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Reminder: Brothers and Sisters is Good Again! Really Good.


Amy Aquino as Dr. Avadon

I will be the first to admit that ABC’s Brothers and Sisters maybe was not as good last year as what it accomplished in its first two years of fantastic family drama. Now after its strong season premiere last week, tonight’s episode is a prime example of why the Walkers are back, and fantastic again.

Tonight’s episode is an emotional hour of love, illness, baby talk, and business. Last week we found out that Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is sick from her doctor played by the sublime Amy Aquino, who will recur for a lengthy arc. In this episode, we find out what Kitty has and may I tell you it is not good. Sally Field plays off the illness well and the news does not go the way a lot of things go in the Walker family, and you will see what I mean when you watch but it is a welcome change. Rob Lowe, Calista, and Sally are stellar in this episode and all are Emmy worthy.

“Breaking the News” also focuses on Kevin and Scotty considering having a baby, which would be something new and exciting to see on network TV, something that ABC’s Modern Family is doing also, but the idea has some hiccups. Also, Ryan is back and butting heads with Holly and Rebecca at Ojai, but he also brings another recurring character in a shady guy played by a usually fantastic character actor Peter Gerety.

Brothers and Sisters airs as always after a all new Desperate Housewives on ABC at 10/9c tonight and if you gave up on the show come back for this hour because you will not be disappointed. Check out a clip from the new episode…