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DVD of the Week: V’s have Arrived on DVD

It is election day and are you ready for an invasion?

The V‘s are invading on DVD today, the ABC alien-drama starring Elizabeth Mitchell, aired last year a total of 12 episodes that are all out on this DVD set. V returns on Tuesday, January 4th at 9/8c with 10 new episodes that promise to build on last year’s solid year one. The show also stars Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, and Scott Wolf.

The 3 disc set includes specials on the special effects that drive the series, an explanation from cast and creators about the mythology, and stories from the set as well as the usual commentary and unaired scenes.

I highly recommend checking this one out, it is a well made and produced sci-fi series and believe it or not had the biggest demo premiere of any new series last year. It is out on DVD today!

FOX Action: Now on DVD and TV

Have you been missing Christopher Chance, really excited about this week’s premiere of Human Target, well, you will have to wait a little longer. Due to Tuesday’s sad cancellation of Lone Star, FOX has opted to pull Lie to Me (which was scheduled to debut November 10th) to Mondays at 9/8c starting next week, and pull Human Target from the death that is Fridays up to Wednesday which means waiting till after baseball on November 17th.

While I should be happy that this means more eyes for a premiere that is wonderfully action-packed, it does mean we have to wait a bit longer. Thankfully, the first season of Human Target, which stars Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley, as a group of bodyguards that go way above and beyond the call, is now on DVD thanks to the wonderful people over at the WB. The set includes all 13 episodes, plus some commentaries, and behind the scenes features. I was a late adopter to this series, but I am glad I found out about its great action and intrigue. You can purchase the DVD anywhere or here at the WBShop.

But FOX Fridays are not without some action, The Good Guys, continues to air at 9/8c on the night. The Good Guys, premiered this summer to modest numbers, the series stars Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, as low-level detectives that get stuck on mundane jobs that seem to always have a bigger story. Created by Matt Nix, the show is more humor than anything, and that over the top stuff sometimes makes me laugh or cringe. In this week’s episode, co-star Jenny Wade gets to step out of the ADA office and gets to do some fun stuff including romance some villains. This may or may not be your cup-of-tea but there really isn’t anything else on to stop you from tuning in, is there?

DVD Craziness: What to Pickup This Week?

With premiere week here, a bunch of studios are going crazy releasing a bunch of releases on DVD this week or in the past couple of days, check out some highlights below.

Fringe: The Complete Second Season – Some Sci-fi plays it safe, some goes all the way, and in FOX’s Fringe, the second season meant taking the viewer’s expectations of their world, and throwing that across universes. The new season picks up well, and in order to get caught up this DVD set is worth the price, with bunch of commentaries and even a misplaced episode! (Out Now!)

Human Target: The Complete First Season  For most people, I bet, this would be the first time you are hearing about Human Target, a low-key, semi-hit, for FOX over the past year, provide a fun action-season with growing mythology about Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), the first season DVD has all of the 13 produced episodes, out Tuesday.

Castle: The Complete Second Season If one returning show is going to keep growing, it is ABC’s Castle. Now entering its third season, it continually grows in viewers and in quality, season two provided a nice procedural escape which is shown on a DVD with set tours and more. (Out Tuesday)

Modern Family: The Complete First Season This is a MUST-HAVE. The best new show of the last year, has a fun DVD release with making-of specials on the finale and the powerful Hawaii episode, plus fun specials with the cast, and a HI-larious gag reel. Each of the 22 episodes is so great, you must check this out on Tuesday!

Glee: The Complete First Season Are you a Gleek? I was once, and after the long hiatus, it just has worn of me. All the season 1 episodes are included on the set and I really have no need to go back and if you purchased the first half on DVD, most of the bonus features are the same including casting specials and more. (Out Tuesday)

New Season, New DVD: Big Bang’s Hits Big in Year 3

“Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!” How I love when I hear that song, the new season of CBS’s hit The Big  Bang Theory does not begin on its new night until next Thursday at 8/7c but the previous third is now out on DVD.

The new box set includes all 23 episodes plus some fun bonus features.

Of course, the gag reel, and a collection of the cast favorites moments, but the fun begins with set tours with cast members Simon and Kunal. Hilarity ensues.

Catch the DVD in stores today!

New Season, New DVD: The Good Wife is a MUST-watch!

I know I have been reviewing a bunch of DVDs because I want you to catch-up on the shows I love, but if one DVD has came out this fall that I would love for you to check out because of its episodes and features its CBS’s The Good Wife, which releases its Complete First Season today.

The box set includes all 23 wonderful episodes of the series which follows Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), a wife of a disgraced politician (Chris Noth) that goes back to work as an attorney and trying to balance her kids and her work.

I recently re-watched every episode again on the set, with the included commentary on some of the episodes which is fun and insightful, as well as the many deleted scenes that include commentary as well.

Also on the set is an almost documentary-esque feature titled The Education of Alicia Florrick: Making Season One, which gives detailed looks at costume, casting, production, set, and scripts in an hour and a half special.

This is a very smart buy in advanced of season 2 coming Tuesdays at 10/9c to CBS on the 28th and it is available now!


New Seasons, New DVD’s: The ABC Docs are In

ABC has always been successful in creating dramas but nothing hit and last as well in the past 10 years for them than Grey’s Anatomy, and now entering its seventh season next Thursday, it is time to catch-up if you have missed the last year. The Complete Sixth Season DVD set is out on Tuesday, along with its Thursday partner.

I entered Grey’s sixth season a little late after marathoning last summer the entire season, needless to say, that the previous year hit a creative low, the sixth slowly grew into their best year in years. Katherine Heigl departed, characters played by Kim Raver, and a group of new doctors for the merger which combined Seattle Grace and Mercy West in the first episodes back, gave us some great faces, but most of all it was the stories that went from soapy pieces to hard-hitting medical stories.

But we can not deny the highlight of the season: the finale. It was two-hours of edge-of-your-seat television, easily some of the best hours of the last year, and something that I remember fondly. I was in tears, I had my mouth open, and I was in awe of what creator Shonda Rhimes created for those characters. Do yourself a favor and get the DVD set which includes 20 more minutes of the finale as well as features and more.

Private Practice in my mind has always been the smart ones Grey’s. After its rocky first year during the strike, the show turned into a dark and compelling medical drama with just a tint of romance and soap. The third season out Tuesday, really showed that off.

Although it started as a vehicle for Kate Walsh’s Addison, the show is now a true ensemble with Amy Brenneman and Tim  Daly really hitting out of the park this year.

The DVD set includes a look ahead as well as Kate Walsh’s best 8 of the year. Buy them this Tuesday everywhere.

New Seasons, New DVDs: Your Favorite Nerd and Troubled Brothers

Once again, my weekly DVD post has some returning favorites bringing new seasons to DVD.

Chuck, out tomorrow on DVD, gives us their complete 3rd season, which means all 19 episodes. Chuck is in my top 5 shows of the past season, which included deaths, reveals, and most of all friendship and love coming together into an action packed light-hearted drama.

The box set, includes one of the best blooper reels I have ever seen along with an outstanding mockumentary on the show’s signature band Jeffster. The other feature, a sort-of compilation of the season’s best moments capped by commentary of the cast is the usual but still interesting as three out of the five executive producers have left the show after this season, leaving only the creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to do the continued good work.

Also out tomorrow, is the complete 5th season of Supernatural. This season marked the only ever addition of a regular cast member to the show about two demon-hunting brothers (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). The addition was Castiel (Misha Collins) who goes on the hunt with the brothers.

The DVD includes the web-only series Ghostfacers, commentary, and a bunch of unaired scenes. Both of the sets are available tomorrow in stores everywhere!