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DVD of the Week: Greek’s Chapter Four

Greek is a fun show, a funny show, a smart show, but it is one that I forget to watch, and because of that I have not been caught up with the show. I hope that DVD’s like Greek: Chapter Four, will help me on that journey as it is now available for you to buy!

The fourth chapter is 12 episodes from the end of Season 2 (the previous three are also available), and mark the introduction of Jesse McCartney who comes in as a highly sought after item in the greek community.

The DVD features a couple of bonus features including a music video by the guest star himself, bloopers, recap that I found quite helpful, and the really fun feature “At World’s End,” the final episode of the season is also chronicled in a day-by-day encounter of creating it.

Greek, which stars Spencer Grammer, among others as the lead Casey, is one show that creates college life well, and unfortunately does not get the ratings it deserves, but the praise it does. It was recently renewed for a surprising 4th season for the fall, and it is garnering more buzz than ever, and the DVD is a great get for any collection or gift. Check it out now in stores, I know I will because I need it.

In case you were not aware, the ABC Family drama airs on Mondays at 10/9c!