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What I Will Be Watching – Thursday, September 10th

More premieres tonight, check it out!

NFL Season Premiere on NBC – 8:30est on NBC I thought I would through this into your mix tonight seeing as I am a NFL fan and the season is officially underway tonight on NBC. The Thursday night opener is between last years champs Pittsburgh steelers against a team that went almost undeafted last year the Tenesse Titans. The gmae is preceded by a half hour opener with great music from the game.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESThe Vampire Diaries – 8/7c on The CW Check out my review of the pilot here but I would definertly say if you are at all interested give it a try, the CW needs a hit bad and I for one will give it another look. The show which chronicles a vampire love triangle is perfect CW high school mixed with Twilight which makes me think the show will hit. The pilot surrounds a new guy coming to the high school (Paul Wesley) who turns out to have hidden agendas.

SUPERNATURALSupernatural – 9/8c on The CW This summer I really tried to get all the way through this tag team supernatural drama but at last things did not get where they should be a it did not happen but Ihighly recommended one of The CW most grown up dramas. Last year left Sam and Dean in a particluar spot with the mysterious Lucifer. Check it!

Project Runway – 10/9c on Lifetime I have enjoyed the change to Lifetime in the fact it has not changed the draw of the show, great competition involving fashion. But the challenges, not the best. Heres to hopefully things will change!