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Reminder: Monk’s Mystery Solved

Today is a sad day in the TV world for me. A show I have followed for years, one that I have invested in, cared about, and loved airs its series finale. USA’s Monk closes the case tonight at 9/8c most notably the murder mystery of Monk’s wife Trudy (Melora Hardin).

Last week we learned that she was into some shady business before she died, and that the person who killed her is out to kill Monk and is so far succeeding. The last scene with Natalie and Adrian was so beautiful to finally see Monk so vunerable, so alive in the most sad of ways.

It’s newest companion White Collar also airs its fall finale before moving to Tuesdays in late January. Monk ends tonight at 9/8c. You will be missed. Good bye Sharona, Natalie, Leland, and Randy!