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Fall TV 2010: My Review of CW’s Hellcats

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. First up, CW leads the network for premieres, starting with Hellcats….What the CW Says:

HELLCATS is a coming-of-age story about Marti Perkins, a young, pre-law student at LancerUniversity in Memphis, Tennessee. Marti is cool, hip and alt, but her world flips upside down, literally and figuratively, when she loses her scholarship, and realizes the only way she can stay in school is by reigniting her dormant teen gymnastic skills to win a place on Lancer’s legendary cheerleading team, The Hellcats. Against her every instinct, Marti goes for it and makes the squad, and is thrust into a world of camaraderie, backstabbing and the intersection of sports, backroom academia and big money. Marti’s new roommate, Savannah Monroe, a petite, peppy Texan, is among the diverse cast of athletes, undergrads, family and friends, all set on the sprawling campus of a powerhousecollege football program in the deep South. The series stars Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins, Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe, Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura, Robbie Jones as Lewis Flynn, Matt Barr as Dan Patch, with Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge and Gail O’Grady as Wanda Perkins.

Tune In: I think you can Hellcats, the first Glee-repeat for TV, after the FOX smash hit big last year and networks love to try to tap in to that frenzy. Hellcats does not rely of song but big cheer numbers to your favorite pop stars seem to headline the pilot, which airs tonight at 9/8c after Top Model.

Hellcats strength is in its fun of spotting familiar faces, like the leading lady Aly Michalka who you may know from one of Disney Channel’s best shows Phil of the Future, also in the cast is Battlestar Galactica‘s Aaron Douglas as seemingly the school villain. However, that is where the fun stops.

Tune Out: Tom Welling produced this CW drama, and I think he better stick to the sci-fi because Hellcats never connects and is a lackluster teen drama, that really fails in delivering the fun. The pilot is bleak and condescending both in its characters personalities and plot. The pilot never addresses why I should care for Marti, who seemingly has to become a cheerleader, but all of sudden becomes the leader. The connections just are not there.

Watch, Record, Skip?: The show certainly has its target audience and The CW was wise to air it out of the most competitive Top Model in a while but its nothing to DVR each week. Hellcats airs tonight at 9/8c on The CW.


Catching up on TV Part 1

Since I am officially caught up with current television (minus me watching for the first time House and Supernatural), I thought it would be a good time to tell you my thoughts for each show, and I would love to hear what you think! Check back tomorrow for the comments on programs from the second half of the week.

Castle – There is only good news for the comedic procedural that has seemingly integrated itself into the ABC brand like no other. Castle is climbing in the ratings and for once beating CSI: Miami in the demos which isn’t heard of in the 10PM timeslot on Mondays. The other good news is even in repeats the show performers better than any other ABC drama which means that new viewers are coming in through repeats.

Now creatively the show has been strong. Becketts’s backstory with her mother’s death has really been front and center for a couple weeks and it almost puts a “Monk” like layer to the story that gives me more of a personal connection. The case-of-the-week seemingly are just avenues to provide fun dialogue between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and I love those two together along with Castle’s mom and daughter who put a smile to your face. Well done ABC, and Castle returns with new episodes on Match 8th.

How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory – Now to a show that has not been on top of their game this year in Mother. The majority of the episodes have felt off and not true to the series with repeating stories for Robin, Lily and Marshall playing way in the background, and no progress with Ted. The 100th episode earlier in 2010 was solid and provide some new information on the title story but in order for me to really care, you must continue it and that has not happened. Very uneven but its 9:30 counterpart on Monday has been anything but.

Big Bang has not provided memorable moments like it should but it has never fallen to the bad column this year. The humor is endless, and each of the characters seem to be showcased in different ways each week. Both comedies return to CBS Mondays on March 1st.

Chuck- Chuck vs. the Mask sure was a controversial one. In the hour, the producers featured both Chuck and Sarah move on to new relationships and I was not okay with it. It was not necessarily the realationship, it was the way it was went about. Kristin Kreuk is a great actress and I was very happy to see her character Hannah take a larger role but for the past two hours she is being used in a role that is starting to hate Chuck and I do not enjoy that. I wanted Hannah to come in to the Buy More as just a fun, quirky girl, that can play with everybody and for her and Chuck to really form a bond. As far as Chuck and Sarah, as long as they are still friends with each other and sociable I could care less if Sarah jumps on board Shaw’s bandwagon.

Chuck is a show that even in the heaviest of stories has come out as a comedic and fun drama but for a couple weeks now that seems to be never present except for the great pairing of Ellie and Morgan and if this season they don’t find out about our hero we will have a problem. The gig is up, and it returns March 1st after the Olympics.

Kell on Earth – For two weeks, Kelly Cutrone has made my Mondays. By far the funniest and bitchiest hour on the first day of the week, Kelly and her staff provide a fast paced and interesting hour with the past week just being interesting to see what goes into a Fashion Week show and how to get fired from one. This next week, Kelly will travel to London for work and I am sure we will go both to her offices in Paris and LA as the show continues till the first season finale on the 29th of March. (more…)

First Look: My Review of The CW’s Life Unexpected

It is rare on TV to find a show that just appeals to everything that makes you happy. Something that creates laughs, tears, thinking moments, and smiles, especially on a network that is known for smug rich kids. Life Unexpected on The CW is game changing is so many ways….

Life Unexpected comes from Liz Tigelaar, a writer/producer from such shows as Brothers and Sisters and American Dreams. It revolves around Lux (Brittany Robertson, a 16-year-old kid who has been in foster care since her parents (Shiri Appleby and Kristoffer Polaha) gave her up after they hooked up on prom night. Lux is looking to be emancipated but must have signatures for both her biological parents and she sets out to find them both. Her dad, Baze (Polaha), is a live in the moment bachelor, who lives above the bar he owns, and her mom Cate, is a popluar radio DJ in Portland, OR (where the show is set). Cate is engaged to her partner on the air Ryan (Kerr Smith), but when Lux shows up she is more than surprised. The series will follow Lux, as after the judge orders her to back in to the custody of her parents, as she manages her new school, rules, and much, much more.

The acting is pitch perfect. The lead, Brittany Robertson, who you may have seen in Swingtown or Dan in Real Life, is funny, sweet, and most of all genuine in her portrayal of a foster kid, while the rest of the supporting cast provides depth and humor to a touchy but touching subject.  The writing however is what really shines, with Liz Tigelaar’s words, that make you feel, make you care, and make you engaged, and combined with the blue, homey feel that Vancouver (where the show films but is said to be Portland) gives the show.

The first three episodes build on each other, with the first being mostly set up for what the series will become, and then in the second hour showing how the parents and Ryan will adjust to now have to care for a teenager that never has really had any stability in her life. Then in the third hour (the last that I saw), the show introduces us to back story, we meet Baze’s parents, as well as Cate’s mom played by the ever so great Cynthia Stevenson and her crazy sister.

The show also gives us look in to Lux’s past with her friends from the street, her boyfriend, Bug, and their struggles to lose a friend and trying to get her back again as she moves to bigger and hopefully better things. Lux is a teenager like no other, as she points out in the Pilot she is more of an adult then her parents and it creates for more grown-up high school drama, that we rarely see on television.

If you are a viewer of The CW, you might not expect a show like Life Unexpected to be on your screen. There are no preppy rich kids, we are not in LA or NYC, no maids, all there is a family. A mixed up family of teenagers, parents acting like teenagers, friends, and the wacky people around them. It is absolutely the best new show you will see in 2010, and if this show is any indication that television can be so special, authentic and honest, we will be very, very happy.

Please tune in this Monday at 9/8c on The CW, you will not be disappointed.

Updated Breaking News: The CW’s Best Show has a date!


Michael Courtney / The CW ©2009

The CW is having a not so great fall except for the great ratings, and suprisingly great show The Vampire Diaries, and no thanks to the terrible ratings of Melrose Place (Please Heather Locklear bring in viewers to this soapy drama!), but come January 18th, it will have one creative force to reckon with.

Life Unexpected, a drama about Lux (Brittany Roberston), a orphane looking to get emancipated but gets rolled in to her biological parents (Kristoffer Polaha and Shiri Appleby), will bow on Monday, January 18th according to TheTVShowGirl with an unknown timeslot to be announced soon.

I am hoping for it to air after One Tree Hill which I think will be the most compatiple show with Gossip Girl moving to Wednesdays after America’s Next Top Model.

UPDATE: TheWrap is reporting that LUX will “preview” on Mondays at 9/8c for a couple of weeks beginning on the 18th while Gossip Girl takes a break but will move to a permanent timeslot later which unknown and could end up being on Mondays.

I am so glad The CW has the same amount of confidence in this show as I do!

What I Will Be Watching – Thursday, September 10th

More premieres tonight, check it out!

NFL Season Premiere on NBC – 8:30est on NBC I thought I would through this into your mix tonight seeing as I am a NFL fan and the season is officially underway tonight on NBC. The Thursday night opener is between last years champs Pittsburgh steelers against a team that went almost undeafted last year the Tenesse Titans. The gmae is preceded by a half hour opener with great music from the game.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESThe Vampire Diaries – 8/7c on The CW Check out my review of the pilot here but I would definertly say if you are at all interested give it a try, the CW needs a hit bad and I for one will give it another look. The show which chronicles a vampire love triangle is perfect CW high school mixed with Twilight which makes me think the show will hit. The pilot surrounds a new guy coming to the high school (Paul Wesley) who turns out to have hidden agendas.

SUPERNATURALSupernatural – 9/8c on The CW This summer I really tried to get all the way through this tag team supernatural drama but at last things did not get where they should be a it did not happen but Ihighly recommended one of The CW most grown up dramas. Last year left Sam and Dean in a particluar spot with the mysterious Lucifer. Check it!

Project Runway – 10/9c on Lifetime I have enjoyed the change to Lifetime in the fact it has not changed the draw of the show, great competition involving fashion. But the challenges, not the best. Heres to hopefully things will change!