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Previously on January 22nd, 2009

Some new television last night brought great reveals, new characters, and some of my favorites. Here was my take….

CSI: CSI has had it resurgence. I loved last night! Loved it. Dr. Langston fits great, he is quirky, fun, subdued, and I don’t want to put down Grissiom in any way, but he is a great addition. The scene with him cutting the trachea and opening the epiglottis was fun, and Katherine and him are a great duo. It was also great to see Riley again, I also though she is a great addition to the team. I do have one question, back in last season there was news that Liz Vassey was joining the regular cast, what happened? I love Liz. CSI is great once again.



Private Practice:  I cried, and I cried. PP is no longer a show that was a kid’s version of Grey’s. It is a full blown, hard hitting medical drama, whose cases are so gut wrenchingly beautiful, serious, and relevant. Sarah Drew returned as Judy and this time she was having her baby and of course the adoptive parents were stupid, and Judy backed out. This old plot is used a lot but on here it was still sad and beautiful. Pete and Sam were faced with the dilemma of assisted suicide. This is a rough topic but was handled beautifully on here. The old man was awesome, and the story prevalent.  The final story was about a women with agoraphobia (the fear of having panic attacks in public) and how her and Violet worked it out. Violet revealed that she is pregnant, who is the daddy? We don’t know. I love this show!

The Office:  Funny episode. Not as good as last week, but the Hillary Swank stuff was awesome. Overall, the show is doing well.

30 Rock:  I loved this week. The show is back and in a good way. I can’t really tell you what I like just that I liked it!

Burn Notice:  It is back and as good as ever. My personal fave Trica Helfer is in all the episodes for the rest of the season as Carla, and she was mad this week. It wasn’t her that tried to kill Michael and she wants to know who. The side story this week was that about medical scams. After Michael sees a man attempting suicide, he finds that he was scammed about his kid’s medicine. Michael and Fiona try to scam the scumbag women that does this and of course they are successful. I am so happy this show is back and make sure to catch it at the various times this weekend.