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Fall TV 2010: My Review of NBC’s Undercovers

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. Now, JJ Abrams is known for his amazing pilots, but for one his newest entry is getting no attention, should it be…

What NBC Says:

Acclaimed writer/producer/director J.J. Abrams (“Star Trek,” “Fringe,” “Lost,” “Alias”) serves as co-writer, executive producer – and also directs – his first direction of a TV series pilot since “Lost” in “Undercovers” with executive producer/writer Josh Reims (“Brothers and Sisters”). “Undercovers” is a sexy, fun, action-packed spy drama that proves once and for all that marriage is still the world’s most dangerous partnership. Outwardly, Steven Bloom (Boris Kodjoe, “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion,” “Soul Food,” “Resident Evil: Afterlife”) and his wife, Samantha (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, “Doctor Who,” “Bonekickers”), are a typical married couple who own a small catering company in Los Angeles and are helped by Samantha’s easily frazzled younger sister, Lizzy (Mekia Cox). Secretly, the duo were two of the CIA’s best spies until they fell in love on the job five years ago and retired. When fellow spy and friend Nash (Carter MacIntyre, “American Heiress”) goes missing while on thetrail of a Russian arms dealer, the Blooms are reinstated by boss Carlton Shaw (Gerald McRaney, “Deadwood”) to locate and rescue Nash. The pair is thrust back into the world of espionage as they follow leads that span the globe — and Steven and Samantha realize that this supercharged, undercover lifestyle provides the excitement and romance that their marriage has been missing. Also starring is Ben Schwartz (NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”).

Tune In: When you think J.J Abrams, what comes to mind? Is it Alias, is it Lost, is it Fringe, is it his movies, or is it his amazing first episode creations? Well, Undercovers is going under that Abrams banner. Along with Josh Reims, he has created almost Mr and Mrs Smith after the movie. Undercovers is a undeniably solid pilot, it contains action, romance, the usual spy side job and sidekick, and I love all that stuff but Undercovers is not what I expected.

When I think of spy and Abrams, I think slight mythology, dark action, and piercing romance, however, Undercovers gives us lighter fare, more of a Chuck model of spy-work that is commendable but also unexpected. The one obvious downside to the hour is the way they handle the two gorgeous leads played by Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who have instant chemistry, is their home life. I hope in later episodes the catering company and her sister can grow into something more than filler.

Watch, Record, Skip: I don’t really know what I was expecting, but this Undercovers is not what I expected. It is to be determined whether that is good or bad, but the pilot is fun spy-action, and lets just hope it grows into something, worth staying with. Undercovers goes on a mission Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.

NBC Picks Up the First New Scripted Series of 2010-11: Undercovers

It is starting! Upfront season is about to start (May 17th) and NBC jumped the gun early picking up the first new series for the fall and it was really the no brainer.

NBC and WBTV along with hit-maker J.J Abrams and Josh Reims have created a Mr. and Mrs. Smith-esque spy drama entitled Undercovers. In a rarity for broadcast television, the show is fronted by two minority leads, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as two married spies.

NBC full schedule along with the rest of the announcements on new shows (WBTV’s Chase is looking like it will also get an early pickup), will be announced in New York City May 17th. Below is NBC’s full press release: (more…)