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USA Tuesdays are a Great Time

While I am way to busy to write a full rundown right now but expect more coverage in later weeks, USA Network continues to produce the best shows on cable and with the highest success rate.

White Collar returns for a second season tonight and the first two episodes are some of the best they have done. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay have a working partnership and the addition of Marsha Thomason as a series regular is the best thing they have done. Her character, Diane, adds to both the leads and episode two gives great work for her.

Following the premiere at 10/9c on USA, is Covert Affairs. Piper Perabo stars as a still-in-camp CIA agent that is plucked to go on some highly classified mission while maintain her cover with her family. Sounds like you have seen it before, but alas the cast and crew make the series, fresh, fun, action-packed and entertainment with sub-plots and acting. Another home-run by the network and one that will sure not be that secret for long. Check out a promo below!


Tonight’s Premiere: Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Major changes at major case on tonight’s premiere of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, 10/9c on USA!

What USA Says:

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, USA Network’s hit original scripted series, will return with 16 all new episodes on its new night, Tuesday, March 30 at 10/9c.  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, produced by Wolf Films and Universal Cable Productions, created and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, was developed by René Balcer.  Shot entirely in and around New York City, the third installment of the “Law & Order” franchise takes viewers deep into the minds of its criminals while following the intense psychological approaches the Major Case Squad uses to solve its crimes.
After a triumphant eight-season run, Emmy nominee Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian say goodbye to LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.  The two-part season opener will showcase the brilliant partnership between Detectives Goren & Eames as they, along with Detectives Nichols and Stevens, unravel a case with devastating consequences for Captain Ross.
SAG Award nominee Saffron Burrows (“Boston Legal,” “Troy”) joins the cast as Detective Serena Stevens, a highly educated, worldly single parent with a broad range of life experiences to draw upon in solving even the toughest of cases.  Teamed with Detective Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum), the two of them create a partnership of challenging intellect and street-smart savvy.
Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio joins the cast as Captain Zoe Callas who comes to MCS from Internal Affairs, where she honed the pragmatic style and political skillfulness that make her a standout captain. She takes over the role of Captain of the Major Case Squad replacing Eric Bogosian’s character Danny Ross.  Mastrantonio was an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee in the best supporting actress category for the role of Carmen, opposite Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in the film “The Color of Money” directed by Martin Scorsese.
Academy Award and Emmy nominee Jeff Goldblum (“Adam Resurrected,” “Jurassic Park”) returns for season nine as Detective Zach Nichols, insightful and powerfully motivated to uncover the darkest side of human nature.  Nichols uses his keen intelligence and off beat charm to reveal the criminal intent behind his homicide cases.
A ratings powerhouse, LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT was second only to fellow USA show IN PLAIN SIGHT Sundays in 2009 among total basic cable viewers. Guest stars for season nine include Tracy Pollan, Dan Lauria, Ralph Macchio, Dan Butler and William Mapother.

The two-parter season premiere (airing this week and next), says goodbye to the long time regulars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe (Goren and Eames) and introduces us to Det. Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) new partner Stevens (the wonderful Saffron Burrows).

After 8 long years, it was time for Goren and Eames to call it quits along with Captain Ross (Eric Bogosian). In the premiere, one will be killed, one fired, and one retired in a huge fashion. The case is that of an international trade scandal that somehow wraps around to involve Major Case. While the case is best left handled on a more focuses show, it takes a back seat to the problems at the precinct that captivate the audience.

In the first hour, Nichols teams up with the group, and is soon introduced to Chicago transplant Stevens, who is not letting on all that she knows. Also new to the team is Zoe Callas as the new captain in hour 3 played by Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

It was said to see our old friends take off bu they did in a literal game-changing hour that provided excellent acting, emotion, and completion, and what more can you ask for from TV’s quintessential police saga.

The premiere airs tonight at 10/9c on USA.

Reminder: White Collar Finale

I know some things can get lost in the shuffle, and I really hope this one does not. If you have at all be watching USA’s newest hit drama that mixes humor with drama like only USA can, you will definitely want to tune in tonight. The show is question, White Collar, revolves around Neal (Matt Bomer) a thief who teams with the FBI (Tim DeKay) to solve white-collar crime. The show has already been renewed for a year two, but tonight’s finale is both rewarding and suspenseful, completing a mystery and staring another.

As an added bonus, Marsha Thomason, who starred in the pilot as a lesbian FBI agent Diana Lancing, but disappeared to be replaced by the never used and departing Natalie Morales, turns up tonight and will return full-time this summer. Her character is explained and comes back with a great punch, that left me wanting more, a lot more!

White Collar wraps season 1 at 10/9c on USA.

Reminder: White Collar Tonight!

If you were at all a fan of USA’s new drama White Collar you will want to tune in tonight on it’s new night, Tuesdaya at 10/9c!

The winter finale left us with the revelation that Peter (Tim Dekay) was metting with Neal’s (Matt Bomer) long lost love Kate in a New York hotel room.

What happens after this watercooler worthy ending, well we find out pretty fast into the new hour that resolves last year and starts a new chapter in Neal’s life.

White Collar airs tonight at 10/9c on USA!

Fall TV 2009: My Review of USA’s White Collar

Fall cable premieres are pretty much coming to a close with a brand new characters do the “character” driven USA lineup, but are they interesting…NUP_135879_1525

What USA Says:

WHITE COLLAR is about the most unlikely of partnerships between a con artist and an FBI agent. The story unfolds after charming criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey (Bomer) is caught by his nemesis, G-Man extraordinaire Peter Burke (DeKay). After escaping from a maximum-security prison to find his long-lost love, Neal is nabbed by Peter once again. Rather than returning to jail for this daring getaway, Neal suggests an alternate plan – providing his expertise to assist the Feds in putting away infamous and elusive criminals in return for his freedom. Thiessen plays Peter’s wife, Elizabeth, an intelligent, high-status event planner with a certain intuition of her own. Garson plays Mozzie, a friend of Caffrey’s with a strong distrust of the Feds and an unyielding belief in conspiracy theories. Diahann Carroll (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Dynasty”) guest stars in the pilot and will star as a dynamic recurring character.

WHITE COLLAR, starring Matt Bomer (“Chuck,” “Tru Calling”), Tim DeKay (“Tell Me You Love Me,” “Carnivle”), Tiffani Thiessen (“What About Brian,” “Fastlane”) and Willie Garson (“Sex and the City,” “John from Cincinnati”). On Friday, October 23 at 10/9c, WHITE COLLAR will debut with a special 90-minute episode followed by 13 one-hour episodes. The announcement was made by Jeff Wachtel, president, original programming, USA Network and co-head, original content, Universal Cable Productions.

NUP_135932_0743The Good: White Collar works for a couple reasons. First of all its leading men in Matt Bomer as the criminal Neal Caffrey and Tim DeKay as Agent Burke. The play of each other so well in the first two episodes that I saw that you just want they to be on your screen for more and more time. Second is the way the production takes advantage of its background in New York City. The show feels big, feels important thanks to its sweeping views especially when a party in the second episode takes place in a great local. Thirdly, for the hilarious Willie Garson who gives a nice comic edge to the show in his ditzy but helpful Mozzie.

White Collar also has some impressive recurring players first in Diahann Carroll as the nice lady Neal befriends so he can live in a nice place and veteran actor James Rebhorn who plays a great old time FBI boss to the leads.

The Not So Good: The only thing that threw me for a loop is why the wonderful Marsha Thomason (Lost) who plays Tim Dekay right hand agent and has a scandlous personal life in the pilot is not mentioned in anything for the show or in the second epsiode where she is semmingly replaced by the still wonderful Natalie Morales. Not a big misstep but one worth mentioned. White Collar is the perfect show to join the likes of Monk, Psych, Royal Pains, and Burn Notice in USA’s run of great dramas. This is one you should be watching.

White Collar airs after the return of Sharona on the final season of Monk at 10/9c tonight on USA Network!

What Did You Think: The Season Premieres of USA’s Monk and Psych

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but the combonation of business and sickness is not a good one. But did you watch USA Network last night? You should have because it was the season premieres of both Monk and Psych, two fun and quirky semi-procederals.

Title - MonkThis year is Monk‘s 8th and final year marking a very successful run in cable. The season premiere was fun and had some great guest sports in Elizabeth Perkins and Rena Sofer. What did you think of the premiere? The series finale of the show airs December 4th and the lead up to the finale will be grand to say the least. The return of Bitty Schram as Monk’s old but amazing assistant Sharona will prove to be sad but welcomed and spots from stars like Meat Loaf, Jay Mohr, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Eric Balfour, and Reed Diamond among others. Monk has always had a special place in my heart and will continue to thoughout its finale season.

psych-shawn-gus_lPsych also came back last night and I have had a weird but usually great relationship with the show. I took a break during its season season but when I returned last year I was so pleased with what I saw including the tremendous finale earlier in the year (see my post about it here). The premiere last night was plain entertainment with Shawn and Gus taking a trip up to Canada to catch a thief and there hunt was some comedic gold. James Roday and Dule Hill have such great friendly chemistry it just oozes out of the TV. What did you think?

Remember, Monk and Psych air at 9/8c and 10/9c on USA on Fridays.

Saying Goodbye, Welcoming Another, and Getting Evaluated: Tonight’s Picks for April 26th

I have seen some of tonight’s TV and I wanted to share my two cents with you. Check out some picks for this Sunday.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 9/8c on USA  Law and Order: CI has always been a really great L&O spinoff thanks to the great detectives. Vincent D’Onofrio and Kaythrn Urbe, and now Julianne Nicholson and Jeff Goldblum. I was not too impressed with Sunday’s premiere but this week with the addition of Mr. Goldblum is a rocking night. He adds such a great element to the show and has some great scenes especially with Julianne Nicholson. He adds this snark to the case that is just so fun to watch. You have to check out the episode which is all about a house full of musicians and that underground world.

In Plain Sight – 10/9c on USA  In Plain Sight was a show that I did not expect to like when it premiered last summer, but it really grew on me and I was so excited for Miss Mary McCormack to come back last summer. While, the premiere was not the best, this week gets the show back into the groove. Most of the episode is about Mary being shadowed by a psychologist, and it reveals so much about her character and is so great to hear her flaws. Really revealing and fun episode, check it out!

Sarah Jane Morris

Sarah Jane Morris

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c on ABC  Tonight with the Walkers I bet will be a very teary one. In the episode marked “Julia,” we say good by to Julia Walker and by that I mean Sarah Jane Morris who is a very awesome underused actress. While this episode might not be her last for the duration of the series, we will not be seeing her the rest of the season or most likely for a very long time. Sarah Jane should be happy almost because now she can move on to a project that surrounds her and she can really show of her talent. Also, while I have not seen this week, I did see next week’s episode which did not relate anyway to this week, it was a great episode especially for Sarah and Holly. You can look forward to that now.

In Treatment – 9/8c on HBO Give this show some Emmys right now. I am enamored with In Treatment because it is such a real and raw show that I can not get enough of it. Allison Pill is ridiculously good as April and I cry every time she is on the air. Her acting along with everybody else on the show is just top notch. We are now in Week 4 and the story is just heating up.