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Amazing Race is back, and it is Hilarious!!

The Amazing Race is not back until September 6th with a 90-minute premiere but check out this clip from the new season, that is hilarious! I literally started to fall off my bed. I knew there was still love in my heart for this reality staple.


Sunday Picks: Sons of Tucson, NBC’s New but Old Sundays, and Some Old Favorites

Sons of Tucson – 9:30/8:30c on FOX What to say, what to say? Tonight, FOX premieres a new live action sitcom starring the funny Tyler Labine. Sons of Tucson revolves around a man with no money, who is asked by three brothers to pretend to be their dad, so they do not have to go into foster care.

I have seen the first three episodes and while they work and do have laughs, I have found nothing memorable in the half-hours and really nothing to latch on to. The only real great thing is the discovery of the boys after an open casting call. They are very, very, funny. Is that enough for me? No, it could be for you. It airs after Family Guy tonight on FOX.

Minute to Win It – 7/6c on NBC Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is a great show, it makes me so hungary every time I watch it. It’s host is awesome, Guy Fieri is a great cook and an even better personality and he is coming to broadcast in the form of the host for a new game show where people complete little tasks in a minute or less to win money. Minute to Win it airs an hour early tonight for two hours at 7/6c and while I am not overly enthused that it is not scripted programming, I am still looking forward to it for the reason of just the awesomeness of Guy! (more…)

What I Will Be Watching – Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Some notably new TV tonight….

How to Make It in America – 10/9c on HBO In the vein of his own show Entourage, Mark Wahlberg has joined in and is producing a New York based comedy for the network that centers around a group of friends as they try to hit it big in the Big Apple. I have seen the première episode which is available here at, and while I was not enthralled by it, I was not terribly disappointed thanks to my low expectations. The cast includes October Road alum Bryan Greenberg as the lead Ben, Kid Cudi, and a personal favorite Lake Bell as Ben’s ex, who you may have seen in shows such as Surface and Boston Legal. Martha Plimpton pops in as a recurring player and as I hear she is a huge highlight and I am excited to check her out. Premiering after the comedy is another new one in The Ricky Gervais Show based on his popular podcast this animated show brings the stories to life. Ricky is da bomb.

The Amazing Race – 8/7c on CBS The race is back on (plus it was also renewed for a fall cycle!), with brand new locations and some old favorites to revisit with new teams and of course good old Phil Keoghan. In the 16th installment of my favorite reality competition and Emmy favorite, Big Brother fans will at least recognize one team in Jeff and Jordan the sweet pair that met on this past summer’s season and are testing the TV relationship on the race. Should be a blast and after the show is Undercover Boss, settling in to its regular timeslot after last week’s “Super” première at 9/8c. The boss of Hooters goes in to test the managers and staff and may I say, we might see a FIRING. Awesome.

If you are not into any of those progams, the Olympics continue on NBC and last night’s primetime coverage featured some exhilerating action in the Moguls and Short Track. Go Team USA!

Also, NBC, where is the Olympic standard Jim Lampley? Al Michaels is doing an okay job in the daytime host position but I miss Jim’s nice comments about the event but one person that you can tell LOVES to be in Vancouver is the just great Mary Carillo who is now going from assignment reporter to late night host!

Your thoughts?!

Amazing Race is back! For a 15th Season this Fall!

127_amazing_race_468Great news came today, from Twitter of all places. The host of the Amazing Race Phil announced on his page that they have learned Race is going to be back for another cycle. When that cycle will air is up in the air, but most think it will start in the fall. Check out this article about the renewal of The Amazing Race!

From the Hollywood Reporter:

CBS’ “The Amazing Race” was picked up for a 15th cycle Thursday and made history as the first series whose renewal was announced on Twitter.

Using the micro-blogging service, “Race” host Phil Keoghan posted the following tweet Thursday: “Great news. Just got the call from the network. CBS has ordered another season of ‘The Amazing Race.’ ”

Instead of confirming through the regular channels, CBS also opted to do so on Twitter, whose popularity among Hollywood types has exploded over the past few months. 

“This just in: CBS has ordered another season of the Emmy-winning ‘Amazing Race,’ ” CBS’ tweet said. “Official announcement coming.”

After breaking technological ground, the network did follow up with a traditional news release, offering more details on the pickup.

Casting for the 15th edition of “Race” is under way. Keoghan is on a 40-day, 3,500-mile bike ride across America, which ends in New York City on May 9, the day before the season finale of “Amazing Race 14.” Along the way, he will appear at three of the open castings calls: Chicago (April 24), Pittsburgh (May 1) and New York (May 8).

Since its 2001 premiere, “Race” has won six consecutive Emmys for best reality competition series, taking home the trophy every year since the category was created.

Quick Picks for March 29th


Here are some pick takes for what to watch tonight, ABC’s dramas are on hiatus until April 19th so here are some great replacements (KINGS).





At the 8/7c hour tonight there are two great choices for you to try out and one new choice that I have heard is phenomenal. If you have not seen Kings on NBC yet, try it out tonight. This is the last episode I have seen in advanced and for me it was the best of the four. The episode has three main stories tonight. One, the Queen has got a big agenda to take care of starting off with a ballet that the King must be at. Second, the King’s illegitimate son is having health problems that require everybody to be really stealth. Then finally, the Prince takes David out on the town while trying to hide his gay life. A very interesting a great story you must watch.




Jill Scott, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Jill Scott, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

HBO is premiering a new show that might not be what you expect or so I hear. When you think of HBO dramas you think of gritty, inappropriate dialogue, but Ladies No.1 Detective Agency is far from it. Based on the best selling novels it follows a African group of woman in Africa as they solve crimes, kinda sounds like Woman’s Murder Club in Africa doesn’t it. The show airs in a two hour pilot tonight at 8/7c on HBO and is available on HBOonDemand. Also, as always The Amazing Race is new tonight in Thailand, and if past seasons show is always a great local.




Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan

I hate to admit this but I am still watching Celebrity Apprentice. The show is just so stupid but I love every week how they make this seem like they are not famous people. Joan Rivers is brilliant and is so great when she fights, and I am also loving Melissa and how she calls herself a “producer.” Celebrity Apprentice airs a two-hour episode at 9/8c on NBC. If you are not a fan of Apprentice check out the always funny Jim Gaffigan from My Boys who has a great stand-up special on Comedy Central at 9/8c. He talks about bologna, breakfast, and some bowling. Fun!

Quick Takes for Sunday, March 22nd

Here some quick picks for tonight which feature banished people, indian people, missing people, and maybe some dying people. Interesting!



Kings – 8/7c on NBC  Why did you guys not watch last week? What was it that made only 5 million people tune in to this epic story? Well you still have a chance to catch it tonight. If you want, watch the first two hours of the show right here on the great Hulu and then check out tonight’s episode “Prosperity” in which Gath and Giliboa meet in a very tense battle that David must be a part of. It is a great hour of TV and the always great Brian Cox plays a very mysterious role.

The Amazing Race – 8/7c on CBS  This season has been consistently good and tonight they finally leave Siberia for……India. India is probably the most or one of the most visited places on the race and it is always is a very interesting location. Tonight for the speed bump, makeup on an elephant. Fun.

Desperate Housewives – 9/8c on ABC  Could we be seeing a death tonight? I think the chances are very strong for one of the housewives when Dave goes on a little camping trip with Mike and Katherine. I won’t say who it is even though it has already been on the cover of many magazines, because for the slight chance you do not know who it is, it will be a great surprise.

Brothers and Sisters – 10/9c on ABC  This show has been on just a high horse since its movie event and today is the last episode for another couple of weeks. The episode entitled “Missing,” I assume will be out Tommy’s recent run in Mexico. The story I am most interested in though is Ryan’s secret and how Holly factors in to it.

Big Love

Big Love

Big Love – 9/8c on HBO  The honor for the show that has gotten the most consistently great praise from people and especially TV critics is Big Love. Everybody has just been raving about this season of HBO’s best family drama and tonight is the season ender. In the hour, will Bill bid adieu to one of his wifes or could it be two?

Playing Sunday Catch Up with Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and TAR

Since coming back from my break I have found that catching up on the TV you missed is a lot harder than it looks. Yesterday I caught up with 3 series from Sunday night and they are a mixed bag.

Luke & Margie

Luke & Margie

The Amazing Race: Mike White is the bomb. That is all you need for a reason to love this season of The Amazing Race. After 14 seasons, this show consistantly finds new ways for you to fall in love over and over again. This year with the characters. Mike and Mel are such a fun and crazy team that you have to love, while Margie and Luke are the true amazing team. They do every challenge to the fullest while having fun at it.

The last two episodes have been great. Last night’s episode with the marathon was hilarious and I love how it took everybody by suprise. Siberia is such a interesting and unknown land and that is partially why the episodes have been fun because you get to hear and see things you did not know about it before. Also, Phil in this underwear, genius!

Desperate Housewives:  I cannot say the same about the housewives. The show which had such a great change of pace at the beginning of the year with jump has sort of faltered after coming back as of late. Bree is boring with Orson, I am getting old of Lynette’s family troubles and the Dave storyline is not moving that fast at all. Gaby is getting the same old rich problems and Susan is actually starting to get fun and interesting. And they want to have this show on for 9 seasons. I do not think so. The couple bright spots of the last few episodes: more screen time for Dana Delany as Katherine, the awesome Swoosie Kurtz as Susan’s coworker, have both been great surprises.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Brothers & Sisters:  For the show following Desperate Housewives it is the COMPLETE opposite. Since its two hour movie two weeks ago, Brothers and Sisters has shown everybody once again why we love this show. The acting has been just top-notch. Give an Emmy to the whole cast especially Sally Field and Rob Lowe. The show is doing all the right things: getting rid of Tommy, showing more Holly, giving everybody the right storyline including Kevin having problems with Scotty, Rebecca having troubles, Kitty being Kitty, and Nora being in the middle. I am actually loving Ryan. He is such a great addition to the cast and such a fun one. Dave Annable is great again doing what he does best, mixing comedy with drama. Also, thank you for finally separating Rebecca and Justin so they can great better stories out of them. Keep it going Brothers and Sisters because you are on a huge roll right now.