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Catching Up on TV Part 2

Wednesday and Thursdays are packed full of fun television including some buzzworthy dramas and comedies, here are my thoughts as some wind down, and some are gearing up, plus my take on a Sunday fave.

The Middle/Modern Family/Cougar Town – I’m laughing. All the time, and that is all that matters with these three renewed for year two, superb comedies. With The Middle, their key to success has been in the Heck kids who especially in the biggest episodes to date. Brick (Atticus Shaffer) in particular with his delivery just makes it so so funny, and then Axl and Sue who are so unique in his approach on girls and her trying to fit in.

Modern Family just rocks and after “My Funky Valentine” officially became my favorite comedy on TV. In a combination of hilarity, sweetness, and uniqueness it just works. The one thing that in every episode which each story is synchronised to the others in that episode from latin housekeepers and dog butlers that are somehow intertwined by mannerisms and dialogue. That is a testament to the cast and that writing that is so so Emmy worthy. (Sorry Glee.)

Cougar Town is one brilliant town and it is not for Jules (Courtney Cox) only but for the supporting players that make each half-hour from Ellie’s views on life to Bobby, Andy, and Grayson’s night out, and Travis maturity with his mother (Did you know he is really 25?). The show has twindld in the ratings but I hope an upcoming recurring role from Sheryl Crow can change that, plus where is Barb, and Rachael Harris? I miss them. All three comedies return on March 3rd to ABC.

Leverage – Leverage to me is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long while. The past few weeks with Nate’s ex-wife (played by the absolutely wonderful Kari Machett) coming back into the picture when she did not want him was fun, and the finale has started and I can say it finishes on a huge win. The last hour airing this Wednesday marks the return of some old favorites in a surprising turn, Jeri Ryan exits for now, and a cliff hanger till the summer that you will really want to know about. The best thing about the second half of the season was to see a pregnant Gina Bellman as Sophie in ever-changing outfits and locations from Africa to the super cliché in Eiffel Tower in the background Paris. Just fun.

Human Target – 12 million to 8 million is not the best thing to hear, however, it is very early for the action drama on FOX. I have not been enthralled by the series but last week’s episode “Run” which was originally the second episode showcased big action and story and that is what I like and want to see. The story they have introduced about Chance’s first case with a mysterious woman named Katherine is intriguing as well as Guerrero’s “side-projects” but if they are not in the mix each week I feel it will be lost in the action.

Lots to come as this drama is just finding its footing and the survival will all depend on FOX’s development slate and other performers like the dying Past Life and new entry Code 58 in the spring.

Burn Notice – Is it just me, or has this second half of the season been way uneven? This past Thursday’s episode has been the only one that I truly enjoyed. I feel like the action mixed with the character reactions have not been gelling together. The season is ending on March 4th and it will mark the return of some old pals that will change the game, and I can only hope it changes for the better.

Survivor – AMAZING TELEVISION. The two-hour première of Heroes vs. Villains was some of the best TV I have seen all year. Conflict, romance, injuries, tribals, survival, that were all so captivating to watch. Jerri and Coach’s romance was repulsing but so fascinating. I love the idea of reliving some of our favorite challenges from earlier years and I have some ones in my mind that I hope that do like the giant ball challenge from Guatemala and more. Just superb reality competition. More after the jump…. (more…)

Big News Day and What Did You Think?

117687_208_preWow. When I came home today, I flicked on the news reel and nothing major in TV had happened, 20 minutes later. Things had erupted. First of all, the fantastic news that ABC has picked up Modern Family, Cougar Town, and The Middle for full seasons with an addition of 9 +13 all ready ordered episodes. All three laughers have made me well laugh especially Modern Family, and are performing strong for the net.

Then things went downhill from there. 10 minutes later reported that NBC has cancelled there powerful, gritty, and real crime drama Southland 2 weeks before it was due to premiere. An odd change in events for the dying network that was said not to be happy with what was happy and that is was not going to perform.

Southland was great last spring and I am sad to see it go. Back to the good news, all signs are pointing to ABC’s addictive new drama FlashForward will be picked up for a full 24 episodes need to tell its season 1 tale. ABC wants to see how it did tonight. Also, if you were wondering when a certain Lost individual was going to show up for his permanent stay, I would recommend staying for next week.

For tonight’s TV, what did you think? Is FlashForward grabbing you? Did you find Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office as touching and iconic as I did? What other shows are you watching on this crowded Thursday?

Fall TV 2009: My Review of New Seasons of NBC’s Parks and Recreation and The Office

office6Fall TV is really here! Do you not believe me? Well, tonight Survivor: Samoa, SNL Thursday Weekend Update, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Community! How is that for new TV. I have seen the season premiere of both Parks and Recreation and The Office as well as next week’s Parks and Rec.

We left The Office last year as silently we found out that Jim and Pam are having a baby. Can I have a yeah? Yeah, because the focus of the season premiere is not about that. Instead it is all about office gossip and it is hysterical. The premiere of The Office shows that the show is on top of its game. It utilizes every single office member even Stanley and Creed, and gives each a story-line. When one member of the staff has a secret, Michael feels it is necessary to create false rumors to cover up the secret he let out and then hilarity ensues. If you are a Jam fan do not worry, there is plenty of moments about them and the baby. The Office knows who they are and are not going away from that. They know to use each person effectively, so check it out tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

The creators of The Office last year had an idea for a spinoff, but then things changed. Then they had an idea to keep the documentary style and add Amy Poheler. Then they decided to set it at a Parks Dept. Then it premiered for 6 episodes that were not that well received but that is all about to change tonight at 8:30/7:30c. The first two episodes of Parks and Recreation are not only funny, but they are the best episodes of the series too date. With the combination of Louis C.K, Chris Pratt, gay weddings, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you got some great comedy. The cold open alone is the best thing the show has seen and it was very smart for them to keep Chris Pratt as a regular who has some funny stuff as well as comedian Louis C.K. as a possible new love interest for Leslie. If you were not a fan last year, try to give it another shot because I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Previously on January 22nd, 2009

Some new television last night brought great reveals, new characters, and some of my favorites. Here was my take….

CSI: CSI has had it resurgence. I loved last night! Loved it. Dr. Langston fits great, he is quirky, fun, subdued, and I don’t want to put down Grissiom in any way, but he is a great addition. The scene with him cutting the trachea and opening the epiglottis was fun, and Katherine and him are a great duo. It was also great to see Riley again, I also though she is a great addition to the team. I do have one question, back in last season there was news that Liz Vassey was joining the regular cast, what happened? I love Liz. CSI is great once again.



Private Practice:  I cried, and I cried. PP is no longer a show that was a kid’s version of Grey’s. It is a full blown, hard hitting medical drama, whose cases are so gut wrenchingly beautiful, serious, and relevant. Sarah Drew returned as Judy and this time she was having her baby and of course the adoptive parents were stupid, and Judy backed out. This old plot is used a lot but on here it was still sad and beautiful. Pete and Sam were faced with the dilemma of assisted suicide. This is a rough topic but was handled beautifully on here. The old man was awesome, and the story prevalent.  The final story was about a women with agoraphobia (the fear of having panic attacks in public) and how her and Violet worked it out. Violet revealed that she is pregnant, who is the daddy? We don’t know. I love this show!

The Office:  Funny episode. Not as good as last week, but the Hillary Swank stuff was awesome. Overall, the show is doing well.

30 Rock:  I loved this week. The show is back and in a good way. I can’t really tell you what I like just that I liked it!

Burn Notice:  It is back and as good as ever. My personal fave Trica Helfer is in all the episodes for the rest of the season as Carla, and she was mad this week. It wasn’t her that tried to kill Michael and she wants to know who. The side story this week was that about medical scams. After Michael sees a man attempting suicide, he finds that he was scammed about his kid’s medicine. Michael and Fiona try to scam the scumbag women that does this and of course they are successful. I am so happy this show is back and make sure to catch it at the various times this weekend.

She’s Back!

The best news of the day by far!!


Amy Ryan & Steve Carell

Amy Ryan & Steve Carell

Amy Ryan is returning to The Office as Holly Flax according to EW’s Micheal Ausiello. Reportedly she is being written into the season finale, and they hope to find a way for her to be back on a more regular basis. Michael and Holly are the best together and may they live happily ever after. (Did you know Amy and Steve were both in a really great movie Dan in Real Life together, rent it!)


From Entertainment Weekly:

I’m fairly certain this calls for a Hallefreakinglujah!

Greg Daniels, the big boss behind The Office, just confirmed for me exclusively the best news ever: Amy Ryan will be reprising her spectacularly popular role as Holly Flax, soul mate to Steve Carrel’s Michael.

“She will come back,” says Daniels. “We haven’t written it yet, but we’re discussing her coming back for the season finale. We’re hoping she’ll be available.”

Daniels went on to say that he’s “very open” to working out a more permanent Officearrangement with Ryan. “Because [Michael and Holly] have such a deep connection, I don’t think she can blow in and out every so often,” he explains. “It would be too hard for him as a human being. So, we’re hoping to find some very significant things for them. And if we can get her to sign on for a really long period, we’ll do it.”

And I repeat: Hallefreakinglujah!

What I Will Be Watching – January 15th, 2009

Tonight, new TV galore but there is a setback. ALERT: President Bush’s final address to the nation will air at 8:00est for 15 minutes. ABC, NBC, and FOX will have repeats now of Ugly Betty Scrubs, My Name is Earl, and Kitchen Nightmares all joining in progress respectively. CBS will air their entire lineup of CSI:, CSI:, and Eleventh Hour in their entirety starting at 8:15est. All other time-zones will not be affected. Anyway, my picks are…….

CSI: – 9/8c on CBS  This is Grissiom’s last hour as a regular on the hit show and that means Laurence Fshburne is now a full time regular and will try to fill the boots of the great William Peterson. He however will be a level 1 CSI and not like Katherine who is level 4. Tonight, we saw goodbye to a great and say hello to another.

The Office

The Office

The Office – 9/8c on NBC  One of the best comedies on television is back after what it seems like a long hiatus. Michael Scott is back with his wild antics, plus there is a Dwight and Andy (love those 2 together) showdown, which Angela is in the middle of.

3o Rock – 9:30/8:30c on NBC  This NYC comedy in the heart of NBC is all new tonight.  This time the flu breaks out at The Girlie Show and that means the return of Dr. Spaceman (Chris Parnell) to save the day!

Private Practice – 10/9c on ABC  This highly underrated emotional, compelling medical drama is giving us a new hour tonight. It is about both Violet and Addison torn with two men. Addison with Wyatt and Kevin, and Violet with Pete and Sheldon. Also, Cooper is still getting close to Charlotte.

Other choices…..