Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

More premieres are rolling in with two notable ones to report:

  1. 201_coreofit_165FOX is airing its semi-hit last season Lie to Me tonight after House at 9/8c. I very much enjoyed the first season of the Tim Roth lead lie detector series. It is a very interesting procedural mostly thanks to the great combo of Roth and Kelli Williams who plays his partner Foster.  The season premiere is emotional, and it centers around first, a mulitple personality played by Erika Christenson who has some interesting personalities such as a prostitute. Also, Lightman’s personal life is more explored through a bombshell by his ex-wife (Jessica Beals). The acting is fantastic and the characters strong and Lie to Me could soar out of the growing House.
  2. Premiere on NBC tonight at 9.8c is Trauma. You can check out my review here, but all I can say is it is action packed and well worth watching in HD. The characters and actors are good, and this show is worthing giving a once look over, to see if you love the action as much as I can.
  3. Remember to check out the second episode of ABC’s Castle. The show is so good and you need to be watching. The same with CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

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