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Top Chef: DC + Work of Art = Genius?

Ok. So we all know Top Chef is great right? Right? Top Chef is easily one of the best produced and oddly engaging reality competition ever, and it is back tonight at a new time 9/8c in the nation’s capitol. Top Chef will still keep the same format of 17 chefs but will use its local and figures VERY prominently plus Eric Ripert, a recurring guest judge will take over for Toby Smith’s regular spot this year. Eric and Gail Simmons (who is hosting the new spin-off Top Chef: Just Desserts airing after this cycle) will be joined of course by Tom and Padma, and a guest judge most weeks.

Airing after Top Chef, is a surprise. Last week, Bravo premiered Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist, from producer and on-and-off again appearance maker Sarah Jessica Parker. I had not heard much about Work of Art but when I tuned in last week I was very shocked to find a genuinely intelligent and interesting reality competition that will pair great with the foodie version. Work of Art takes artists from many backgrounds and puts them through challenges that tests their creatively and ultimately one will become the next great artist. The series host China Chow does a fine job in mixing the fun with the series and actually look interested in the art instead of just being a host.

If you tune in which you should to Top Chef: DC, do me a favor and check out Work of Art, you will not mind it one bit. The pair starts at 9/8c on Bravo!