoughts on every thing I watch and news, especially in this upfront time.

Sorry, I Am Under The Weather but Some Quick Thoughts

Sorry about the lack of posts recently but I have been a bit sick lately and haven’t really felt up to doing much of anything (besides TV!).  While I am away I want to know what you have been thinking lately? What was your favorite show on last night? Are you loving CASTLE as much as I am and are you think that this is the second best season of 24 behind season 5? Here is a quick take on my thoughts of the last couple shows I watched.



Castle on ABC:  This show gets better ever week it is on. The show has found its stride and the chemistry between Castle and Beckett is getting hot. I loved last night’s episode with the conversation on the crazy Nikki Heat name. Love it!

Gossip Girl on The CW: What has been up with the upper east siders? Every since the show came back three weeks ago it has been terrible. The joy and love of drama in NYC is gone and now it just about family troubles. I want my show back!

Tricia Helfer on Chuck

Tricia Helfer on Chuck

Chuck on NBC:  I love this show! Last nights episode was just plain brillance. The guest turn by the always stunning Tricia Helfer was great as Agent Alex Forrest and I want her on my TV each week! I can’t wait for the last three episodes of this season and lets just hope they won’t be the last of the series.

Kelli Williams on Lie to Me

Kelli Williams on Lie to Me

Lie to Me on FOX: I caught up on the last three episodes this week and they were just fabulous. The show is just so interesting and you learn so much by watching it. Kelli Williams is great as Dr. Foster and I love how she is as flawed as anybody which makes her so real. Also, did you hear Jennifer Beals is coming on as Cal’s ex-wife for a recurring role. Awesome.

Life on Mars on ABC: Also caught up on about the last four episodes of the dying ABC drama and they showed me how much this show is so great. Life on Mars is just a great period drama about real people that are flawed and the last couple hours were great. The guest turn by Paige Turco and remember the series finale airs tomorrow at 10/9c, where all your questions will be answered.

Brittany Snow Cast in Gossip Girl Spinoff

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the lovely American Dreams star Brittany Snow will play a young Lily in The CW’s Gossip Girl Spinoff. The series which takes place in LA, will follow the life of Lily as a teenager and her wild antics which unlitamtly leads to Rufus.

Not only does Brittany look like Kelly Ruthford (when she is blonde), she is a sweet actress that has lately been wasting her talents on movies like Prom Night. Only thing I am worried about is her age, she may be a little old for high school now.

What I Will Be Watching – February 2nd, 2009

Monday night television returns in full force with the return of my favorite light-hearty spy comedy called Chuck. Here is my full selection….



Chuck – 8/7c on NBC  I love Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker. I love Casey and I love Aweseme and Ellie. I love Morgan, Anna, Jeff, Lester, and Mike. I love everybody on the show called Chuck. If you don’t know this show, it is about a spy/nerd who gets all the nation’s intel in his brain and now his life revolves around working with the NSA/CIA. He works at a Best Buy type story and has some crazy friends and a sweet sister. He has problems, and he is not perfect, but that is what makes him CHUCK! 

Chuck is a show that warms my heart. Makes a bad day good, and makes a good day even better. It is the icing on the cake that is television and I could not be happier that it is back. This episode as you most likely have heard is in 3D. I did not get my glasses and I don’t care. I love Chuck just the way it is and 3D is just an extra bonus. Tonight’s episode has a great guest star…Jerome Bettis. No, just kidding, Dominic Monaghan. Best know as beloved Charlie on Lost. He as he did play on the island, a british rocker and I am sure it should be another great piece of the cake!

Heroes – 9/8c on NBC  It is back and the crowd is silent. That is the reaction of the audience about the return of our Heroes. Heroes has not become the must see TV it was in its first year, and it has become a crowded, non-character drama that wasn’t fun. I am hoping that all changes tonight when the “Fugitives” Volume Four kicks off.

For this volume, the producers promise a back to the original, character driven drama, and I hope they are right. I will give it a chance, just because Bryan Fuller is back as a producer. He created the masterpiece that was Pushing Daisies. Also the great Emmy winning Zeljko Ivanek joins that cast, which means at least there will be good acting. The one thing I hope for is that they clear out the cast. The cast is too large and characters like Mohinder and Maya serve no purpose anymore. Tonight, the heroes are living normal lives until they start to get hunted!

The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother – 8/7c on CBS  The two Monday comedies are back for what will be hopefully another fun time. Both BBT and HIMYM having increased in laughs and fun this season and will continue. With the nerds tonight, Penny need help with taxes and asks Sheldon for help but things get icy when Penny’s ex is back. Over with the New York gang, Robin needs a job or she has to go back to Canada, and Barney and his secret crush try to help her. I love Barney.

Gossip Girl – 8/7c on The CW  The war is on! After a brief break, the spoiler Upper East-Siders are back and Blair out for revenge against her new teacher. I love bitchy Blair. Also, Chuck had a rough night, and can’t remember what happened.

Trust Me – 10/9c on TNT  From all that I have heard, the second episode of the new TNT ad agency drama works out the kinks of the first. Last week’s premiere had its problems including no Sarah Clarke but they fix that tonight when she plays Mason’s wife. The episode surrounds the problem of taglines that was brought up last time. Also, Sarah wants a office, but doesn’t like what goes along with it.  

24 – 9/8c on FOX  Sarah Clarke’s old show is also new tonight and it has been on a roll. The day continues with Dubaku finding other targets with the CPI and Jack, Tony, Bill, Chloe, Renee, and the FBI work to stop it. The ramifications of the First Gentleman’s dilemma come into play.

Also… (more…)