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What I Will Be Watching – February 3rd, 2009

With that full load last night, will tonight be as big. Here is all the details…..

Anna Torv & Mark Valley; Fringe

Anna Torv & Mark Valley; Fringe

Fringe – 9/8c on FOX  Well, here is a surprise. Two of Fringe’s stars got married for real this weekend. Anna Torv (Olvia) and Mark Valley (John Scott) got hitched. That is a shocker to me and I think to the rest of the world. Were they even engaged? I don’t think so. Back to the episode on hand. The producers promise that we will finally get the answers to what is up with the dead traitor and I think Massive Dynamics has a lot to do with it. In this episode entitled “The Transformation” another one of those airborne viruses go out and it requires Olivia and Peter to go undercover to help Walter get to the bottom of it.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  HOLLYWOOD WEEK! It is finally here. After three weeks of the mostly bad auditions, the 100 or so best contestants get to flex their vocals in front of the four judges and this time it is at the Kodak Theatre. Pressure! Hollywood Week will be expanded this year as people have continually said it is one of the best weeks of the show.  I love the end episode that people have to walk down that long walk to hear there judgement about the Top 36. Speaking of the Top 36, here is the list that has been leaked. SPOILER ALERT in this link.

Aimee Teegarden

Aimee Teegarden

90210 – 8/7c on The CW  A lot of things will be happening tonight at the zip. First, Ty (Adam Gregory) learns that he is the daddy of Adrianna’s baby.  Plus, the Ethan and Annie relationship hits a snag. I really hope it is more than a snag. It happens because Friday Night Light’s Aimee Teegarden starts here reoccurring role as Rhonda, a friend of Ethan’s.

Scrubs – 9/8c on ABC  Cox is in a bind in the two episodes that air tonight. Reminder: March 18th is the day Scrubs switch to Wednesdays at 8/7c. Cox gets a new job as the chief and he needs to enlist help by old chief, his arch nemesis Kelso. Should be hilarious. This season has been on fire and it looks like it will for sure be the last. That does open up for a new show to go into ABC’s awesome development slate this year, and more on that at a later date.

Leverage – 10/9c on TNT  Did you hear the news? Leverage has been renewed for a 15 episode second season to air at the end of the air. Great news huh. Hopefully they will actually air the episodes in order this time around. While tonight as the first season winds down, the Leverage team is on “the 12-Step Job” and that entails taking down a shady broker who has been scamming charities.

A Hot Tip:

Hopkins – 10/9c on WEtv  Back in the summer ABC aired a real life Grey’s Anatomy as they called it. It was entitled Hopkins. It was the story of John Hopkins, the giant hospital in Baltimore. It followed the stories of the doctors, interns, and residents that help the patients around the state and the country! The was so raw and real, and very emotional when it aired, I urge you to take a look. WEtv is re-airing the show throughout the week and there is an episode tonight. If you check it out, you will be hooked!