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What I Will Be Watching – February 16th, 2009

Happy President’s Day! What will you be doing with your day off? Hopefully something fun, and when you are done enjoying yourself, you can sit back and relax and watching some of these picks…..

House – 8/7c on FOX  House was pre-empted last week due to the 1st Obama press conference but it is back this week and in top form. Tonight, a priest pays the Er a visit after think he saw a bleeding Jesus. That has got to make Hugh Laurie  give a few laughs. The case takes the focus of the Foreman and Thirteen relationship.

Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy on Chuck

Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy on Chuck

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC   In the same situation as House, Chuck is back (the one that was suppose to air last week, moves to next), and with a few special guest stars. Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy stars as a suburban couple who meet Chuck and Sarah when they pose as a couple when a tip comes in. At the Buy More, it is all about Big Mike (love it) when his wife files for divorce and it sets him in a spiral.

Heroes – 9/8c on NBC  Please, please, please kill people. That kinda sounded weird but this is one show that needs to clean house, big time. Get rid of Mohinder, Claire, and I hate to say it Hiro and Parkman (sorry Greg). The show is just so convoluted with story-lines that I get so confused and it brings the story down a notch. Tonight, Nathan’s operations is gettting attention from Homeland at the same time they continue to hunt Sylar (he should leave to) and Luke.

24 – 9/8c on FOX  The first family is together tonight on an all new installment of this awesome season of the thriller.  Spargue Grayden (Jericho, Sons of Anarchy)stars at the First Daughter that is some what estrange from the rest of the family but has to come when she hers her dad is in a lot of trouble, will he die? We will find out tonight!

Erinn Hayes on Worst Week

Erinn Hayes on Worst Week

Worst Week – 9:30/8:30c on CBS  I enjoy Worst Week! Is that such a bad thing. It is a fun, funny, and enjoyable half hour that will most likely be gone after tonight. Tonight is the season (and probably series) finale of the show. The episode is all about the birth of Mel and Sam’s little daughter and I bet there will be complications, funny complications.  

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – 10/9c on Travel  I have a secret obsession, it is food and celebrity chefs. I love Food Network, but I also love Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel. Tonight, Anthony is in the Philippines and I love when he goes to Southeast Asia, he has such a great time. Also, if you haven’t read his book entitled No Reservations, you should it is excellent.