Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

What is on tonight? Lots of good TV, that is what is on.

Lie to Me

Lie to Me

Lie to Me – 9/8c on FOX  Starting March 11th on FOX, there will be a switch that creates some conflicts. No big surprise though. The new hit procedural Lie to Me will move to 8/7c and American Idol on Wednesday will move to its normal time at 9. That begs the choice, Idol or Lost? Which will land on the DVR. I think you know what I think you should choice! But tonight, there is an all new Lie to Me and it sure is to be a interesting one. The team is sent in to protect a diplomat’s daughters wedding where there is a war going on that will end with some terrible fatalities.

Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Another new episode of the best show on television airs tonight and it will alter the show in another direction. I promise (I hope)! Tonight the episode is called “316” and it surrounds Jack and the journey to get back to the island. If you watch last week, the episode ended with Eloise Hawking saying we are about “to get started.” The journey will happen tonight with some how, hopefully Kate, Sayid, and Hurley going back to the mysterious island. Also look out for the never before seen grandfather of Jack who may have a connection. Check out two sneak peeks of the episode after the jump!

Anne Marie Boskovich

Anne Marie Boskovich

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Great performances last night and who will continue to see the Top 12 in March. Find out tonight and did you vote? 

Life on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  I will be first to admit the long break that Life on Mars had did not serve it well. But tonight, the show is back. I have seen tonight’s episode (thanks ABC!) and it is a great one. The show tonight balances the sci-fi element, with the characters and the heart. The episode surrounds a murder that happens in the 1-2-5 and the guy that gets shot has a surprising connection to Sam. The show also shows us Ray’s personal life when him and Annie visit his wife played by the awesome Laura Benanti. If you gave up on LOM, here is your chance to get back in!

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  Finale alert! Part one of the season 5 finale airs tonight and they are in the Big Easy. That of course means one of the most famous chefs, Emril! Lets just hope the resident southern contestant Carla can pull out and win it!

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Deal alert now! If you loved the first season of Damages as much as I did you can go to itunes and get the entire season for 17 dollars or $.99 cents a episode. Also, the Season 2 premiere is available for FREE. Awesome and the deal ends March 2nd! Anyway, tonight on the legal spectacular, Ellen continues to work with FBI and finds something new to give them on Patty. Plus, the future story-line continues from the spot of Ellen naked in the shower.


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