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Amazing Race is back, and it is Hilarious!!

The Amazing Race is not back until September 6th with a 90-minute premiere but check out this clip from the new season, that is hilarious! I literally started to fall off my bed. I knew there was still love in my heart for this reality staple.

Halloween is Coming: “The Walking Dead” Sneak Peek

October 31st, Halloween night, not the night most know for new television, but this year AMC, the network that just brought us the wonderful Rubicon, brings a new original that could only start on the 31st. The Walking Dead, a new series from Frank Darabont and based on the comic of the same name, revolves around an officer (Andrew Lincoln) who is one of the survivors of a zombie attack. Trust me, just watch this four and half minute trailer and you will see why you need to be staying home Halloween night.

Get to Know “My Generation”

The fall season is soon upon us and that means tons of new offerings to check out. If you only check out a couple, make sure ABC’s new Thursday drama My Generation is one of them. With its bright characters, fresh structure, and premise it is one to watch. Below view what the characters are all about and make sure to watch on September 23rd at 8/7c….


Summer Sneak Peek: Watch the Pilot of AMC’s Rubicon Now!

If you are a fan of original captivating dramas, I can bet you probably watch AMC. I however, not got into either of the network’s original dramas, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. One day I hope to catch-up but I am so glad they are adding one more to the slate I can get into from the beginning and I certainly will.

After the Breaking Bad finale a few weeks back the network aired the full pilot to its new drama Rubicon, premiering August 2nd at 9/8c. I fell in love that night, and I am not joking around. The pilot in some unknown way, brought me into its world so well, the look, the direction, unique and compelling, the story, so captivating and intriguing, and lead James Badge Dale certainly did not detract from my enjoyment.

Rubicon centers on an unknown Government intelligence agency that solves the world’s problems not by technology but my brains and Will Travers (Dale) finds a conspiracy someone hoped he would not find. Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and Jessica Collins (The Nine) also star in the new thriller and I highly suggest you catch the pilot below. Like NOW!

First Video: Law & Order: Los Angeles

Below is the first promo for NBC’s new incarnation of Law & Order this time in LA. Dubbed “LOLA,” L&O: Los Angeles has no cast so far and casting should be announced rather quickly. It will air at Wednesdays at 10/9c in the fall and the promo is very well made. Check it out!

Rob Lowe and Adam Scott Join Parks & Rec Tonight!

Byron Cohen/NBC

Leslie Knope and the team has rocked my world on this second stellar season of NBC’s Park and Recreation and two more people are joining the fold tonight. The Amy Poehler lead comedy is bringing on a new regular in Adam Scott (Party Down) and a recurring member in Rob Lowe (Brothers and Sisters), who both play auditors that come into save the department.

Check out a little sneak peek of the new hilarity and watch tonight after an all-new Community at 8:30/7:30c! Also, a little bonus for big fans, tomorrow at 1PM Eastern on the show’s Twitter (@ParksandRecNBC), they will be giving away tickets to a few fans of the finale screening in LA.

It’s Back: My Advanced Review of the Return of Glee “Hell-O”

Note: These reviews of Glee will not include any song spoilers but will include guest stars.

How FOX’s calls it:

Fresh off their monumental win at Sectionals, New Directions is on top of the world. With an extra spring in their step, they get to work on new numbers for Regionals. But when Rachel and Finn’s budding romance hits a bump in the road after she becomes involved with a competitor, Jesse St. James (guest star Groff), it threatens to derail the entire club. Mr. Schuester pays a visit to Shelby Corcoran (guest star Menzel), coach of Vocal Adrenaline, to confirm Jesse’s motives. Meanwhile, Will is newly single, but is he ready to take his relationship with Emma to the next level? And to top it all off, Sue Sylvester returns from her condo in Boca with a renewed focus on destroying Will and disbanding the glee club in “Hell-O,” the spring premiere episode of GLEE, airing Tuesday, April 13(9:28-10:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

It has been exactly 125 days or 4 months and 4 days since the musical smash hit Glee left FOX on a prolonged hiatus put forth by American Idol. That ends today, at a special time 9:28/8:28c (set DVR to extend recording by at least 10 minutes according to FOX). I was lucky enough to see the first three episodes back, and while I want to rave about each of them, today I will be focusing on the premiere entitled “Hell-O.”

The last we left the students of McKinely High, Sectionals were a success for the Glee Club, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) finally kissed Emma (Jayma Mays), and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) was suspended for the Cherrios. As we enter back into the halls, each one of those things have come into effect. Emma and Will are working out their relationship much to the dismay of Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), Will’s ex, and Glee club is happy and looking towards Reginals with no Sue in sight.

The premiere episode is much darker than a normal hour and features some musical numbers which are much darker in tone and lyrics. The humor is far from lost (Jane Lynch is very much a presence), and each episode seems to always bring a smile to my face. The episode address some plot points that I have been wondering myself like why only Finn and Rachel get all the leads, and Mercedes only is brought in for the big notes.

The best parts of the episode, however, are the newest. Two new recurring players Jesse St. James and Shelby Corcoran, played by Johnathan Groff and Idina Menzel respectively. Jesse is New Directions arch-rival Vocal Adrenaline’s lead and star, while Shelby is the team’s coach, who holds many of her feelings very close. Both continue the tradition of bringing on great Broadway talent to show, Groff stared along Lea Michele in Spring Awakening, and Menzel in Wicked with returning guest star Kristen Chenoweth (back on April 27th).

I am elated by the return of maybe not the best comedy (sorry, but Modern Family should win that award outright) because you cannot argue it did not reinvigorate music and youth back to TV. Glee is put-a-smile-on television and the premiere is fun, fantastical, and fun, but the real gems are to come and that just makes me even more happy.

Remember to turn in at a special time tonight at 9:28/8:28c on FOX, plus extend your recording on your DVR for overrun! Click to see more videos from the casts visit to the White House…