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First Look: My Review of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars

Teen high school drama, do we need it?…..

What ABC Family Says:

“Pretty Little Liars” follows four estranged best friends who are reunited one year after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing – only to discover they’re receiving messages from an anonymous “A” who knows all their secrets. The drama stars Lucy Hale (“Privileged”) as Aria, Troian Bellisario (“Navy NCIS”) as Spencer, Ashley Benson (“Eastwick”) as Hanna, Shay Mitchell as Emily and Sasha Pieterse (“Heroes”) as Alison. Also starring are Laura Leighton (“Melrose Place”), Bianca Lawson (“The Vampire Diaries”) and Ian Harding (“NCIS: Los Angeles”).

What’s Good:

Going into watching a new teen high school drama from the network that brought us Secret Life of the American Teenager, I was not expecting much at all, but leaving it, I was pleasantly surprised. Pretty Little Liars is a well-made, well-acted, and well thought-out teen mystery. It plays nicely on-screen and uses pretty people, pretty well, and the mystery is nothing to be frowned upon. Based on the best-selling novels, Liars uses high school teens in a very adult way, playing them as mature, responsible people. Lucy Hale is wonderful as Aria and her parents are fun played by Holly Marie Combs (Charmed) and Chad Lowe (24) as well as Laura Leighton as Hanna’s mom.

What’s Not:

Some of the woman are not the most compelling in the story and I hope that they come to embrace the dark nature of the story and the writing. Speaking of the writing it could be sharper and not to mention more fun as while I like the dark tones I needed just a little more high-school edge to keep it interesting because as it stands it just an interesting teen drama with hot people.

Pretty Little Liars premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family and I will be tuning in for the foreseeable future to see how it all plays out.

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Previously on February 9th, 2009

What did you watch last night? Here is my take on last night…..



24:  Maybe it is just me, but has this season just been consistently great? I think it definitely has. This week’s hour was full of trial and tribulations for Jack, Renee, and the team. Jack, Bill, and Renee finally met President Taylor just in time for Dubaku to call and say that he has got Henry and of course Jack wants to fix that problem. The show finally gave something productive to do with Larry Moss by bringing him into the fold with Renee. Speaking of Renee, she was tested this week with having to torture a woman and her baby to get information. This brought light to maybe she isn’t ready for what is Jack Bauer. There was no Chloe or Tony this week, and you could feel it at some points. Next week, is the first episode they shot after the writers strike and I am interested if you can tell the months break between minutes of show.

Trust Me:  As you know, I was very impressed with last week’s episode of Trust Me. There was a centered story about thumbs, it was funny, and compelling. This week’s not the same. There was no story. It was pretty much just about Sarah’s problems and that was starting to get on my nerves. There was no ad, no central idea. Although, there was so good stuff including more Sarah Clarke, finally seeing the infamous Donna Murphy, and the great rival ad guy. Plus, who knew Jason O’Mara would have such a big role in this series after he had died.

Kyle XY:  On the other hand, this was a much improved hour of TV but on a whole other show.  This week’s Kyle XY, was about saving lives. After Kyle, Josh, and Nicole get in a car accident with a pregnant women. The boys have to help give birth to the baby on the side of the road but they had much bigger problems. Nicole was seriously injured internally in the crash and was rushed to a hospital. The episode was great until the writers felt they had to have Latnok in the hour. Couldn’t it just have been an episode abut love, tragedy, and everything in between with out to science fiction. But I do love how much Kyle cares for the Trager’s, and that is the real strength of the ailing show!

heroes_logoHeroes:  On yet another hand, this was not an improvement (I am seeing a trend here, highs and lows). Heroes disappointment me somewhat this week, with its bad writing. That is the problem and I really hope Bryan Fuller can help solve that in a few weeks. The writing and dialogue was just so chopping between the characters at the plane crash site, it was starting to hurt my ears. However, not everything was bad. I really love Nathan in this postition, and I hope we still see more of Mama Petrelli (Christine Rose), because she is just plain awesome. But the best part was seeing Dan Byrd back on TV, who was just awesome in Aliens in America, and plays almost the same shy character her. Still hoping we will see improvement but who knows.

What I Will Be Watching – February 9th, 2009

Little less TV on tonight than I was expecting but that can be a good thing…

Obama Press Conference – 8eastern/5pacific  Tonight marks President Obama’s first live press conference since being sworn in 3 weeks ago. I will be watching to see how he performs under the pressure of the press group that is so highly critical. What will happen, find out tonight?

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory – SPECIAL TIME 9:30/8:30c on CBS  When CBS got word of the press conference they could not let the fans not get a new episode of the Big Bang Theory, especially this episode. Tonight, Christine Baranski comes to town as Sheldon’s mom and if that is not perfect casting I do not know what is. I love Christine, since the days where I watched reruns of Cybill. Her visit is not welcomed by her son but does make for more time with Penny.

Trust Me – 10/9c on TNT  After last week’s great episode, I was hoping the numbers were going to be great too for Trust Me. Sadly, they were not up to par. The reception has been dim but I am hoping people heard the buzz and will latch on this week when the bosses want Mason to use Sarah’s ideas more.

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri

Heroes – 9/8c on NBC I still have hope that this volume will bring the show back to more watchable level than the level we are at now. One thing that will help the addition of Dan Byrd who was the main character on the now cancelled-but-great Aliens in America. He teams up with Sylar, and he is like a mentor to him. Also, the ramifactions of the plane crash make the heroes work together.

Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives – 10/9c on Food Network I have a hidden passion that is Food Network. I love my faves, Giada, Rachael, Ina, Bobby, Cat, Sandra, and more. One of the nets best shows is one hosted by my favorite Next Food Network Star Guy Fieri. He goes to the best Diner, Drive-ins and Dives to find the best food and I get hungry ever time I watch which is usually at one in the morning, never a good thing. Tonight, there is a new episode which features the always great hot BBQ!

Kyle XY – 9/8c on ABC Family  In the last stunt story the show will most likely ever do before their mid-March farewell. Nicole is critically injured in a car accident and the Tragers rally around in support!

CSI: Miami – 10/9c on CBS  Diddy guests as a lawyer that gives Horatio and the crew some trouble. Maybe they can have a taking off sunglasses battle? Just kidding!

Previously on February 2nd, 2009

Wow, that was a lot of TV and I haven’t even watched everything yet. Well, here is my take on what I have accomplished…

Kyle XY:  When I heard the news that Kyle XY was cancelled, I was sad but it was excepted. The show isn’t the little show on the little channel that defied expectations and was a family show that hit. It was about the family dynamics and not about the sci-fi. As we entered the second season, Adam resurfaced, Jessi was brought in the picture and the sci-fi element became prominent. Now in the third and final season, Kyle XY is not the same. It is not a bad show, but not what it was. I did like last night’s episode. It was about male bonding, and come on, how long was it before Kyle got drunk. Now that ending. It ended with Foss telling Kyle that Adam Baylin is dead. Now, maybe it is just me but I cant even remember what was up with Adam last, and that is the problem.

Monica Potter; Trust Me

Monica Potter; Trust Me



Trust Me:  This is how a show improves. Trust Me went from being a plain drama/comedy to a fun entertaining hour of drama and laughs. The characters are good, the story was good, and the look of the show is really awesome. The tagline this week was hilarious with “thumb” and the lisb, and the masturbation comments were really funny and in a really appropriate way if that is possible. I really love Monica Potter who is really quirky and funny and I hope it doesn’t get old. Great hour and I hope people stuck around to see that.

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan



Chuck:  Did you watch it in 3D? Did you watch it? I hope you did even if it was only in 2D like I did. It is back and it is as good as ever. Dominic Monaghan is back on TV and pretty much as the exact same character as pre-island Charlie on Lost.  Chuck is a show that is just a joy to watch. There is nothing that makes you mad or angry. It is a show about relationships and people and that is what a show should be about.  I love Buy More. I want to work at the Buy More. Morgan, Jeff, Lester, Mike, and Anna are great and I am so glad they are all regulars now. The Bus was a great guest star surprisingly and he fit right in to the group. I am glad that they addressed the Sarah-Chuck problem right in the first episode back. A knockout on Monday!

Heroes:  When the strike happened last year, Heroes was one of the many surviving shows but was certainly a victim. NBC made the decision to not air any episode after the strike and wait until September. That was a bad move. The show came back to a very convoluted and messy plot that did not go in the direction needed. With this fourth volume entitled “Fugitives,” the producers (a lot have been let go) look to make the series more of a character drama again. They did somewhat accomplish that last night. 

Heroes started off like it did on season 1 with the characters leading normal lives, but that did not last long. That was one mistake. I wish we could have least gotten one episode just about that. The episode was solid though. I liked how they focused on every character and that there was not that much super powers. I know that might sound weird seeing that this is Heroes, but I feel sometimes it is too much about the powers. The story is off to a great direction and I hope it stays strong. One great addition, the hunter played by the always scary Zeljko Ivanek!

24:  This was a classic. A conflict that was interesting, the government working on it, not knowing what is going on, and Jack tackling it head on. I loved this episode. Even the side story with Henry Taylor was interesting, and you know it is the young guy with Kanin that is the mole. My feeling at least. I also love Jack, Renee, Tony, Bill, and Chloe. They are the perfect team and if only the awesome Janis could be added to that list. She had heart this episode with the plant manager. This was really the launching point for the second part of the season, a new threat tied with the old.

What did you watch? Did you catch the premiere of Medium and The Closer or all the shows I haven’t gotten to yet like The City, Gossip Girl, Worst Week, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother?

Giveaway: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 1 Prize Pack

Thanks to my good friends over at New Media Strategies gave me something that I think some of you will enjoy. They have let me giveaway a The Secret Life of The American Teenager (Mondays at 8/7c on ABCFamily) prize pack that includes:


Prize Pack

Prize Pack

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ABC Family: New News, Good News, Bad News


Kyle XY

Kyle XY

Today ABC Family picked up three new series, renewed two, and cancelled one of my beloved favorites. The net cancelled Kyle XY after three seasons. I have loved Kyle XY from the beginning, but I will be the first to admit it has not be the same. They have been using the same story lines for two seasons now, and they needed to find something news. Meanwhile, ABC Family has renewed Greek (which I am going to start watching!) and Lincoln Heights, for a third and fourth season respectively. They have also picked up three new series: Perfect 10, a drama about preparing for the Olympics with teen gymnists; 10 Things I Hate About You, a comedy about two sisters, based on the movie with the same name; Ruby and the Rockits, a comedy about the Cassidy brothers when one moves in with the other. ABC Family has a full summer plate ahead!


Here is an article from the Hollywood Reporter on the news:

In one fell swoop, ABC Family has set up its new lineup.

Following the success of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” the cable network on Friday night picked up three new female-oriented series, comedies “Ruby and the Rockits” and “10 Things I Hate About You” and drama “Perfect 10.”

All three received 10-episode orders.

Additionally, ABC Family renewed college dramedy “Greek” for a third season and black family drama “Lincoln Heights” for a fourth season with 10-episode pickups while canceling sci-fi mystery “Kyle XY” after three seasons. 

Pending is the renewal of ABC Family’s smash hit “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” the size of whose order is still being determined.

Based on the feature of the same name, “10 Things I Hate About You” is a single-camera comedy about the Stratford sisters — the strong-willed Kat (Lindsey Shaw) and social butterfly Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin).

Carter Covington penned the Prodco-produced pilot, which was directed by the film’s helmer, Gil Junger.

“Ruby and the Rockits,” from ABC Studios, is a multicamera comedy starring Patrick Cassidy as a former teen idol who has chosen to lead a quiet life with his wife and two sons. But when his former Rockits bandmate and brother (David Cassidy) shows up unexpectedly with his newfound teenage daughter (Alexa Vega) in tow, the family’s life becomes anything but normal.

Set in the world of competitive gymnastics, “Perfect 10” follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight. 

The hourlong drama from Prodco was created and written by Holly Sorensen, who is exec producing with Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper and Joanna Vernetti of SuperDelicious.

What I Will Be Watching – January 19th, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody, and I hope you enjoy your day off by watching some of your favorite shows that you have saved up on your DVR! This is a big week with the inauguration of our new president Barack Obama (!) on Tuesday, then the  premiere event of Lost! For the start of the week here our what is out there…..

Kyle XY

Kyle XY

Kyle XY – 9/8c on ABCFamily  The premiere was really great last week and the show is going in a really great direction and I am really looking forward to what is coming. Jessi’s neighbor/Latnok guy is really creepy but cool and I am sure he is going to play an intricately part in the coming 12 hours. Tonight, Kyle meets a psychic that tells him about Amanda and Lori feels the ramifications of Declan’s kiss with Hillary.

24 – 9/8c on FOX  The first four hours of the 8th hour were an action packed gem but the noon hour of the day is sure to be special. Jack Bauer finally talks, and maybe meets President Taylor about the coup in Africa, and the First Gentleman delves deeper into the mystery.

The Big Bang Theory – 8/7c on CBS  The #1 laffer for me on Mondays is new tonight and tonight Sheldon’s social awkwardness is a plus. It is the source of his formula of making friends!

How I Met Your Mother – 8:30/7:30c on CBS   My #2 laffer is all about friends as usual tonight and Barney and Ted are on a venture. They try to man the bar to try to of course meet chicks!

Gossip Girl –  8/7c on The CW  This teen soap is better than ever and I am so happy that is partically having one and half seasons in one this year, and that means it is all new. Tonight, a new teacher roles in to town played by Laura Brenkenridge and she is super young which is bound to cause some trouble. Plus, early admissions are in for Yale, do they get in?

What else….


What I Will Be Watching – January 18th, 2009

Tonight, Sunday TV is packed and that can be either an awesome thing or not, you decide. To help you, this is what I will be watching……

United States of Tara

United States of Tara

United States of Tara – 10/9c on Showtime  Toni Collette stars in this brand new comedy about a mom who has multiple personalities and the ramifications of that with her family and the people around her. From that sentence you might think it is a dark drama, but it is a comedy and a very funny one at that. I saw the premiere a while back and I loved it. The personalities really get to show off Toni’s acting skills and John Corbett and the rest of her family is great! Check this dark comedy out, if only because it is written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody

Desperate Housewives – 9/8c on ABC  The soapy series reaches its 100th episode tonight, and it will certanily be a look back to the early years of the suprise ABC hit in 2004. The premiese for the episode is the town’s handyman played by Beau Bridges, dies and it sparks memories in all the housewives because he had a pivotal role in all of them. This will bring back Steven Culp as Rex, and Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young in person this time and not those great voice overs in each episode. This will for sure be a classic look-back, so be sure to catch it!

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c on ABC  The Walkers may be in for a happy day finally. Tonight, Greenatopia is finally launched thanks to Sarah’s hard work, but one of the two creators has a shocking secret to share. Plus, when the family parties that means romance and Nora rekindles her romance for Roger!

The Mentalist – After the AFC Championship Game on CBS  Check your local listings for a special episode of the Mentalist airing on this unusual night. Tonight, a painting is stolen that is worth some dough, and a body is found along with it. Sounds like a case the CBI agents can take on!

Other shows of interests are….. (more…)

Previously on January 12th, 2009

Monday night was full of everything including humor, action, suprises, out-of-this-world phenomenon, and more. Here is my take…

24: For anybody that was underwhelmed by the first two hours, I hope you watched yesterday’s. The first hour was awesome, the twist was great, Chloe and Bill were amazing, and old 24 is back!  I always thought that Tony was bad going up to this season, and for me I never thought he was good again. Chloe vs Janis Gold is on and it might be the best nerd battle ever!  I am so excited for the coming hours of the day. Strap your seat-belts, this one will be a bumpy ride.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother: Last night, HIMYM was in top form. It had funny lines, funny plot, funny characters, serious stories, and plot development. That is pretty much all I can say except for loved the way they used the reality stars.

The Big Bang Theory: I love these people! That is it, these characters are the heart of the show and I love them. The last episode was no different, and I still love they way they work Penny into the show. Also, the robot was hilarious.

Gossip Gril

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl: Leighton Messter should win a Emmy, and I am saying that right her right now. She brings so much to the role of Blair and her scenes with Chuck are almost always the highlight of the show. It sure was in this episode. It was once again about Chuck and at least this time it was great to watch this sorrowing character. Once again, I loved Lily & Rufus, the producers do such a great job of keeping the parents as big a part of the show as they do the kids and the kid is sure going to be a problem for the rest of the season. (The son will show up either at the end of the season, or early next) Gossip Girl is a force to be reckoned with and it is now appointment TV for me!

Kyle XY: To be honest, I almost forgot that it was on tonight, but boy was I happy I remembered. The premiere picked up a second after the the finale left off and it was a great ride from then one. Josh was still battle the too do it or not too do it with Andy and I love that story because it is so relatable to a lot of teens. Lauri was all over the place and spent most of the hour looking for Amanda and the parents were there as always and that is why I love them so much!  Jessi is confused, Sarah wants to go, she doesn’t and that ends up being a bad choice. Kyle is scared a goes after Amanda and finally uses his powers to find her with Jessi. I love that duo!  The best part of this episode was the twists. The one with Jessi, the one with Kyle, the one with Josh, and the one with the show. This could turn out to be season 3: the best season!