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Fall TV 2010: NBC Week 2 Preview

The Event

NBC had a mix bag last week in terms of success stories and I am going to break it down night by night and tell you what looks good coming up.


Chuck was fun, and as always it never makes a ratings impact on Monday nights, the good news is that is sustained last years numbers and creatively, it is still finding ways to change-up the formal (Beckman rocks!). This week, the Old Spice guy is new the Greta, and we see Sarah kick some ass.

The Event was NBC’s big winner last week gaining great demo numbers and over 12 million viewers. Plus with the encore airings, even more eyes saw the plane disappear but I can tell you that is not “The Event.” The next two episodes which I have seen, including tonight’s, are chock full of answers, from who is Sophia, where is the plane, what happened, and where do our characters ly. I must admit, I had my extreme hesitations but this one is one to watch because both the next two hours, are VERY strong. Chase, with guest star Robert Knepper (Prison Break), continues to fit the baddies, and in the ratings did very respectable, nothing to talk about, but if it keeps it up, NBC will have a solid hour.


The Biggest Loser is the stablest of shows on NBC’s slate but Parenthood, is showing varying signs. First the bad news, the ratings are anything but stellar, but the demos are constant and continue to perform well in the crowed timeslot, but the real test will be against CBS’s The Good Wife this week. Speaking of this week, the episode is a great showcase for Lauren Graham’s Sarah who has great banter with Billy Baldwin.


I am not going to go to in-depth with Wednesday as look for a feature this week, but Undercovers under-delivered, and SVU continues to get those emotions rocking. How great were Henry Ian Cusiak and Joan Cusack?! This week, Jennifer Love Hewitt guests in a case that also brings Detective Benson to LA, to lead off the premiere of Law and Order: LA. Check back later for more.


Community, Community, let’s make it happen people. The NBC comedies came in stronger than ever, creatively that is, but in the ratings, this night is no longer must-see TV for a lot of America. 30 Rock did good in its new earlier time-slot, but how funny was that premiere, hilarious, and Community kept its season 1 numbers which I guess is good. The Office delivered a fun episode but is not what is use to be, and America what is wrong with you? Why are you watching Outsourced? Stop, NOW.


Wasteland! Outlaw did not even make a dent in its regular slot against CBS with the premiere of Blue Bloods, but coming on the 15th the new feel-good reality School Pride, that I am certainly excited for.

Lies, Guys, Comics, and Unknowns: June 7th, 2010 TV Highlights

Lie to Me

New, new, and new….Not what you would expect right now.

Lie to Me – 8/7c on FOX Oh, Lie to Me, what a crazy run you have had. Premiering in late January of last year, doing so-so and coming back after House only to be pulled in December and saved until June, but at the same time getting picked up for another year. Kind of strange, but there is now denying that Lie to Me has quality and Tim Roth and Kelli Williams sure make the most of their interesting characters. I quite enjoyed the next two installments from The Shield‘s Shawn Ryan who show-ran this season, including a great guest turn by Jason Dohring (Moonlight) seen to the left. Good quality scripted summer fare for sure.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys – 9/8c on FOX I just giggle at the thought of The Good Guys. I don’t know how much creator Matt Nix wanted us to think of it as a comedy but he sure pulls it off. I really love this humorous buddy cop drama especially the interplay between Bradley Whitford’s Dan, his mustache, and Colin Hank’s Jack. I have seen tonight’s premiere installment and it may be better than the preview that aired a couple week’s back and features a great Lauren Stamile and a fun romp for the cops.

Persons Unknown – 10/9c on NBC Another summer, another summer of international imports to air on American television. Persons Unknown was an international co-produce drama picked up by NBC a long time ago and is finally seeing the light of day. Unknown is about a group of strangers pulled from their lives and dropped in a house they cannot escape from and stars Jason Wiles and Alan Ruck. I am intrigued a will be tuning in and see if it can become more than a one-note mystery.

Last Comic Standing – 8/7c on NBC How is this back? Can someone answer that question for me because I am puzzled on how a summer reality show on NBC was cancelled twice then resurrect again thinking that it would be a success. Sorry NBC but I doubt even the funny man Craig Robinson can salvage this reality competition about comics.

First Video: Law & Order: Los Angeles

Below is the first promo for NBC’s new incarnation of Law & Order this time in LA. Dubbed “LOLA,” L&O: Los Angeles has no cast so far and casting should be announced rather quickly. It will air at Wednesdays at 10/9c in the fall and the promo is very well made. Check it out!

Upfront Frenzy: NBC’s Fall Schedule revealed!

In advanced of the shared Upfront day with FOX, NBC announced their new fall schedule early via call. The fall schedule (first year in awhile NBC did not do a midseason one) consists of no new comedy night which was suspected, a drama Monday and Wednesday, and no Parks and Recreation in the fall.

I like the schedule as a whole as it does give NBC many great midseason dramas/comedies that can launch later and give them a strong spring. The week does not flow per-say but the night’s certainly do by keeping a nice theme throughout. Take a look at the schedule after the jump and go visit the NBC site for clips from all the new shows. Note: Expect full promos to be released tomorrow with more footage.


Thursday’s Upfront Frenzy: The Renewals, Pickups, and Cancellations

Thursday was a pretty quiet day in terms of upfront news as it is fast approaching. That statement worked until tonight when the craziness started!

Matthew Perry in Mr. Sunshine

It all started with the report by that the staple Law & Order was cancelled by NBC because of a dispute with creator Dick Wolf. That was quickly called out too soon as reports of troubles are true, but negotiations are still ongoing but unlikely to change by Monday. NBC reversely picked up the David E. Kelly/Kathy Bates starring vehicle Kindreds for midseason and according to THR, the intelligent Garza legal pilot which is a chance for Jimmy Smits to shine. But the best news from NBC, CHUCK IS RENEWED. Enough said. (The other bubble show Heroes, may get a limited pickup to finish the series.)

ABC took to the waves by announcing six new pickups of series following the announcement of the first drama No Ordinary Family.

First up the new comedies, the fantastically written by star Matthew Perry and pals pilot Mr. Sunshine and starring Allison Janney was one of the three laffers. Mr. Sunshine focuses on a sports center manager (Perry) and his friends, think of it as the male-led Cougar Town). Second is Happy Endings, starring Elisha Cuthbert and Eliza Coupe, and centers around an almost married couple and their eclectic friends. I have read the script by David Caspe flows nicely and is a good adult sitcom. The last official pickup is the only multi-cam by the network, Better Together, which features Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan as sisters who are both in a relationship as well as their parents. Debra Messing’s ABC pilot Wright vs. Wrong is very close to a pickup as well.

The Cast of ABC's Detroit 1-8-7

The new dramas on ABC (more pickups to come tomorrow) include the Michael Imperioli fronted cop drama, Detroit 1-8-7, which had a solid script and a very nice cast including the underrated Aisha Hinds, and The Whole Truth which brings back Joely Richardson to the Jerry Bruckheimer drama, that focus on both sides of the law, with the other side shown by Rob Marrow. Joely is one of my favorite actresses and the script was a refreshing legal concept. The third drama pickup is My Generation (also called Generation Y), written tremendously by Noah Hawley (The Unusuals), focuses on a class of kids that were in a documentary in high school, and now are being looked at once again 10 years later. The class includes actors such as Mechad Brooks, Jamie King, and Kelli Garner.

In terms of current shows at ABC, a personal favorite V has been renewed for a second season, and now multiple sources including EW, are reporting that Better off Ted, Romantically Challenged, Scrubs, and FlashForward, are all cancelled.

CBS picked up their first freshman entry today, Mike and Molly. The pilot about a couple that meets at a meeting for “larger” people is from their favorite creator Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) and stars the wonderful women Melissa McCarthy and Swoosie Kurtz.

Lastly on the cable side, partner networks TBS and TNT, who are both doing presentations next week, picked up new series. TBS greenlit Glory Daze, which stars a crew of unknowns that play 80’s college students in Wisconsin. Finally in a pilot started at TBS, Franklin and Bash moved to TNT and Lynette Rice at EW is reporting has been okay-ed for series. The pilot about street smart lawyers stars Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Stay tuned throughout the night, tomorrow, and the weekend for the latest in advance of the Upfronts next week.

UPDATED Wednesday’s Massive Pilot Frenzy: FOX, ABC, and NBC See a Busy Day

Michael Chiklis in ABC's No Ordinary Family

Today was a busy day for me, and every time I checked my phone it seemed another pilot had been picked up to series and reported by and the awesome Nellie Andreeva.

With both NBC and FOX announcing first on Monday (NBC will do a online release of schedule Sunday night), they were busy ordering up series orders today in addition to ABC.

UPDATED: ABC has made the first pickup for the alphabet’s fall schedule with the highly touted No Ordinary Family, which stars Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Autumn Resser, and others, and centers around a family that aquires superpowers. The pilot script was fun and I think that is its goal. Good characters, the mom and dad both have interesting lives outside of the family which provides a good dynamic.

It comes from Greg Berlanti (Jack and Bobby) and Jon Feldman (Dirty Sexy Money). It is widely speculated among insiders that the family drama will get a 8/7c time-slot most likely on Sunday nights. ABC announces in New York on Tuesday.

The Cast of NBC's Perfect Couples

NBC to start ordered Perfect Couples, a single-camera comedy about three couples in different stages of relationships. The cast includes the best thing about FlashForward, Christine Woods, My Boys‘ Kyle Howard, 100 Questions‘ David Walton, nerd idol Oliva Munn, and more.

I have read the pilot script written by and it is a fun romp on the couples romantic comedy, and each couple interacts well as a group and by themselves. Expect Friends with Benefits written by the guys from (500) Days of Summer, Next, starring and written by Paul Reiser, and maybe even family comedy This Little Piggy to follow suit on the comedy side on NBC. On the dead side, comedy Beach Lane, which starred Matthew Broadrick, will not see the light of day.

Keri Russell and writer/star Will Arnett in FOX's Running Wilde

Over at FOX, they first handed renewals to both their bubble shows, freshman action drama Human Target, and sophomore Lie to Me, with 13 episode seasons. It was expect one or the other would be picked up for a new year.

On FOX’s new drama side, Ride-Along written by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and starring Jason Clarke, Jennifer Beals, and Delroy Lindo, will get a spot on the schedule as well as the ambiguous Lone Star, about an oil guy in Texas with a double life. The pilot stars Jon Voight, Jimmy Wolk, and Adrienne Palicki, and both new drama scripts were excellent. The former was sharp, compelling, and used Chicago marvelously, while the latter was intelligent, and intriguing.

Over at the comedies, My Name is Earl creator Greg Garcia, got a new show with Keep Hope Alive, starring Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman, Traffic Light, a comedy from Israel featuring David Denman, among others, and finally Running Wilde from the Arrested Development creators and starring the amazing pair of Will Arnett and Keri Russell.

The last two comedies had fresh scripts, especially Wilde, which was full of humor and heart, while Hope did not get me the best of hope about its future (pun intended). FOX was expected to announce one more comedy in Most Likely to Succeed (now dead) as well as a blind series order to the dino-drama Terra Nova, by Monday, but do not expect Christian Slater or Martin Short as their pilots Breaking In and Tax Men will not be picked up.

Stay tuned for more…..

And NBC’s Fifth Pickup Goes To….Chase!

The Cast of NBC's new fall drama "Chase"

Monday afternoon brought NBC to their fifth series pickup with a pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer, Jennifer Johnson, and directed by “pilot whisperer” David Nutter called “Chase.”

Chase stars Kelli Giddish (Past Life), Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), Cole Hauser (K-Ville), Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break), and Rose Rollins (The L Word), as members of a division of U.S. Marshalls tasked to apprehend danergous on the run criminals based in Texas.

Giddish plays the complicated Annie Frost that takes things personal, has had a troubled past, but that is what makes her such a great officer. Giddish was unfairly bashed in the not-so-great Past Life on FOX, but she is a wonderful actress that will no doubt be able to carry the series.

I have read the pilot script which was my favorite of the year because it present a familiar feel in a new dimension, the chracters seemed interesting and fleshed out to a degree, and the pacing and action was superb in the writing by Jennifer Johnson.

NBC has their upfront presentation Monday, with the full schedule to be announced Sunday which will feature the already picked up Love Bites, Outsourced, The Event, and Undercovers. Below is NBC’s official release….


Drama Becomes NBC’s Fifth New Scripted Series Announced for New Season

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – May 10, 2010 – NBC has picked up its fifth scripted series pilot for the 2010-11 season in “Chase,” a new drama from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (“CSI” franchise, “The Amazing Race,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” films) and executive producer Jennifer Johnson (“Cold Case”).

The announcement was made by Angela Bromstad, President, Primetime Entertainment, NBC and Universal Media Studios.

“Chase” joins previously announced “Undercovers,” “The Event,” “Love Bites,” and “Outsourced” as the fifth new scripted series currently announced for NBC’s new season with additional pickups yet to be announced.

“’Chase’ has all the undeniable elements of a thrill ride that you would expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer action series,” said Bromstad. “Equally important, it also features a great cast. Kelli Giddish is a breakout star as the lead.”

“Chase” is a fast-paced drama that drops viewers smack into the middle of a game of cat-and-mouse as a team of U.S. marshals hunts down America’s most dangerous fugitives. Kelli Giddish (“Past Life”) stars as U.S. Marshal Annie Frost, a cowboy boot-wearing deputy whose sharp mind and unique Texas upbringing help her track down the violent criminals on the run.

Cole Hauser (“K-Ville”), Amaury Nolasco (“Prison Break”), Rose Rollins (“The L Word”) and Jesse Metcalfe (“Desperate Housewives”) also star as members of Frost’s elite team.

“Chase” is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc., in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television. Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman (“CSI” franchise, “The Amazing Race,” “Cold Case”) and Johnson serve as executive producers, while KristieAnne Reed is co-executive producer. David Nutter (“The Mentalist,” “Without a Trace” “The X-Files”) directed and is executive producer of the pilot which was written by Johnson.