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Rockin’ Wednesday: Human Target, Scrubs, Psych, and High Society

Some great things to talk about:

Scrubs – 8/7c on ABC What will most certainly be the penultimate episode of this once fantastical funny series airs tonight part of the ABC comedy Wednesday. Last year’s “My Finale,” was one of the best series finales for a comedy I have ever seen and it is just a shame it did not end there but here’s to having Eliza Coupe back on my TV again soon! Also on ABC, is a very funny The Middle guest starring Alexa Vega’s Axel’s gal-pal in a very funny role, Judy Greer guests on the Middle, and Cougar Town gets ready for Sheryl Crow next week!

Human Target – 8/7c on FOX I have checked out the next two episode’s of the FOX action drama that has been garnering modest ratings before the powerhouse that is AI. I am happy to say the show returns in a solid outing that revolves around an old friend of Chance in a Central American country and lets just say things get very explosive in the best possible way. Next week however is stellar, with Agent Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier) returning to help Chance catch an old friend turner killer (Lennie James). Great hour you will have to check out.

Psych – 10/9c on USA Psych did a season finale right last year (evidence is here) and that streak continuous tonight in a killer episode entitled, “Mr. Yin Presents…” It is a follow-up to last year’s serial killer-after-Shawn episode which found his mom being controlled by Mr. Yang aka Ally Sheedy (She plays a great psychopath). She returns tonight as the crew goes after her accomplice who is once again tormenting Shawn and his friends. The episode is also one for you love lovers. Both Shawn and Juliet get some powerful moments in the episode which just left me loving this show like never before, and just craving new episodes which arrive this August. Must-see TV if anything is tonight!

High Society – 9:30/8:30c on The CW Check out my clip post from last week and now that I have seen the first two episodes I can say it is a fun guilty pleasure. I know that term has really been thrown around lately but this is one. It contains drugs, love, fights, happiness, and angry, what more could you want? Tinsley Mortimer, the socialite it surrounds, is charming, and her friends (Paul, most of all) are pretty dang crazy. You might want to check this one out!


First Look: My Review of FOX’s Human Target and Day 8 of 24

Human Target

This day has been in the books for FOX for a very long time. Back in May, they announced that on January 17th the new season of 24 would kick off Day 8 at 9/8c prceded by the NFL Championship Game and the new series Human Target, starring Mark Valley. Unfortuantly for FOX they lost that huge NFL lead in, but things are still on track and I have seen both the first 4 hours of 24 as well as two episodes of Human Target.

Human Target, revolves around Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) who is essentially as bodyguard that will do anything and everything for his clients. He is surrounded by his tech guy Guerrero (Jackie Earl Haley) and his almost assistant like friend Winston (Chi McBride). The series is based on the DC comic of the same name and each episode surrounds one client and hist extradorniary measures to protect them.

The “Pilot” which airs tonight at 8/7c feeatures BSG’s Tricia Helfer who hires Chance to protect her on a high speed train, and when the show setles in to its regular day, Wednesdays at 9/8c (moves before Idol on the 27th), Chance has to do a lot on a plane. Fun! The show is not bad by any means but it just is not that extraoridnary. The action is great, and the fight scenes are the best on television right now but there is nothing yet to put this show over the edge. I enjoy seeing Chi McBride’s comic relief, and Earl Haley’s assignments but overall nothing really gives you a sense of excitement. It’s decent and well done TV, do we ask for more? The show that airs after tonight however is…

In its 8th season, but 24 is still going and while the formula is old and used, the producers find a way to catch you in those first four hours, two of which air tonight, followed by the next to on its normal day Monday. Day 8 finds Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in New York City, and on the day of the President (Cherry Jones) having high profile meetings with a foriegn digintary (Anil Kapoor) but as 24 goes nothing goes right and that is where Jack Bauer comes in.

New players this year are abundant as CTU is reconstructed in a beautiful hub in New York headed by Mykelti Williamson as Brian Hastings, as well as BSG’s Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prince Jr. as almost a mini Bauer. Returning of course is Chloe (Mary Lynn Rushkub) and now my favorite character Renee Walker (Anne Wersching) in a dark, dark role this year.

The last two seasons of 24 were by far not the best and with all the talk of this being its final day, I find myself looking forward to this year because all the pieces are falling into place. A great cast with a strong story, and well excecuted first hours. But there is some negatives, a not interesting subplot involving Dana Walsh (Sackhoff) takes away from the action as well as Jack’s daughter Kim, who is back in Jack’s life after the scare last year.

Both 24 and Human Target do action well with the former just keeping more exhilirating and captiviting, but if you are a fan of 24 check in a little early because you may just find yourself another solid hour of TV.

FOX’s Sunday starts at 8/7c with Human Target and finishes at 9/8c with the first two hours of 24.