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DVD Picks of the Week: ER and Dark Blue

Summer is the perfect time to watch some DVDs. The broadcast networks set aside most of the originals, save money for the fall, and cable has some selection but certainly not a lot to choose from in the summer months. Two DVD’s that have came out in recent weeks are very much the summer viewing pleasure.

First up is the 13th season of ER, now available on DVD worldwide. ER lasted a long time and sometimes it is easy to mix up the seasons, but number thirteen meant the arrival of Tony Gates (John Stamos) who I felt as an occasional viewer brought new life to the series paired up with the wonderful Linda Cardinelli. The DVD includes all 22 episodes in a standard collection. Check out for video clips from the release.

Also on DVD, but exclusively online at the is Dark Blue. Dark Blue airs on TNT and will begin airing the 2nd season on the 4th of August and as I was not the biggest fan during season 1 going back and rewatching on DVD and seeing the first three episodes of the new season showed what a gritty cop drama it is which I enjoy. Dark Blue stars Logan Marshall Green and Dylan McDermott as undercover agents operating under the LAPD. The series is worth-a-look and be sure to grab a copy online before the August 4th premiere on TNT!

What are you watching on DVD this summer?