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New Seasons, New DVDs: Your Favorite Nerd and Troubled Brothers

Once again, my weekly DVD post has some returning favorites bringing new seasons to DVD.

Chuck, out tomorrow on DVD, gives us their complete 3rd season, which means all 19 episodes. Chuck is in my top 5 shows of the past season, which included deaths, reveals, and most of all friendship and love coming together into an action packed light-hearted drama.

The box set, includes one of the best blooper reels I have ever seen along with an outstanding mockumentary on the show’s signature band Jeffster. The other feature, a sort-of compilation of the season’s best moments capped by commentary of the cast is the usual but still interesting as three out of the five executive producers have left the show after this season, leaving only the creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to do the continued good work.

Also out tomorrow, is the complete 5th season of Supernatural. This season marked the only ever addition of a regular cast member to the show about two demon-hunting brothers (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). The addition was Castiel (Misha Collins) who goes on the hunt with the brothers.

The DVD includes the web-only series Ghostfacers, commentary, and a bunch of unaired scenes. Both of the sets are available tomorrow in stores everywhere!