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What to Watch on June 6th, 2010

Next Food Network Star

It has been a beautifully summer, at least for me, but it really has been a busy one as well. Tonight really begins summer TV as premieres will be happening everyday mostly for cable but some great scripted programming on networks too. Here are some of the highlights for this evening:

NBA Finals – 8PM Eastern on ABC I am not a basketball fan but for some reason this series has been really interesting to me. Boston at LA again tonight on ABC and ABC continues to milk this for all its worth, it should be a good game and if you are a fan of TV make sure to keep your eyes out for extended looks at new fall shows for the net.

The Next Food Network Star – 9/8c on Food I completely forgot that this summer staple now was back tonight but I am really ectastic about it now. Its not of Top Chef quality but the same fun and whimsy in cooking and compettion is featured in this Bobby Flay hosted version and Giada De Laurentiis is joining as a co-host. If you are not familiar with Food’s cooking competition, 12 hopefuls compete now in LA to get their own show on the network. Must watch for me.

Drop Dead Diva – 9/8c on Lifetime Also on tonight is the season premiere of one of last summer’s biggest ratings surprises: Drop Dead Diva. The Lifetime dramaedy  revolves around a shallow model put into a overweight work-holics body and learns the value of work and care. I never got into the show but I hear it is a well done summer programming.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger – 11/10c on MTV Speaking of MTV, have you been watching The City? You must, but back to tonight the network is premiering a new teen scripted drama in there push for more scripted programming. Hard Times is about a boy in a Hung-esque situation and gets all the attention after his large revelation. Could be interesting.

The Hills: I Love the Drama, and It Looks Bigger than Ever!


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Maybe my one biggest guilty pleasures is MTV’s The Hills. The Hills is case you do not know is about Laguna’s Lauren Conrad about her life in the fashion world in LA and all her friends, enemys, and everything in between. There is Lo, her best pal, Brody, her closest guy friend, Audriana, her ex-roomate and friend, and Heidi and Spencer. Heidi was her best friend but supposedly back stabbed her and is not engaged to her enemy Spencer. The Hills is about to return for a fifth season later this spring and her is the just released promo.


Here is the link to the promo for LA Times exclusively:

What I Will Be Watching – February 23rd, 2009

Tonight’s picks….

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC  I love Chuck, and last week’s episode showed that this show is on a roll. Tonight, the challenge is “Chuck vs the Best Friend,” when Chuck helps Morgan spy on Anna and her new boyfriend, but he soon finds out that he is not all that great. He has got some evil connections.

The Bachelor: The Woman Tell All – 8/7 on ABC  I stopped watching the bachelor after one season, one year and haven’t looked back. From what I have heard after mulitple so-so seasons, this season is back to original goodness. The woman tell all in this two-hour special before the finale where he will pick is mate, who he is supposedly still with.

True Beauty – 10/9c on ABC  Has anybody been watching this trash of a reality show? Are you still just watching it because it is so stupid? Well, you have to tell me what you think because I gave up after number 1. Tonight, the winner is crowned!

The City – 10/9c on MTV  Whitney and the group travel to Miami where things get dicy when Jay sees an ex-belle. Whitney never likes that.

What I Will Be Watching – February 16th, 2009

Happy President’s Day! What will you be doing with your day off? Hopefully something fun, and when you are done enjoying yourself, you can sit back and relax and watching some of these picks…..

House – 8/7c on FOX  House was pre-empted last week due to the 1st Obama press conference but it is back this week and in top form. Tonight, a priest pays the Er a visit after think he saw a bleeding Jesus. That has got to make Hugh Laurie  give a few laughs. The case takes the focus of the Foreman and Thirteen relationship.

Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy on Chuck

Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy on Chuck

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC   In the same situation as House, Chuck is back (the one that was suppose to air last week, moves to next), and with a few special guest stars. Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy stars as a suburban couple who meet Chuck and Sarah when they pose as a couple when a tip comes in. At the Buy More, it is all about Big Mike (love it) when his wife files for divorce and it sets him in a spiral.

Heroes – 9/8c on NBC  Please, please, please kill people. That kinda sounded weird but this is one show that needs to clean house, big time. Get rid of Mohinder, Claire, and I hate to say it Hiro and Parkman (sorry Greg). The show is just so convoluted with story-lines that I get so confused and it brings the story down a notch. Tonight, Nathan’s operations is gettting attention from Homeland at the same time they continue to hunt Sylar (he should leave to) and Luke.

24 – 9/8c on FOX  The first family is together tonight on an all new installment of this awesome season of the thriller.  Spargue Grayden (Jericho, Sons of Anarchy)stars at the First Daughter that is some what estrange from the rest of the family but has to come when she hers her dad is in a lot of trouble, will he die? We will find out tonight!

Erinn Hayes on Worst Week

Erinn Hayes on Worst Week

Worst Week – 9:30/8:30c on CBS  I enjoy Worst Week! Is that such a bad thing. It is a fun, funny, and enjoyable half hour that will most likely be gone after tonight. Tonight is the season (and probably series) finale of the show. The episode is all about the birth of Mel and Sam’s little daughter and I bet there will be complications, funny complications.  

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – 10/9c on Travel  I have a secret obsession, it is food and celebrity chefs. I love Food Network, but I also love Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel. Tonight, Anthony is in the Philippines and I love when he goes to Southeast Asia, he has such a great time. Also, if you haven’t read his book entitled No Reservations, you should it is excellent.

What I Will Be Watching – February 4th, 2009

It is Wednesday. What are you watching?



Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Last week on the island/off-island: Desmond went to Oxford, found Faraday’s past, had a baby with Penny, named it Charlie, saw Charles Widmore, found where Faraday’s mom lives, Charles is from the island, he was an other, Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer meet some 1950’s others, they take them to Richard, along with Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte, Faraday confesses his love for Charlotte, there is a hydrogen bomb, there is another flash, bomb is bye bye, Charlotte collapses, not good news for her, and that was “Jughead.” Last week was full of answers but also more questions. Hopefully this week will answer more.

Tonight’s episode is entitled “The Little Prince” and I think that refers to Aaron, Claire’s baby but Kate’s “son.” That is because tonight, Kate gets more insight into who knows about Aaron’s family and what they want. The hour also continues to tell the story of the Oceanic Six and how Ben and Jack are going to convince everybody to go back. They will have to do it quick because we only have 70 hours and those hours will end in the February 18th episode. Time is running!

Life – 9/8c on NBC Will you find this hidden gem among all the other offerings at 9? I hope you will. Life is a show that is so well produced, acted, and all around well made. Last year, the ending episode left us with a bang. Charlie Crews was shot. It sure was a shocker for me and can’t wait to see where it takes us. On related news, the female star Sarah Shahi is pregnant. Congrats.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Group day! After yesterday’s premiere of Hollywood Week, which was a great showcase of some of the good singers that we did and did not see in the auditions. Tonight, in this SOLO competition, the singers get in groups and sing with having to go through that long night of fighting. Now that is fun TV!

Carla; Top Chef

Carla; Top Chef

Top Chef: New York – 10/9c on Bravo  I say this over and over again but I really have been enjoying this season of Top Chef. It is sad to hear the show will be moving to the Big Easy on the 18th for the two-part finale with guest judge Emril. I am really glad to say that my favorite Carla Hall is still in the running. I love her. Tonight, Eric Ripert returns when the cooks make dinner at his restaurant.

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Have you been watching this new series? Have you liked it? I know I have. The series is now exploring the characters, and not just the cases. There personal lives are taking center stage, and I hope more of Cal’s will be scooped out with his daughter played by the great Kay Panabaker. In the third hour, the team has to delve into the world of prep schools when a federal judge’s kid gets killed.

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Two shows on Wednesday’s that work your brain to a pulse. Lost and Damages manage to get you thinking like none other and that is often the reason I watch Damages on Thursday, so I can just wrap my brain around it. Last week, we say Daniel blow what we that of him, and we learned West Virginia is toxic in the Damages’ world. This week, Patty finally suspects something from Ellen and Patty also suspects more from Purcell.

What I Will Be Watching – January 28th, 2009

Tonight, my favorite night of the week, we will see huge reveals, one of the best hours of TV in a long time, and the winter premiere of a new show I really love. Here is the lowdown…



Lost – 9/8c on ABC  OMG. This episode of the island drama might be the best episode since “The Constant.” It is entitled “Jughead” and boy does Jughead cause some trouble among other things. The episode is all island and Desmond, no Oceanic Six this week.  The episode starts of with a big surprise, and should make some Charlie fans happy in the latter part of the episode. Sawyer and Juliet are still teaming it up and the freighter folk, and trying to get out of troubling situation. Also, a HUGE reveal about Charles Widmore, that will blow your mind. I did not see it coming at all.

Life on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  After a almost two month hiatus, this amazing time-tripping cop drama is back and it is the perfect companion for Lost.  When LOM premiered in September, I was worried that it was going to go downhill, but they proved me wrong. The show got better and better, and the look, the stars, and everything about it were great. In the winter premiere, Lt. Hunt has a rivalry with a fellow lieutenant and it escalades after a crime.

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Yesterday, I received a screener for tonight’s episode and I watched it right away. I was not disappointed. It was a little slower paced than the previous episode, but the reveals were not in short supply. Ellen and Tom venture to West Virginia to find the reporter and it was not a easy task. The other story was that of Purcell, and now that he is talking will we finally get some more answers? You will get some, and they may or may not be the best ones. A solid Damages hour!

David Anders

David Anders

Top Chef: New York – 10/9c on Bravo  Restaurant Wars last week, was not the best, but not the worst either, partly because Carla is still in the running! Tonight, former Top Chef contestants return to battle Season 5 in a Super Bowl type challenge. Side note: Bravo did a great job in lining up the episodes with challenges that correspond with world events.

Real World – 10/9c on MTV  Brooklyn has not disappointed. The only person I have a problem with is Ryan, who is so closed-minded and arrogant sometimes that I don’t care that he is not that bad of a singer. The rest of the crew = awesome drama and life lessons.

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Did you watch last week premiere? What did you think? If you liked it like me, make sure to watch the 2nd episode which features Alias’ David Anders as a solider who is involved in a female soldiers rape accusations. Also, who new that Gillian in a huge basketball fan. Fun!

Previously on January 26th, 2009

Last night had me deciding to stop watching the most cheesiest show/miniseries ever. The Last Templar. I am sorry, but that was not good. But, there was a lot of good TV, and here is the lowdown…

Trust Me:  I will watch again. That is my decision. I thought that this new dramedy about a ad agency was a fun ride, that had its bumps. First of all, I really liked Monica Potter in this, she has not been my favorite in everything, but in this project she is funny. I loved all the guest stars in the agency, and the duo of Erik McCormack and Tom Cavanugh were good, not great. I was disappointed to find Sarah Clarke in only one season for one line in the pilot. I need more Sarah. The story was good and faced pace, and I think they can do a lot with it. Overall, it has potential!



24:  I love 24. That is the bottom line. This season is on fire, with action, relashonshps, conflicts, and the most important the story! I love the FBI group (who were mostly absent this hour) and the Chloe/Bill tag team. I am glad that Renee is not dead and can live to join Jack/Tony and not the FBI. Renee is more out-of-the-box like Jack and is not for the FBI. One of the best storylines this week was the First Gentlemen. They have found a way to utilize the spouse in a really great way. Now it is up to him to figure out how he is going to explain a dead Samantha Roth. The highlight this hour was President Taylor, she knows how to stand up to her beliefs, and stay strong. She is one President not to be reckoned with! 

The City

The City

The City:  Not much to say about this week, other than Adam and Allie. They are doomed. It is not going to last and everybody knows it. Whitney should not be getting in the middle of it, just like Olivia said. Speaking of Olivia, I am really starting to like her now. She gave the right advice to Whit and is really a great friend, tagging along to things her friends are doing that she really does not want to do.

Kyle XY:  Much better this week, much better. This episode actually had plot development. I love the Latnok guy and Kyle and him really have great scenes together. It was bound to happen, Jessi and Kyle, they are really meant for each other, but Kyle does not realize that. The best funniest story was Josh. He is having problems that all teenage boys have, and it really is fun to watch. Josh and his dad are like a team and really are fun together. One thing I hope for is that we will see the wonderful Marguerite Macintyre some more as the mom. She has always been the best part for me.