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Fall TV 2010: My Review of ABC’s The Whole Truth

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. Now, after a tough battle with cancer, Maura Tierney is back on television with a new hairdo, and drama….

What ABC Says:

“The Whole Truth” employs a unique alternating narrative structure that chronicles the way a case is built from the perspectives of both the defense and the prosecution. Portraying each side equally keeps the audience guessing – shifting allegiances and opinions on guilt or innocence until the final scene.

Creating two different stories from the same set of facts, this up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the legal process mirrors the excitement of a great championship match. Ultimately, it becomes evident that innocence and guilt have nothing to do with the truth – the only thing that matters at the end of every trial is what the jury believes.

“The Whole Truth” stars Rob Morrow as Jimmy Brogan, Maura Tierney as Kathryn Peale, Eamonn Walker as Sr. ADA Terrence “Edge” Edgecomb, Anthony Ruivivar as Alejo Salazar, Christine Adams as Lena Boudreaux and Sean Wing as Chad Griffin.

Tune In/Out: The Whole Truth has gone through a rocky life before it even aired. The pilot produced by Jerry Bruckeheimer originally casted Joely Richardson as the lead Kathryn Peale, moved production to New York to accommodate, when she dropped out due to losses in the family, but then they picked up the girl they wanted to start with. Maura Tierney joined the pilot in June, and now after seeing the first two episodes, she is so welcomed back on TV. The Whole Truth is touted as a new kind of legal drama (Justice on FOX anyone?) but it is your common place legal drama, however in the vein of Castle, it gives us extensive looks into both the lives of Kathryn (Tierney, and Jimmy (Morrow), and their extensive relationship.

The first two episodes are played to give us hard-hitting case with less personal stories but I hope in later episodes that balance begins to shift as the best moments come when the two leads play off each other both out and inside of court.

Watch, Record, Skip: The Whole Truth is certainly not perfect but the talent and draw of the two leads will have me back for more, put this one on the DVR, and see for yourself Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.