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New Seasons, New DVD’s: The ABC Docs are In

ABC has always been successful in creating dramas but nothing hit and last as well in the past 10 years for them than Grey’s Anatomy, and now entering its seventh season next Thursday, it is time to catch-up if you have missed the last year. The Complete Sixth Season DVD set is out on Tuesday, along with its Thursday partner.

I entered Grey’s sixth season a little late after marathoning┬álast summer the entire season, needless to say, that the previous year hit a creative low, the sixth slowly grew into their best year in years. Katherine Heigl departed, characters played by Kim Raver, and a group of new doctors for the merger which combined Seattle Grace and Mercy West in the first episodes back, gave us some great faces, but most of all it was the stories that went from soapy pieces to hard-hitting medical stories.

But we can not deny the highlight of the season: the finale. It was two-hours of edge-of-your-seat television, easily some of the best hours of the last year, and something that I remember fondly. I was in tears, I had my mouth open, and I was in awe of what creator Shonda Rhimes created for those characters. Do yourself a favor and get the DVD set which includes 20 more minutes of the finale as well as features and more.

Private Practice in my mind has always been the smart ones Grey’s. After its rocky first year during the strike, the show turned into a dark and compelling medical drama with just a tint of romance and soap. The third season out Tuesday, really showed that off.

Although it started as a vehicle for Kate Walsh’s Addison, the show is now a true ensemble with Amy Brenneman and Tim ┬áDaly really hitting out of the park this year.

The DVD set includes a look ahead as well as Kate Walsh’s best 8 of the year. Buy them this Tuesday everywhere.