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First Look: My Review of FX’s Damages Season 3

Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Ted Danson, Lily Tomlin, Campbell Scott, Tate Donavan, Martin Short, and more. What show could have more high power stars. Only FX’s insanely good Damages

Glenn Close as Patty Hewes

As Season 3 begins, a court has appointed Patty to recover assets lost in a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Louis Tobin (Len Cariou) while Ellen is working for the DA’s office, which will prosecute him. Tobin has admitted guilt, but insists that his wife and son (Lily Tomlin, Campbell Scott) knew nothing of his fraud. Meanwhile, a friendly but persistent architect (Keith Carradine) seeks out Patty in a bar; and in flash-forward, Patty’s car is rammed by another car.

Damages is plainly an intelligent, thought out, get your minds working, eyes popping show. It creates a world for its story, its characters, and its structure. Once again in Season 3, the series starts with a flashforward to a time in the future, and we slowly get there throughout the season. I was not a big fan of this technique when it was poorly used in the semi-disappointing season 2 but as I viewed the first two hours of the new season, I was captivated once again. That is mostly in part to the fantastic acting that I witness.

New to the show in the third year included the sublime Lily Tomlin, who is the matriarch of a family that was part of a huge Ponzi scheme that Patty Hewes (Close) is now trying to prosecute. Also new is the comedic actor Martin Short who plays a mighty tough lawyer, as well as Campbell Short as the son.

Martin Short as Winstone

In the end of Season 2, Ellen (Byrne) left Hewes and Associates after trying to take down the might Patty Hewes with help from the FBI. The new season picks up 6 months later and Ellen is now working at the New York DA’s office in the Narcotics unit but still keeps an eye on the happenings of Hewes and Associates through Tom Shayes (Tate Donavan). Rose Byrne is looking noticeably better this year, and she has grown on me as an actress as she is more and more becoming her own person.

Season 3 is a masterpiece of acting, story, and movement of plot. Rarely do shows uses their actors in more compromising, compelling situations, and that is no different in this seasons man family arc. Look for recurring roles from Reiko Alysworth (24) as Campbell Scott’s wife, as well as Ben Shenkman, Ellen’s new boss at the DA’s office.

Damages premieres tonight at 10/9c on FX!