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What to Look Out For This Week

Things are just rolling along, and the new fall season has turned into the story of declining ratings with almost every new series dropping in week two with only a few exception, the returning shows are really what to watch now, and here are some notables for the week:

Lie to Me – 9/8c Monday on FOX

Lone Star out, Lie to Me in. After only a little more than a month of hiatus, Lie to Me is back with season 3 of the sleeper performer about Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) who is a human lie detector. The series was originally set to return in November but things changed rather quickly last week. The premiere of the new season, is very much in line with the solid second season. The episode follows an angry Cal, now split from partnership from the FBI, helping with a thief.  Expect more recurring female cast members this year as well as guest stars like Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn to throw Cal for a loop if that is possible.

Stargate Universe – 9/8c Tuesday on Syfy

How many of you tuned into the second season premiere last week? 2nd season? Does it not feel, or is it just me, that SGU has been chugging along for a while now. If you liked the premiere, which I thought was solid, the second episode is one of the show’s strongest. With great performances by Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle, the show is at heart a human sci-fi drama, and this episode showcases this.

Caprica – 10/9c Tuesday on Syfy
Now another case of a series brought up earlier than expected, Caprica was originally marked as returning in January, almost a full year after the series completed its half-season run, but Syfy decided to pull it up earlier after SGU. I have not seen the new episodes of the series which I thought at its core was great when it went from family drama to hardcore Sci-fi drama and I hope that continues in the second half which will explore in more depth the growing concern and construction of cylons.

The Whole Truth – 10/9c Wednesday on ABC

If you had to bet on a third series cut, The Whole Truth might be your best bet after barely reading on Wednesday nights. ABC is giving the series one last shot, and moved up an episode to showcase its strong legal stories. They were wise to do this, as the episode in question airing this week, guest stars Wire alum Andre Royo, as well as fellow Numb3rs grad Judd Hirsh, as a very corrupt judge that Jimmy (Rob Morrow) defends. The episode is the best one yet and got me more interested in the stories they can tell but the series is not one I would be upset about losing.

First Look: My Advanced Review of Syfy’s Stargate Universe 2.5

Space battles are heating up in the return of the hybrid “Stargate” and BSG drama Stargate Universe, should you be watching?….

What Syfy Says:

SGU follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. Faced with meeting the most basic needs of food, water and air, the group must unlock the secrets of the ship’s Stargate to survive. The danger, adventure and hope they find on board the Destiny will reveal the heroes and villains among them.

What Works: What SGU did in the fall to place itself on the map was present a old formula, in a character driven light. The highlight of the first two episodes in which I saw was the way the interaction and emotion of the characters affect the very survival of the survivors. When we left in the winter, Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) was left stranded on a planet by Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) after a heated battle, and Camille (Ming Na) was question the ship’s leadership. The show picks up with Rush still missing, and the survivors companionship in question. Fans will be very happy to see where Rush has been and the journey to find him is rather great including the use of the communication stones.

My favorite part of the series however is the supporting cast including Ming Na (left) and David Blue as Eli. The latter gives much-needed humor and the former is fierce and compelling in a take-charge kind of way.

What Doesn’t: The look of the show is still not what I would like to see. The cabins remain dark, gloomy, and uninviting to the audience and I hoping to at least see some more light in the episodes and seasons to come.

Stargate Universe comes back solid and rejoins the Syfy lineup Friday at 9/8c.

The 2 C’s of Friday Night

There are three things to watch out for tonight:

Photo: Jewel Samad/ AFP/ Getty Images

Care: The “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon put on and hosted by George Clooney is airing tonight at 8 eastern/5 pacific on pretty much every network imaginable. It will be co-host by Anderson Cooper and Wyclef John, who will also perform alongside Beyonce, Madonna, Cobie Callait, John Legend, and more, more more. Of course stars the likes of Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts will chat and answer the phones. Its a great cause and donate!

Caprica: Battlestar Galactica has been a phenomenon for a very long time with the original series in the 1970’s but most recently with the reimagining of the series by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. They create a new universe of character, places, and events, and all those are continuing in the Syfy series Caprica (Tonight at 9/8c). Caprica takes place approximately 50 years before the events of BSG, leading up to the Cylon war. The series follows Daniel Graystone, as well as his wife Amanda, who are brilliant rich scientists in the city of Caprica. The two hour pilot which was released as a TV movie last year will be feature tonight, and I have seen the next two episodes which explore the world in more depth. From the humor (Patton Oswalt) to the serious (bombings), the series goes deep and it is compelling and interesting television. the star of the show is Paula Malcomson who plays Amanda, who has a momentous episode in two weeks, that will blow you away!

Check both out tonight!

Weekend Viewing: Monk, Psych, Storm Chasers, and Brothers & Sisters

Fine TV continues and ends through the weekend, including what hopefully will be a good MLB postseason (go Angels and Dodgers), but her is some scripte fare to watch out for….


Monk – 9/8c Friday on USA: It is hard to believe that in just a month and a half, Mr. Monk will close his final case. Monk has and always will hold a special place in my hear, and it hurts me to know that the mystery of Trudy will be solved in a good way. Wow, the truth about Trudy, what could it be? It is the beginning of the end tonight with an episode entitled “Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk” which features new recurring guest star Virginia Madsen. Get ready for next week though when SHARONA IS BACK!

Stargate Universie – 9/8c Friday on Syfy: Did you check out the new Stargate series? It is a fine space drama and tonight lack of power goes noticed in a episode called “Darkness.”


Psych – 10/9c Friday on USA (Fall Finale): To make room for USA’s new great character drama White Collar that premieres next week, Psych is taking a little breather until January. The fall finale is action packed and surrounds Jules, Gus, Spencer, and Lanchester searching for a missing and shot Shawn. Psych is a show that does an awesome job in mixing comedy and drama and that is on display here. Plus, for all of your Jules/Shawn shippers, expect some revealing stuff tonight.

Storm Chasers – 10/9c Sunday on Discovery: I am a fan of Discovery Channel. I love there action packed programming but the problem is I never make anything appointment TV except for this fall’s great The Colony. That might change now with the premiere of Storm Chasers. I have seen the first two episodes and it is such an adrenaline rush to watch these guys who are so fun battle it out. Make sure to put this on the DVR, because it is well worth it.

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c Sunday on ABC: To finish your weekend off in a dramatic fashion is a show that has revatilived what is is. Brothers and Sisters marks the return of Sarah (Rachel Griffiths was on maternity leave) with a more funny and romantic stories than the past episodes. Last week was phenomenal with surperb acting tongether by Rob Lowe and Sally Field, but another pair shines tonight as Gilles Marni joins the cast as someone Sarah met in France. The episode does not shy away from Kitty’s treatment as she goes into her first session, but also focuses on Sarah’s escapades (even the shows titles are changed to the french, Frères et Soeurs).

Also in the hour is Rebecca, Holly, and Nora searching for the perfect wedding venue which will take place between her and Justin on December 6th, so mark your calendars for the return of Marion Ross as Justin’s granny and Tommy and Julia for the ceremony.

Fall TV 2009: Syfy’s Stargate Universe

This fall brings new dramas and comedies, new loves, and new hopes, so here is the rundown on what too watch, and what too avoid this fall. Now, most of the big network premieres are to the side, cable is rolling out some high profile shows starting with a reboot of a classic series, this time Stargate Universe……cast_season1_22

Great Summer TV: Warehouse 13 and Leverage

This summer we have been blessed with some great TV and some not so great TV. There is of course the fun reality like Kathy Griffin and Wipeout, and the not so great, Kendra but we also get some fun scripted fare.

warehouse13Warehouse 13 is a new drama to Syfy this year that started in early July. I was not too crazy about it when it premiered but now half the season later I find myself wanting the next episode more and more. It is light hearted, interesting, fun, and a journey through the US with a group of likeable characters in Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), and the welcome addition of teen hacker Claudia (Allison Scagliotti).

Each episode surrounds Myka and Pete finding a different troubled artifact with Artie and Claudia managing the warehouse that holds them as well as helping the agents from the base. The artifacts are intriguing and original and I enjoy every minute.

Check this out on Syfy tonight at 9/8c and here is a preview.

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LEVERAGE_TwoLiveCrewJob_02_ChristianKane_TimothyHutton_GinaBellman_BethRiesgraf_PH_ErikHeinila_12682_2381A familiar face is also making me smile this summer which is TNT’s heist drama Leverage. This season has been consistant in delivering in that fun charm that it brings all the time. Last week’s episode was the best one of the series ever which showed the team trying to take down a Nancy Grace like reporter played by the great Beth Broderick. If you have not watched Leverage, it is an easy show to jump into and below is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s “job”. The first season is also now out on DVD.

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SciFi is now SyFy and they start in Warehouse 13

NUP_131080_0304It is the end of an era or so they hope. Today marks a new dawn for the Sci-Fi channel, it is now SyFy. The new identity is supposedly going to end the reputation of bad cheesy TV movies and to reconfirm the idea that they have great dramas like Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Eureka, and now Warehouse 13.

Tonight at 9/8c, starts its new show for the summer called Warehouse 13. It is a mix of comedy with some out there drama about two banished FBI agents to a South Dakota plain land to monitor sci-fi activity and bring what they can back to “Warehouse 13” a storage facility for all things out of the ordinary. The show stars Joanne Kelly from the great but short-lived FOX series Vanished and Eddie McClintock (Bones) as the two lead FBI agents with the always great Saul Rubinek as the landlord for the Warehouse. Also showing up is the usually awesome (not in Brothers) CCH Pounder as a recurring FBI boss.

I watched the hour and a half pilot on a hot summer night and I can say it was the best thing I could have done. It is the best show to watched when you just want to lay back and watch a fun but engaging hour of TV. The show mixes the supernatural with the humor and banter of the two leads who just have this great underlying comedy similarly to Booth and Bones on Bones. The show borders on the ridiculous in the last half hour of the pilot but it coupled with great comedy and drama that you do not really care. Warehouse 13 is a great addition to SyFy already stellar lineup. Check this one out.