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What to Look Out For This Week

Things are just rolling along, and the new fall season has turned into the story of declining ratings with almost every new series dropping in week two with only a few exception, the returning shows are really what to watch now, and here are some notables for the week:

Lie to Me – 9/8c Monday on FOX

Lone Star out, Lie to Me in. After only a little more than a month of hiatus, Lie to Me is back with season 3 of the sleeper performer about Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) who is a human lie detector. The series was originally set to return in November but things changed rather quickly last week. The premiere of the new season, is very much in line with the solid second season. The episode follows an angry Cal, now split from partnership from the FBI, helping with a thief.  Expect more recurring female cast members this year as well as guest stars like Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn to throw Cal for a loop if that is possible.

Stargate Universe – 9/8c Tuesday on Syfy

How many of you tuned into the second season premiere last week? 2nd season? Does it not feel, or is it just me, that SGU has been chugging along for a while now. If you liked the premiere, which I thought was solid, the second episode is one of the show’s strongest. With great performances by Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle, the show is at heart a human sci-fi drama, and this episode showcases this.

Caprica – 10/9c Tuesday on Syfy
Now another case of a series brought up earlier than expected, Caprica was originally marked as returning in January, almost a full year after the series completed its half-season run, but Syfy decided to pull it up earlier after SGU. I have not seen the new episodes of the series which I thought at its core was great when it went from family drama to hardcore Sci-fi drama and I hope that continues in the second half which will explore in more depth the growing concern and construction of cylons.

The Whole Truth – 10/9c Wednesday on ABC

If you had to bet on a third series cut, The Whole Truth might be your best bet after barely reading on Wednesday nights. ABC is giving the series one last shot, and moved up an episode to showcase its strong legal stories. They were wise to do this, as the episode in question airing this week, guest stars Wire alum Andre Royo, as well as fellow Numb3rs grad Judd Hirsh, as a very corrupt judge that Jimmy (Rob Morrow) defends. The episode is the best one yet and got me more interested in the stories they can tell but the series is not one I would be upset about losing.


The 2 C’s of Friday Night

There are three things to watch out for tonight:

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Care: The “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon put on and hosted by George Clooney is airing tonight at 8 eastern/5 pacific on pretty much every network imaginable. It will be co-host by Anderson Cooper and Wyclef John, who will also perform alongside Beyonce, Madonna, Cobie Callait, John Legend, and more, more more. Of course stars the likes of Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts will chat and answer the phones. Its a great cause and donate!

Caprica: Battlestar Galactica has been a phenomenon for a very long time with the original series in the 1970’s but most recently with the reimagining of the series by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. They create a new universe of character, places, and events, and all those are continuing in the Syfy series Caprica (Tonight at 9/8c). Caprica takes place approximately 50 years before the events of BSG, leading up to the Cylon war. The series follows Daniel Graystone, as well as his wife Amanda, who are brilliant rich scientists in the city of Caprica. The two hour pilot which was released as a TV movie last year will be feature tonight, and I have seen the next two episodes which explore the world in more depth. From the humor (Patton Oswalt) to the serious (bombings), the series goes deep and it is compelling and interesting television. the star of the show is Paula Malcomson who plays Amanda, who has a momentous episode in two weeks, that will blow you away!

Check both out tonight!

‘Caprica’ Sneak Peeks



Battlestar Galactica has just ended but the BSG world is just beginning. On April 21th the two-hour pilot to the new show Caprica, taken place in the fictional city before the events of the cylons, arrives on DVD and digital download before the series comes in 2010 to SciFi. Here are six sneak peeks plus the trailerof the series that is sure to be just as magical as BSG, the show stars Esai Morales among others.