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ABC’s Thursdays: Now and Later

ABC’s Thursdays during the regular season are reserved for Grey’s Anatomy and now even Private Practice and rightful so, garnering respectable numbers there for years, but this summer ABC still wanted medical, and gave us something just so much better than its scripted cousins.

Boston Med is an ABC News 8-part documentary for the makers of the hits Hopkins and Hopkins 24/7. Like those documentaries, it follows hospitals this time in Boston, through many procedures, struggles, and personal lives of its nurses and doctors similar to what Grey’s does with writers. Boston Med premiered last Thursday at 10/9c to low numbers and when I watched in on the DVR over the weekend I could not help myself but to wonder why? The show is tremendous, full of heart, suspense, and in the end reality. Not that crap, but real reality, true reality, and something everyone should see. As TV Guide’s wonderful critic Matt Roush said last week, “Boston Med brings that fight to life with admirable restraint and rewarding results.” He is truly correct, forget the scripted fare, tune into something so uncut, so un-produced you will be begging for more.

Come this fall however, ABC will show scripted shows can seem so real and use documentary style film-making effectively as many shows are trying but also failing because of its unneccessary integration.

My Generation, premieres on Thursdays on ABC in September, and from creator Noah Hawley (The Unusuals) and starring Jamie King, Mechad Brooks, Kelli Garner, and Julian Morris, a collective twenty-something group of relative unknowns, brings us something stellar. While I cannot officially review the drama as it could change by the time it airs for all of you, the drama shows us a group of kids that graduated and were followed by a crew in 2000 and now in 2010 are back in the world of being filmed and showing us how dreams come true and how they don’t. The style, concept, and overall feel of the show is completely unique and left me thinking about it for weeks after. Check out the full length trailer, but promise me it will be on your list come fall. Please!