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CBS is #1 (in ratings) for a reason

With a couple of weeks under our belt there is a reason CBS has all the top 5 new shows, that reason is the continued use of the older demos and not focusing on the finicky 18-49.

While I am not a fan of S#!& My Dad Says, Mike & Molly, or The Defenders, Hawaii 5-0 is still part of my schedule Monday nights partly because, well, Hawaii, and Blue Bloods is Saturday morning must-watch.

Tonight’s Blue Bloods focuses on a cop killer with guest star Jennifer Esposito, who will be on for at least 4 non-consecutive episodes as Donnie Wahlberg’s partner. The series is getting close to the perfect procedural-personal ratio that The Good Wife does to perfection, but with a touch more family and less cop drama, this could be the best new drama on TV.

Check out a preview below for the episode airing tonight at 10/9c!

Thursday’s Upfront Frenzy: The Renewals, Pickups, and Cancellations

Thursday was a pretty quiet day in terms of upfront news as it is fast approaching. That statement worked until tonight when the craziness started!

Matthew Perry in Mr. Sunshine

It all started with the report by that the staple Law & Order was cancelled by NBC because of a dispute with creator Dick Wolf. That was quickly called out too soon as reports of troubles are true, but negotiations are still ongoing but unlikely to change by Monday. NBC reversely picked up the David E. Kelly/Kathy Bates starring vehicle Kindreds for midseason and according to THR, the intelligent Garza legal pilot which is a chance for Jimmy Smits to shine. But the best news from NBC, CHUCK IS RENEWED. Enough said. (The other bubble show Heroes, may get a limited pickup to finish the series.)

ABC took to the waves by announcing six new pickups of series following the announcement of the first drama No Ordinary Family.

First up the new comedies, the fantastically written by star Matthew Perry and pals pilot Mr. Sunshine and starring Allison Janney was one of the three laffers. Mr. Sunshine focuses on a sports center manager (Perry) and his friends, think of it as the male-led Cougar Town). Second is Happy Endings, starring Elisha Cuthbert and Eliza Coupe, and centers around an almost married couple and their eclectic friends. I have read the script by David Caspe flows nicely and is a good adult sitcom. The last official pickup is the only multi-cam by the network, Better Together, which features Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan as sisters who are both in a relationship as well as their parents. Debra Messing’s ABC pilot Wright vs. Wrong is very close to a pickup as well.

The Cast of ABC's Detroit 1-8-7

The new dramas on ABC (more pickups to come tomorrow) include the Michael Imperioli fronted cop drama, Detroit 1-8-7, which had a solid script and a very nice cast including the underrated Aisha Hinds, and The Whole Truth which brings back Joely Richardson to the Jerry Bruckheimer drama, that focus on both sides of the law, with the other side shown by Rob Marrow. Joely is one of my favorite actresses and the script was a refreshing legal concept. The third drama pickup is My Generation (also called Generation Y), written tremendously by Noah Hawley (The Unusuals), focuses on a class of kids that were in a documentary in high school, and now are being looked at once again 10 years later. The class includes actors such as Mechad Brooks, Jamie King, and Kelli Garner.

In terms of current shows at ABC, a personal favorite V has been renewed for a second season, and now multiple sources including EW, are reporting that Better off Ted, Romantically Challenged, Scrubs, and FlashForward, are all cancelled.

CBS picked up their first freshman entry today, Mike and Molly. The pilot about a couple that meets at a meeting for “larger” people is from their favorite creator Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) and stars the wonderful women Melissa McCarthy and Swoosie Kurtz.

Lastly on the cable side, partner networks TBS and TNT, who are both doing presentations next week, picked up new series. TBS greenlit Glory Daze, which stars a crew of unknowns that play 80’s college students in Wisconsin. Finally in a pilot started at TBS, Franklin and Bash moved to TNT and Lynette Rice at EW is reporting has been okay-ed for series. The pilot about street smart lawyers stars Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Stay tuned throughout the night, tomorrow, and the weekend for the latest in advance of the Upfronts next week.

First Look Review of Top Chef Masters and More….

There is some new and exciting television on tonight and most notably…

Top Chef Masters – The super all-star spin-off of the original delicacy is just as good and new in every way and after a very successful first cycle Kelly Choi (left) and the crew return for season 2. The premiere airs at a special time 11/10c on Bravo, and moves to its regular spot at 10/9c next week. The format has changed slighty to six chefs competing in the preliminary weeks to speed up the process and get to the eight chef final.

The premiere episode which I was able to see just reminded me why we need to Top Chef on each and every week. The pacing, the personalities, and the food. The first hour includes a return of one of my favorite quick-fires as well as a lovely elimination challenge involving love and pairs. All of the fine judges are back including Gael Greene, James Oseland, and Jay Raynor, plus Gail Simmons is back as a full time judge this year. However, I am most excited about an episode coming up soon when the cast of Modern Family comes to judge. Love and Love. Top Chef Masters returns tonight on Bravo at 11/10c!

Also on tonight,

Criminal Minds – 9/8c on CBS I don’t watch Criminal Minds but tonight I will be turning it for one reason, the prospect of a new show. Tonight’s episode is a backdoor pilot that will follow a new BAU team headed by Forest Whitaker. Also in the new cast, Beau Garrett and Matt Smith. I have read the script for this episode and it has a strong case that hits home with Forest’s character.

First Look: My Advanced Review of CBS’s Miami Medical

Another show, another dollar for Jerry Bruckheimer, but will his newest project be worth the time…

What CBS Says:

MIAMI MEDICAL is about a team of expert surgeons who thrive on the adrenaline rush of working at one of the premiere trauma facilities in the country while drawing upon their wit and irreverence to survive on the edge. As part of the Alpha Team at one of the top trauma hospitals, these professionals exclusively treat patients with life-threatening injuries.  Dr. Matthew Proctor is new to the trauma team after leaving a lucrative private practice following his return from a tour of duty in a MASH unit during the first Gulf War. Dr. Eva Zambrano is a workaholic surgeon who wishes she had more time for a personal life.  Dr. Christopher Deleo, “Dr. C.,” is a playboy who thrives on the high-stakes of trauma medicine and is, by his own description, a genius cowboy.  Dr. Serena Warren is fresh out of medical school and is quickly learning the meaning of “trial by fire.”  The glue that keeps the team together is head nurse Tuck Brody, who balances the needs of the doctors and their patients’ families in this chaotic corner of the medical profession.  Together, this team of doctors excels in the “golden hour,” the 60 minutes after being critically injured when a patient’s life hangs in the balance. STARRING Jeremy Northam as Dr. Matthew Proctor, Mike Vogel as Dr. Chris “C” Deleo, Lana Parrilla as Dr. Eva Zambrano, Elisabeth Harnois as Dr. Serena Warren, and Omar Gooding as Tuck Brody

What Works: I commend any drama that tries to stray off the clichéd page but…

What Doesn’t: It often does not work, and a prime example is here in CBS’s newest medical drama. Miami Medical is a forced hour that tries to be fast-paced, traumatic, new, and innovative but what comes through is boring, and uninteresting. Similar in tone to NBC’s Trauma, that does a much better job and portraying its characters as more than their profession. Medical uses great underused talent like Lana Parrilla in a formula that just does not take off. The signature of the hour is it takes place in the so-called “Golden Hour,” the first hour after a traumatic accident. In the first two episodes I screened, the accidents went from looking like something from CSI: Miami to ER, and I was happy to see a hint of the later. In general, this is DOA on the Eye, and that is the same way I felt while watching.

Miami Medical takes over for Numb3ers on Fridays at 10/9c starting tonight.

DVD Alert: Gary Unmarried Season 1

This Tuesday, Gary Unmarried comes to DVD. The CBS comedy about a man (Jay Mohr) with two kids that has entered the dating life again after divorce from his wife (Paula Marshall), is now finally arriving on DVD with the Complete First Season.

All 20 episodes are included plus so nice fun bonus features to supplement the comedy. Ed Begely Jr. is part of the cast and as he is now known, a very green man. Of course he had to bring that to the set, and you can check him doing that along with spending some time on the set with the star Jay. Plus, bloopers are a plenty and always should bring a smile to your face.

I haven’t spent much time watching Gary Unmarried but from what I have seen it is actually a very underrated funny show. I will be using my DVD to catch up on the series.

Gary Unmarried becomes available on DVD this Tuesday!

Plus here is a complete list of the bonus features:

Gary Unhinged: Bloopers From Season One

The Chemistry Of Comedy – The cast and crew gives an all-access tour of

Gary Unmarried.

Planet Begley – Cast member Ed Begley, Jr. brings his eco-friendly expertise to

the set of Gary Unmarried.

Tuesday On The Set With Jay – Spend a day on the set of Gary Unmarried with

Jay Mohr.

Super Bowl Sunday: Undercover Boss

Super Bowl Sunday! Love this time of the year when the whole country gathers around an American tradition and its a double does of unity when the Winter Olympics joins the mix on Friday.

CBS is hosting the game this year, with The Who as the halftime show, and Jim Nantz and Phil Simms doing the play by play. After the game as tradition goes, the network shows a show they believe in to get a big audiennce and this year CBS is launching a brand new reality show called Undercover Boss. It centers around a boss of a large corgeration that goes in to the ranks as a worker to see what life is like in their own company.

In the premiere which I saw, the president of Waste Management goes in as many jobs like on the recycling belt, the landfills, and the port-a-potty patrol. I quite enjoyed the hour, although at times it did feel quite forced, the underlying postive thing was nice, and you gunienly felt happy when good things happen to good people.

Undercover Boss will land in its regular time slot after The Amazing Race starting on Sunday the 14th at 9/8c. It is worth sticking around after the game for some feel good fun, and below is a extended promo!

Fall TV 2009: CBS’s Three Rivers

This fall brings new dramas and comedies, new loves, and new hopes, so here is the rundown on what too watch, and what too avoid this fall. Now, CBS has one more drama up it sleeves, but will it be as big of a hit as its others. Three Rivers is different, here is my take….

THREE RIVERSCBS Says: THREE RIVERS is a medical drama starring Alex O’Loughlin (“Moonlight,” upcoming CBS Films “The Back-Up Plan”) that goes inside the emotionally complex lives of organ donors, the recipients and the surgeons at the preeminent transplant hospital in the country, where every moment counts.  However, dealing with donor families in their darkest hour and managing the fears and concerns of apprehensive recipients takes much more than just a sharp scalpel.  Leading the elite team is Dr. Andy Yablonski, the highly-skilled workaholic lead organ transplant surgeon, whose good-natured personality and sarcastic wit makes him popular with his patients and colleagues.  His co-workers include Dr. Miranda Foster, a surgical fellow with a rebellious streak and fiery temper who strives to live up to her deceased father’s excellent surgical reputation; Dr. David Lee, a womanizing surgical resident who has broken as many hearts as he has replaced; Ryan Abbott, the inexperienced new transplant coordinator who arranges the intricately choreographed process of quickly and carefully transporting organs from donor to patient; Dr. Sophia Jordan, a brilliant surgeon at the top of her field and the head of surgery for the hospital, who has trained throughout the world, which gives her an extremely diverse point of view; Pam Acosta, Andy’s no-nonsense operating assistant and best friend; and Dr. Lisa Reed, an E.R. doctor who is haunted by her past and compensates by doing everything she can to spare her patients from the pain she experienced at an early age.  In this high stakes arena in which every case is a race against the clock, these tenacious surgeons and medical professionals are the last hope for their patients.

The Good: Alfre Woodard is a good actress and I was sad to see her My Own Worst Enemy on NBC get cancelled last year, but she did not find a winning show with this….

The Not So Good: Three Rivers is very bad. For one, the cast does nothing for me and Alex O’Laughlin does nothing as the lead doctor. The story and premiese are lackluster and confusing with three or more plot points going at one time. I have seen this new “pilot” which is not was really intended to be the 3rd episode and the original pilot wiht Julia Ormond. The new pilot is even worse with no emotional connection and no story. The written is cliched and ordinary. Stay far, far away from this CBS drama so maybe it can make some room for something with a little more originality and quality. Is that too much to ask for?

Three Rivers starts tonight at 9/8c on CBS.