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DVD Pick of the Week: Old Christine Season 3

The New Adventures of Old Christine is out on DVD, with Season 3 our this week and while I should be happy because this CBS comedy made me laugh constantly for five years, all I can think about is that is won’t be returing to my screens this fall.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave a dazzling and Emmy winning performance, as the sometimes great mom, sometimes dumb Christine as she juggled, friends, a brother, a son, and her ex and her ex’s wife.

Season three saw Richard (Clark Gregg) and new Christine (Emily Rutherford) progress their relationship which ofter put a tamper in Old Christine’s love life and social life. Check out a clip for the season, and you can purchase the DVD now only on the WBShop online, as it will give you constant laughs with all 22 episodes.


Recapping the Season: Top 5 Returning Shows

I continue my look at the past television season and doing some top 5’s for what worked in a ratings-challenged year. Up second are the returning entries that graced the screen this year and which ones worked well:

1. Parks and Recreation is easily the biggest jump from below mediocrity to so far above the bar this year. The first season of six episodes was nothing special and Amy Poehler was not her finest as Leslie Knope but back in September something changed, and we should all be so grateful for whatever it was. Leslie became a much more grounded character and with less Michael Scott qualities and more funny. The supporting cast was featured more from Nick Offerman as Ron to Rashida Jones better used Ann. Rob Lowe and Adam Scott additions can only make it better come midseason. (Why do we have to wait?!)

2. Lost, I love you. Thank you for the best finale and an overwhelmingly awesome final season. That is all I can say.

3. Survivor this year can be summer up in one word: Russell. Russell Hantz was just brilliant in both Samoa and one of the best seasons ever done, Heroes vs. Villains. Especially this spring edition, really showed what a surprising, compelling reality show it still is and once was and I can only hope this high ride will continue in the fall.

4. Private Practice is a pretty great show and not a lot of people know it. The show was not the best spinoff in its first season but after the writer’s strike the writing got better, smarter and the cast gelled and it has been smooth sailing ever since. What really makes Practice different from Grey’s in recent months is that the cases of the week are very intelligent and are still very much part of the story as much as the soap. Check this out in the fall, you will be very happy you did.

5. The New Adventures of Old Christine was cancelled and I was much more upset by it than I thought I would. While the Julia Louis Dreyfus fronted comedy was never must-see it was a consistent funny half-hour that I wish ABC would have support. This season really developed Christine as more of a dumb single woman and that’s it.

Came close: Grey’s Anatomy rebounded from a rough fifth season in a very solid way. This was the first year I have ever watched a season when it has aired and I am very fond memories from it. Most notably, the shocking, awe-inspiring, intense finale they have ever done. What a fantastic two hours, but not only was that well-done, the season’s fifth episode “Invasion” was remarkable. All told in flashbacks to a day where someone died that shouldn’t have that featured great work by the new Mercy West crew and Sarah Drew. Well done, Shonda and team again.

What is your Top 5?

Catching Up on TV Part 2

Wednesday and Thursdays are packed full of fun television including some buzzworthy dramas and comedies, here are my thoughts as some wind down, and some are gearing up, plus my take on a Sunday fave.

The Middle/Modern Family/Cougar Town – I’m laughing. All the time, and that is all that matters with these three renewed for year two, superb comedies. With The Middle, their key to success has been in the Heck kids who especially in the biggest episodes to date. Brick (Atticus Shaffer) in particular with his delivery just makes it so so funny, and then Axl and Sue who are so unique in his approach on girls and her trying to fit in.

Modern Family just rocks and after “My Funky Valentine” officially became my favorite comedy on TV. In a combination of hilarity, sweetness, and uniqueness it just works. The one thing that in every episode which each story is synchronised to the others in that episode from latin housekeepers and dog butlers that are somehow intertwined by mannerisms and dialogue. That is a testament to the cast and that writing that is so so Emmy worthy. (Sorry Glee.)

Cougar Town is one brilliant town and it is not for Jules (Courtney Cox) only but for the supporting players that make each half-hour from Ellie’s views on life to Bobby, Andy, and Grayson’s night out, and Travis maturity with his mother (Did you know he is really 25?). The show has twindld in the ratings but I hope an upcoming recurring role from Sheryl Crow can change that, plus where is Barb, and Rachael Harris? I miss them. All three comedies return on March 3rd to ABC.

Leverage – Leverage to me is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long while. The past few weeks with Nate’s ex-wife (played by the absolutely wonderful Kari Machett) coming back into the picture when she did not want him was fun, and the finale has started and I can say it finishes on a huge win. The last hour airing this Wednesday marks the return of some old favorites in a surprising turn, Jeri Ryan exits for now, and a cliff hanger till the summer that you will really want to know about. The best thing about the second half of the season was to see a pregnant Gina Bellman as Sophie in ever-changing outfits and locations from Africa to the super cliché in Eiffel Tower in the background Paris. Just fun.

Human Target – 12 million to 8 million is not the best thing to hear, however, it is very early for the action drama on FOX. I have not been enthralled by the series but last week’s episode “Run” which was originally the second episode showcased big action and story and that is what I like and want to see. The story they have introduced about Chance’s first case with a mysterious woman named Katherine is intriguing as well as Guerrero’s “side-projects” but if they are not in the mix each week I feel it will be lost in the action.

Lots to come as this drama is just finding its footing and the survival will all depend on FOX’s development slate and other performers like the dying Past Life and new entry Code 58 in the spring.

Burn Notice – Is it just me, or has this second half of the season been way uneven? This past Thursday’s episode has been the only one that I truly enjoyed. I feel like the action mixed with the character reactions have not been gelling together. The season is ending on March 4th and it will mark the return of some old pals that will change the game, and I can only hope it changes for the better.

Survivor – AMAZING TELEVISION. The two-hour première of Heroes vs. Villains was some of the best TV I have seen all year. Conflict, romance, injuries, tribals, survival, that were all so captivating to watch. Jerri and Coach’s romance was repulsing but so fascinating. I love the idea of reliving some of our favorite challenges from earlier years and I have some ones in my mind that I hope that do like the giant ball challenge from Guatemala and more. Just superb reality competition. More after the jump…. (more…)

This Week in Review!

Here is my thoughts on everything I watched this week, some short, some long, and some spoilers so be aware. What do you think on them all?

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESHow I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin have been a highlight of all the episodes so far this season which has overall being pretty good. This week was episodes was one of the best of the year even though it marked the end of Barney and Robin. Alan Thicke was great in a fun cameo too.

Lie to Me: Can I just want to say I want Alicia Coppola on a show now. I loved her in Jericho and she was great as Agent Reynolds pal in this week Reynolds-centric outing. I have seen next week’s very much relevant episode on Black Friday and it is one of the best of the show.

So You Think You Can Dance: When the season started and they had that fantastic showcase show I thought this year would be outstanding, so far this year, so not. Nobody is wowing me except for maybe Jakob who is just so fun and brilliant. I still love Mollee and Nathan even though the performance was cringe-worthy.

V: V is my favorite new show this year. It is so epic in its feel and just fun to watch. Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch are a perfect pair, and it was great to see Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica) as a FBI friend of Erica or is she. Plus any show with Alan Tudyk is a win in my book. The one area the show lacks though is in the teenagers, better dialogue and story is needed or the ratings could just go down even further.

Melrose Place: Heather Locklear we need you know. Just a million viewers is pathetic for what is a pretty fun soapy drama, next week is the week. Amanda is back and will it help, I hope so.

The Good Wife: I would watch The Good Wife just for the judges alone who have all been great in the series and next week Peter Riegert comes to the panel, love him. This week presented a nice dilemma with a lawyer/non lawyer for Alicia and the story with the son keeps me interested in her personal life.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is funny. Really funny. This cast is really fun which it turn makes me laugh so much.

Top Chef: She is gone and I am a little sad. Robin who should have been voted off in Week 1 finally had to pack her knives and somehow I don’t think the show will be as great just because of not as much drama. However, Nigella Lawson was the perfect judge. Opinionated, funny, and adorable, I wouldn’t mind her being on each week.

FlashForward: Like I have said before the show is not bad, the story is interesting and gets better when Rocky Jay shows up but the writing is not good, and that combined with the TERRIBLE acting of Joe Finnes overshadows any good performances by Christine Woods or John Cho. The show needs to get better soon with more episodes like last week’s fantastic “The Gift.”

Survivor: Best season EVER? With episodes like the last two with brilliant blindsides, I think so. Russell is one of the best contestants ever. Love this show.

Parks and Recreation: I love this show too. By far the funniest show on NBC and the second best comedy on air behind a certain ABC comedy. The supporting cast is unstoppable.

Private Practice: Last night’s episode was off the hook. I cried and was engrossed by the emotion and story in this medical drama. Everything was perfect except for the unnecessary last scene, brought me out of it just a little.

Fringe: This week, pretty good. Next week, fantastically freaky.

The Vampire Diaries: So this show is surprising me. As I watched it this summer, I hated it. Found it so cliched and stupid, now I look forward to it each week. This week was strong once again but the episode left me hanging and confused. First, Alaric is obviously a vampire of something but when the episode ended with Jenna’s old boyfriend and supposedly dead Logan, my first thought was that somehow Alaric changed his body to his. The reason I came to this conclusion was that he said something along the lines of “Will you let me in,” and when Alaric left the house he said something like “You will let me in some other time.” Just the way the dialogues intertwined made me think they were one in the same. Crazy or no?

What I Will Be Watching – February 18th, 2009

What is on tonight? Lots of good TV, that is what is on.

Lie to Me

Lie to Me

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Starting March 11th on FOX, there will be a switch that creates some conflicts. No big surprise though. The new hit procedural Lie to Me will move to 8/7c and American Idol on Wednesday will move to its normal time at 9. That begs the choice, Idol or Lost? Which will land on the DVR. I think you know what I think you should choice! But tonight, there is an all new Lie to Me and it sure is to be a interesting one. The team is sent in to protect a diplomat’s daughters wedding where there is a war going on that will end with some terrible fatalities.

Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Another new episode of the best show on television airs tonight and it will alter the show in another direction. I promise (I hope)! Tonight the episode is called “316” and it surrounds Jack and the journey to get back to the island. If you watch last week, the episode ended with Eloise Hawking saying we are about “to get started.” The journey will happen tonight with some how, hopefully Kate, Sayid, and Hurley going back to the mysterious island. Also look out for the never before seen grandfather of Jack who may have a connection. Check out two sneak peeks of the episode after the jump!

Anne Marie Boskovich

Anne Marie Boskovich

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Great performances last night and who will continue to see the Top 12 in March. Find out tonight and did you vote? 

Life on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  I will be first to admit the long break that Life on Mars had did not serve it well. But tonight, the show is back. I have seen tonight’s episode (thanks ABC!) and it is a great one. The show tonight balances the sci-fi element, with the characters and the heart. The episode surrounds a murder that happens in the 1-2-5 and the guy that gets shot has a surprising connection to Sam. The show also shows us Ray’s personal life when him and Annie visit his wife played by the awesome Laura Benanti. If you gave up on LOM, here is your chance to get back in!

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  Finale alert! Part one of the season 5 finale airs tonight and they are in the Big Easy. That of course means one of the most famous chefs, Emril! Lets just hope the resident southern contestant Carla can pull out and win it!

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Deal alert now! If you loved the first season of Damages as much as I did you can go to itunes and get the entire season for 17 dollars or $.99 cents a episode. Also, the Season 2 premiere is available for FREE. Awesome and the deal ends March 2nd! Anyway, tonight on the legal spectacular, Ellen continues to work with FBI and finds something new to give them on Patty. Plus, the future story-line continues from the spot of Ellen naked in the shower.

What I Will Be Watching – February 11th, 2009

Another full load of TV on the best night of the week. Here are my picks….



Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Tonight on my favorite show in the whole wide wold, there will definitely be surprises and some things are suppose to happen they will have impact for the rest of the season. I am not going to disclose what I know, even what I know from ABC, because I fell sometimes they over hype something with things that don’t need to be said. If you know what I am talking about from the promos, you know how I feel. Why does ABC reveal something that could be an amazing surprise. Well anyway, tonight Jin gets to know Rousseau and her team, and the islanders go to The Orchid. Also, Ben and Sun have a big confrontation.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Tonight is often the most touching and teary eyed episode of AI of the season. Tonight, Hollywood Round is done and that means the remaining contestants have to take that long walk up the elevator to the little chair with the now four judges in front of them. Then they get the news and hopefully it will be good. Remember, the episode is two-hours tonight.

The New Adventures of Old Christine – 8/7c on CBS   After what seems like an eternity, the very underrated CBS comedy is back on Wednesday night. Julia-Louis Dreyfus is amazing, and that is not just because she came from my second favorite show of all time. Tonight, when all the men in Christine leave for a day, she needs to prove that she can live on her own. Awesome.

Life – 9/8c on NBC  Please watch Life. I really beg of you. If you like procedurals and if you don’t you will enjoy the show. The show is so much fun and is a great take on the procedural. In Life news, when the pregnant Sarah Shahi goes on maternity leave a certain Gabrielle Union will work along side Crews for more than a couple cases. Tonight, a rocker of a famous band is suffocated and I am sure there will be some groupies hot for Charlie Crews.

life_on_mars_us_titleLife on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  What is with all the “L” shows on Wednesdays and they are all so good! Life on Mars is another one that you should watch. Although I have not been happy with the last two episodes I have hope that it will get better. But I am worried that is going to sleep slowly is that I heard that the panel at NY Comic-Con for the show had only 10% attendance, not good. In this hour, the crew in 1973 delve into the rock world of that year when people in that world get some worthy death threats.

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  The cooking competition is having its last episode in New York City tonight. Sad is it not because NYC has proved to be a great spot to host this amazing competition, that is defining cable ratings odds. Tonight in the last episode before they head out to New Orleans for the big finale with part one next week.