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Fall TV 2010: My Review of the Season Premiere of ABC’s Castle

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. Now, the one returning show with the all the momentum is back, will it continue to grow on ABC….

What ABC Says:

When the new season of “Castle” begins, Beckett hasn’t heard from Castle since he left for the Hamptons months ago to finish writing his second Nikki Heat novel, “Naked Heat” (on sale September 28). The most Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have seen of Castle is a bookstore standee of him advertising an upcoming book signing. So when Beckett and her team burst into a shadowy apartment on the trail of a murderer, the last thing they expect to see is the real-life Castle standing over a dead woman’s body holding a gun! As Castle protests his innocence, Beckett has no choice but to arrest him on suspicion of murder, on the Season Three premiere of “Castle,” MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABCTelevision Network.

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery, Tamala Jones asMedical ExaminerLanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Tune In or Out: When we left Castle and Beckett in May, then were not in good terms. Castle was leaving for the summer to finish his new book, Naked Heat, and Beckett was torn between her feelings for her new beau and Castle. Now, back in September, they are about to be reunited in the most unusual place. The season premiere does what Castle does best, giving us a common case in the most light-hearted fare possible. It certainly is not the best episode and it took me awhile to adjust to the new look by Stana Katic, but in the end it shows why this show is no one of ABC most popular hours.

Watch, Record Skip: If you are a returning viewer, continue to love and watch, but if you are new, then its a great time to jump on the Nathan Fillion train because it is certainly accepting more passengers. Castle premieres Monday at 10/9c on ABC.


2010 Finales: House and Castle Finish it Off Tonight

Finale time and it really kicks of with some powerful and funny stuff tonight:

House – “Help Me” 8/7c on FOX

The House finale in one word is……monumental. It is so monumental that the director Paul Attanasio had to use a new high-tech camera for the open frames of the episode. In it is unusual in the fact that House and Cuddy are out of the hospital for the majority of the episode, dealing with the night’s big crises a crane collapse. Dr. House is putting in to some compromising situations and of course annoys his team back at Princeton. The DVD I watched did not actually include the final scene but the last scenes for sure back a punch. It leaves into question and member of the team’s status and might change House’s life for a long time. Must watch.

Castle – “A Deadly Game” 10/9c on ABC

On the other end of the spectrum but somehow similar, the finale of Castle, does what they do best…make a seemingly terrible crime and turn it on its head and make it funny. The finale is pretty note-worthy for Rick as his daughter is moving on to bigger things for the summer and maybe he should as well. Good stuff, and the final minutes really entice next season’s premiere.

What I Will Be Watching – Monday, March 29th, 2010

Some great TV on in this start of the late winter week….

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC So who was Sarah’s red test? Will Casey come back in the fold? When is Shaw going to leave? Those are some of my questions going into Chuck vs. the American Hero. Chuck for me is really getting in a grove during this middle half of the season. Tonight, Chuck gets to pick who he takes on this mission, and his friends want him back.

Kell on Earth – 10/9c on Bravo How will Bravo exist without Kelly Cutrone now? Kell on Earth has now quickly become a Bravo staple for me, and the whole People’s Revolution crew is awesome. Skinner, Grace, Andrew, Robyn, and more, who couldn’t love this dysfunctional crew. Tonight is the finale as Kelly gets some sad news. Good news though, look for a lot more Kelly with Whitney and Roxy on MTV’s The City, next month.

Castle – 10/9c on ABC “Boom!” time. The second part of the Dana Delany two-parter airs after DWTS tonight and we will get the answer to the awesome cliffhanger that was Beckett’s building blowing up. Of course, she survives I do believe, but how and what will happen next? I’m excited!

Damages – 10/9c on FX  Is anybody watching Damages? From the ratings, it does not look like it. Tonight’s episode however really tests the story as Patty almost loses the Tobin’s case unless she gets some information as Ellen gets in hot water at the DA’s office. The episode end however is absolutely fantastic, and also look for more information on Winstone’s back story.

Quick Look: Tonight’s Stellar ‘Castle’

If you are all caught up in the craze of Dancing with the Stars, my first thing is why anymore and then second why don’t if you are watching it anyway just stick around an hour later for one of the best shows on TV right now Castle, the fun crime procedural about a mystery writer turn police consultant is back in a big way tonight on ABC with special guest and high in demand Desperate Housewives actress Dana Delany. Dana plays a FBI investigator who comes in to help Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Det. Beckett (Stana Katic)  after she is found to be the focus of a serial killer.

The first part airing tonight, and the second airing next monday, is riveting. Dana plays a great agent and is both fun and serious in her delivery with the NYPD crew. Just like always, Castle’s family is still intertwined and a major change might be happening in the family that really will affect Alexis in ways she did not think. The episode also plays with Beckett and Castle relationship, but the big draw and WOW moment for me is the final 5 minutes which will leave you entranced, and wanting the second hour more than ever.

Castle is stellar tonight after DWTS at 10/9c on ABC.

Monday Reminder: Changes and Returns

How was everyone’s weekend? Is anybody attending what sounds like an awesome PaleyFest 2010? I for one am pretty busy this time a year and so is new television. Of course your usual monday affairs are new tonight including the best Chuck ever, new CBS comedies, and the return of Gossip Girl which lost my interest in the fall.

Life Unexpected is getting better and better each week and last week’s “Crisis Unaverted” showcased the fantatics acting between Kerr Smith and Shiri Appleby as well as the chemistry with Baze in teh mix. The show continues until its finale on April 19th but from now on it will do so at 8/7c, one hour earlier on the CW. Tonight’s “Bride Unbridled,” Lux is back living at Baze’s and mixing it up with Jones, the hot quarterback, after Bug has left. Below check out an intro to the episode by the awesome creator Liz Tigelaar!

Tonight also marks the return of two dramas, first on NBC, Trauma is back from the brink of cancellation, and was actually picked up for more episodes after being cancelled. It is most certainly because NBC needed filler but I took time to watch two new episodes airing on March 15th and 22nd. The show is not half-bad and does a great job with the actual “trauma” of it all but I still feeling the characters are not as engaging as I would like them to be and the relationships forced. Only time will tell if viewers will latch on with the return and I am still undecided if I will as well.

Castle on ABC is also back and far from cancellation. The ratings are growing and in two weeks will feature a two parter airing after Desperate Housewives on Sunday, and then on Monday, and will including DH‘s Dana Delany. Tonight, the throughly enjoyable prodederal, goes deep into underground sex world in the city at 10/9c. Intriguing huh?

Catching up on TV Part 1

Since I am officially caught up with current television (minus me watching for the first time House and Supernatural), I thought it would be a good time to tell you my thoughts for each show, and I would love to hear what you think! Check back tomorrow for the comments on programs from the second half of the week.

Castle – There is only good news for the comedic procedural that has seemingly integrated itself into the ABC brand like no other. Castle is climbing in the ratings and for once beating CSI: Miami in the demos which isn’t heard of in the 10PM timeslot on Mondays. The other good news is even in repeats the show performers better than any other ABC drama which means that new viewers are coming in through repeats.

Now creatively the show has been strong. Becketts’s backstory with her mother’s death has really been front and center for a couple weeks and it almost puts a “Monk” like layer to the story that gives me more of a personal connection. The case-of-the-week seemingly are just avenues to provide fun dialogue between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and I love those two together along with Castle’s mom and daughter who put a smile to your face. Well done ABC, and Castle returns with new episodes on Match 8th.

How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory – Now to a show that has not been on top of their game this year in Mother. The majority of the episodes have felt off and not true to the series with repeating stories for Robin, Lily and Marshall playing way in the background, and no progress with Ted. The 100th episode earlier in 2010 was solid and provide some new information on the title story but in order for me to really care, you must continue it and that has not happened. Very uneven but its 9:30 counterpart on Monday has been anything but.

Big Bang has not provided memorable moments like it should but it has never fallen to the bad column this year. The humor is endless, and each of the characters seem to be showcased in different ways each week. Both comedies return to CBS Mondays on March 1st.

Chuck- Chuck vs. the Mask sure was a controversial one. In the hour, the producers featured both Chuck and Sarah move on to new relationships and I was not okay with it. It was not necessarily the realationship, it was the way it was went about. Kristin Kreuk is a great actress and I was very happy to see her character Hannah take a larger role but for the past two hours she is being used in a role that is starting to hate Chuck and I do not enjoy that. I wanted Hannah to come in to the Buy More as just a fun, quirky girl, that can play with everybody and for her and Chuck to really form a bond. As far as Chuck and Sarah, as long as they are still friends with each other and sociable I could care less if Sarah jumps on board Shaw’s bandwagon.

Chuck is a show that even in the heaviest of stories has come out as a comedic and fun drama but for a couple weeks now that seems to be never present except for the great pairing of Ellie and Morgan and if this season they don’t find out about our hero we will have a problem. The gig is up, and it returns March 1st after the Olympics.

Kell on Earth – For two weeks, Kelly Cutrone has made my Mondays. By far the funniest and bitchiest hour on the first day of the week, Kelly and her staff provide a fast paced and interesting hour with the past week just being interesting to see what goes into a Fashion Week show and how to get fired from one. This next week, Kelly will travel to London for work and I am sure we will go both to her offices in Paris and LA as the show continues till the first season finale on the 29th of March. (more…)

New TV Monday: Castle, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, and more…

Tonight, marks the real return of TV in 2010 with plenty of shows to watch:

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC As I hope you watched the tremendous return of this spy comedy last night, you will want to turn into this installment in its regular time and day. In the third hour, Awesome and Ellie get entangled in a dictators trip to Los Angeles, while Casey has a not so happy past with him.

Fringe – 9/8c on FOX Not the usually night for Olivia Dunham’s crew of sci-fi investigators but FOX has decided to air a unaired episode from Season 1 called “Unearthed.” To show you that this episode was from season 1, it includes a perfectly fine Charlie back on the team helping Olivia control the mayhem.

The Big Bang Theory – 9:30/8:30c 2009 was the year of the Bang, but I was not as overly enthused about the show as others. It is funny don’t get me wrong but it is not amazing. I still have high hopes that the funny will continue and tonight Koothrappali goes to the college party to meet girls. Danica McKeller of The Wonder Years guest stars.

Castle – 10/9c on ABC Castle snuck up on me, throughout this fall, I found myself wanting it to be Mondays just for this quirky procedural. Castle and Beckett are a fantastic combo and that is not any different when Castle’s ex, played by Alyssa Milano, comes into a case which throws a knot in Castle’s game plan. As always, hilarity ensues but always with a compelling case to counter it. Great TV!