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Staying “Forever Young” Parenthood on CD!



Forever Young! Oh, how I want to be forever young with Parenthood, NBC’s wonderful Tuesday night drama and today we get to savory the music it features.

The Soundtrack for the show is now available with songs like the perfect theme, Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young,” the smooth Corrine Bailey Rae and more. In terms of TV soundtracks this one is right up my alley, with calming and folky tunes to keep me interested for hours, go out and get this, everywhere.

Set for Aug 31, 2010 Digital Release and In Stores Oct. 5, 2010

Soundtrack Features Top Artists Bob Dylan, Wilco, Brett Dennen, The Avett Brothers, Corrine Bailey Rae, John Doe & Lucy Schwartz, Ray LaMontagne, among others

New Season Premiers on NBC Sept. 14

August 2010 – Bob Dylan, Wilco, Brett Dennen and others are featured on the soundtrack of the fall – “Parenthood” – set to rock into online retailers on Aug. 31 (to coincide with season one’s DVD release on Universal Studios Home Entertainment) and in stores on Oct. 5 by Arrival Records/Scion Music Group (distributed by Fontana Distribution a subsidiary of Universal Music Group).

The album features 12 tracks all of which are featured or will be featured on the show, including the much talked about theme song – Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young. ”  The physical CD also includes an exclusive version of that song sung by the iconic John Doe and rising star Lucy Schwartz as well as Schwartz’s “When We Were Young,” which is the international theme song for the show.

The talented artists who contributed to the soundtrack include: Bob Dylan, Brett Dennen, Amos Lee, The Avett Brothers, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Eels, Josh Ritter, Lucy Schwartz, The Swell Season, Wilco, Ray LaMontagne and John Doe & Lucy Schwartz.  Liza Richardson is the show’s music supervisor and soundtrack co-producer and music supervisor for the series along with Jonathan Platt, Jonathan Miller and Jonathan McHugh.  The soundtrack is licensed through NBC Universal television, DVD, music and consumer products group.

Commenting on the album, Liza Richardson says: “Working on “Parenthood” is a music supervisor’s dream. I’m working with extremely creative pros.  These are people who love music and understand how to put the right song in the right scene and effectively help tell a story.  The editors, the writers, the execs all make a huge contribution to the way the show sounds.”

Adds Jason Katims: “I am tremendously proud of the caliber of artists who’ve lent their voices to “Parenthood,” and to this amazing soundtrack.”

Season two of “Parenthood” will premier on NBC on Tues., Sept. 14. The show, which was number one in its time slot last season, is produced by Oscar-winning producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (“A Beautiful Mind,” “Frost”/”Nixon”) and show runner Jason Katims (“Friday Night Lights”). A comedic yet heartfelt and thought-provoking series, “Parenthood” follows four grown siblings of the far-from-perfect Braverman clan as they try to balance kids and careers, dreams and commitments and romance…or a total lack thereof.

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The Parenthood soundtrack track list is as follows:

1.      Forever Young – Bob Dylan
2.      Darlin’ Do Not Fear – Brett Dennen
3.      Colors – Amos Lee
4.      Kick Drum Heart – The Avett Brothers
5.      Put Your Records On – Corrine Bailey Rae
6.      In My Dreams – Eels
7.      Change of Time – Josh Ritter
8.      When We Were Young – Lucy Schwartz
9.      In These Arms – The Swell Season
10.     Solitaire – Wilco
11.     Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne
12.     Forever Young – John Doe & Lucy Schwartz

Fall TV 2010: Parenthood is Back!

Parenthood is back and I am quite excited. Tonight after the new Biggest Loser, at 10/9c is the second season premiere of the underdog of last years NBC lineup. After getting pushed six months after Maura Tierney dropped due to breast cancer (she is now in ABC’s The Whole Truth and feeling great), the show brought on Lauren Graham and premiered to small numbers. However, by May the show was a hit in 18-49, and NBC gave it a 22-episode second season.

The new season will feature Sarah (Graham) finding work at Adam (Peter Krause) work and getting tangled up in love with actors like Billy Baldwin and Kevin Alejandro. Also, Julia (Erika Christenson) considers having another child while their parents try to work out their marriage.

Below check out two new promos for the premiere tonight….

Recapping the season: Top 5 New Shows

For the rest of the week, I am looking back at the past television season and doing some top 5’s for what worked in a ratings-challenged year. Up first are the new entries that graced the screen this year and in my book there were quite a few success to talk about:

1. Modern Family – For me, the new show that made me love TV more than anything this year was ABC’s truly original family sitcom. No new show was so widely love in my family as it really rang true in so many ways and most of all made me laugh every single week. Nothing can beat that pilot, that I have now most likely watched 50 times, and I just have a truly special place in my heart for it.

2. The Good Wife – My biggest surprise new show was easily The Good Wife because going in to the new year I knew it had a great script but I did not know such a big emotional edge would be present by the combination of great writing and its star Julianna Margulies. A show I looked forward to each week and will continue to for years to come.

3. Parenthood Parenthood had a rocky life from deaths to recast to cancer, things were getting in the way for a wonderful cast and creator’s little show on NBC, but after the Olympics, Parenthood didn’t care about any of that and they put on one hell of a show. For the past 13 weeks, Parenthood got better and better and without my knowledge it seemed turned into a show I thought about a lot and cared for the characters a great deal.

4. Life Unexpected – Liz Tigelaar and her cast and crew deserve great things and when LUX was renewed at Upfronts I was so, so happy for them. The CW could have easily not believed in the Portland family drama but they did and could not be more grateful for having this heartwarming show on the air next year.

5. Glee – I think most people doing this would have Glee much higher on this list but I think if recent weeks are any indication I am putting it in the right place. When Glee, premiered for real in the fall, I was smitten, my friends and family were smitten, and each week it would be a trip to iTunes to buy the songs, and re watch episodes but now as the season is closing I could almost not care less. Plot holes, continuity, and bad writing have steered me away from a show I still want to be good as I like the actors and the music but I just need more respect to the viewers and I hope Ryan Murphy gives us that.

Just Missed the mark: Cougar Town, The Middle, and The Vampire Diaries – 3/4 of ABC comedy block was a highlight of the season for me and both Cougar Town and The Middle turned into shows I did not think I would like. Cougar Town is a entirely new show that when it started and The Middle reminds me of good old Home Improvement days. On the other hand, something so 2010 like vampires was made new again with Vampire Diaries and it was this year’s biggest guilty pleasure for me.

Family Drama is….My Review of NBC’s Parenthood

The Braverman Family

If you have had at all been watching the Olympics this year, you have been told a thousand times, “Parenthood is….,” and could not be happier to have that put in your face. Parenthood is a new drama by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard based on the 80’s movies of the same name. The show centers around the Braverman family, a typical California family, with four grown up children at different stages of adulthood, a patriarch that is overbearing, and a matriarch that stands and watches. The series begins Tuesday at 10/9c after The Biggest Loser on NBC and it is a series that celebrates the ideas, the hopes, and troubles of beginning a family in the best possible way.

Parenthood has a tremendous cast, centered around Craig T. Nelson (The Incredibles) as Zeke, who loves to be included in anything that his children and grandchildren are involved in. He is married to Camille, played by Die Hard‘s underrated Bonnie Bedelia, who takes a back seat to Zeke’s powerful attitude. We are brought into the series through the eye’s of Sarah, played by the wonderful Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) who replaced Maura Tierney, who departed the series after she learned of her breast cancer. Sarah after getting divorced, takes her two kids (Miles Heizer and Mae Whitman) back home to move in to her parents house much to the dismay of her teenagers.

Erika Christensen, Lauren Graham, and Bonnie Bedelia discuss girl talk at the dinner table

The other three children are leading successful and unsuccessful lives, Crosby (Dax Shepard) is the youngest and is still trying to find himself, not wanting to settle down with his girlfriend. Julia, played by Erika Christenson,who gave an amazing guest stop in Lie to Me last year, is a successful lawyer with a little girl that she does not see enough as her husband (Sam Jaeger, Eli Stone) stays at home. Finally, Adam and Krisina (Peter Krause and Monica Potter) are your typical suburban parents, three kids, all in various points of childhood, and as in the pilot they encounter a problem that is more and more prevalent that will pull at your heartstrings.

Parenthood sure lives up to its name with all the possibly meanings represented in the family. The pilot is full of drama, humor, and depth that pulls you in immediately to the family and after the first ten minutes I found myself caring about what happens. I true gem I found in the series are the kids. Child actors can sometimes be the burden but even with the youngest of kids, I found true to the character. I believe you will be especially taken with Max, Adam’s child, played by Max Burkholder, who has to deal with a lot in the pilot.

The second hour airing next Tuesday is just as fun on the pilot and includes a little more humor which I think the show does best. It also shows a great use of all the family, each having seperate but easily entangled stories. Also look for great comedic actress, Erinn Hayes, to show up as a mom from Julia’s daughters school. So glad she is getting work.

Parenthood is one of the best new series this year, and with all the behind-the-scenes troubles that came up, you never get that on-screen. What you get is a well-made, well acted family drama, that tells a real tale in an excellent way. It enters the new NBC lineup tonight at 10/9c.