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Catching Up on TV Part 2

Wednesday and Thursdays are packed full of fun television including some buzzworthy dramas and comedies, here are my thoughts as some wind down, and some are gearing up, plus my take on a Sunday fave.

The Middle/Modern Family/Cougar Town – I’m laughing. All the time, and that is all that matters with these three renewed for year two, superb comedies. With The Middle, their key to success has been in the Heck kids who especially in the biggest episodes to date. Brick (Atticus Shaffer) in particular with his delivery just makes it so so funny, and then Axl and Sue who are so unique in his approach on girls and her trying to fit in.

Modern Family just rocks and after “My Funky Valentine” officially became my favorite comedy on TV. In a combination of hilarity, sweetness, and uniqueness it just works. The one thing that in every episode which each story is synchronised to the others in that episode from latin housekeepers and dog butlers that are somehow intertwined by mannerisms and dialogue. That is a testament to the cast and that writing that is so so Emmy worthy. (Sorry Glee.)

Cougar Town is one brilliant town and it is not for Jules (Courtney Cox) only but for the supporting players that make each half-hour from Ellie’s views on life to Bobby, Andy, and Grayson’s night out, and Travis maturity with his mother (Did you know he is really 25?). The show has twindld in the ratings but I hope an upcoming recurring role from Sheryl Crow can change that, plus where is Barb, and Rachael Harris? I miss them. All three comedies return on March 3rd to ABC.

Leverage – Leverage to me is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long while. The past few weeks with Nate’s ex-wife (played by the absolutely wonderful Kari Machett) coming back into the picture when she did not want him was fun, and the finale has started and I can say it finishes on a huge win. The last hour airing this Wednesday marks the return of some old favorites in a surprising turn, Jeri Ryan exits for now, and a cliff hanger till the summer that you will really want to know about. The best thing about the second half of the season was to see a pregnant Gina Bellman as Sophie in ever-changing outfits and locations from Africa to the super cliché in Eiffel Tower in the background Paris. Just fun.

Human Target – 12 million to 8 million is not the best thing to hear, however, it is very early for the action drama on FOX. I have not been enthralled by the series but last week’s episode “Run” which was originally the second episode showcased big action and story and that is what I like and want to see. The story they have introduced about Chance’s first case with a mysterious woman named Katherine is intriguing as well as Guerrero’s “side-projects” but if they are not in the mix each week I feel it will be lost in the action.

Lots to come as this drama is just finding its footing and the survival will all depend on FOX’s development slate and other performers like the dying Past Life and new entry Code 58 in the spring.

Burn Notice – Is it just me, or has this second half of the season been way uneven? This past Thursday’s episode has been the only one that I truly enjoyed. I feel like the action mixed with the character reactions have not been gelling together. The season is ending on March 4th and it will mark the return of some old pals that will change the game, and I can only hope it changes for the better.

Survivor – AMAZING TELEVISION. The two-hour première of Heroes vs. Villains was some of the best TV I have seen all year. Conflict, romance, injuries, tribals, survival, that were all so captivating to watch. Jerri and Coach’s romance was repulsing but so fascinating. I love the idea of reliving some of our favorite challenges from earlier years and I have some ones in my mind that I hope that do like the giant ball challenge from Guatemala and more. Just superb reality competition. More after the jump…. (more…)

First Look: USA’s Burn Notice and Royal Pains

n7750605107_8653Thursday marks the return of the best kind of summer TV. Escapist, fun, beautiful, and fun drama called Burn Notice on USA. I have grown to look forward to Burn Notice every week it comes on. It provides me with just happy thoughts because of the action packed but down to earth aspects. Immediatly following the 3rd season premiere is a new USA drama that sure brings their “characters” they want. It is called Royal Pains and stars Mark Feurstien as a doc that is under investigation in New York City that goes on vacation in the Hamptons and ends up becoming a doctor for the rich and selfish. I welcome both of these shows on the airwaves and hope you check them out as well. 

I have seen the first three episodes of Burn Notice and each one is better than the last. We pick up right where we left off with Michael Weston (Jeffery Donavan) in the ocean after jumping off a helicopter. The action only starts from there with more people needing Michael’s help and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam (Bruce Campbell) making everything possible. New this season is Detective Paxton played by Journeyman’s and Daybreak’s Moon Bloodgood. She brings a neat relashonship with Micheal as she investigates what he is doing here in Miami and trying to nail him for something. 

Overall the first three episodes set a great tone for the rest of the season. Burn Notice is the quintessential summer show and if you are not watching go buy the first two seasons on DVD and then record season three because I promise you, you will enjoy this show if not just because Sharon Gless’ Madeline is still causing Michael some family trouble!

Royal Pains

Royal Pains

Royal Pains fits perfectly in the USA’s mold of fun, quirky dramas with flawed but motivated characters in the center. This time Hank Lawsome is a once successful now investigated doctor that finds himself becoming a “conceirge doctor” which is a private medical expert for the rich. Hank is accompanied by his brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) a woman loving guy who only wants the rich chicks. He is the comic relief among other things in the show and provides many chuckles by  the audience. Also part of the team is Divya (Reshma Shetty), a woman that wants to be Hank’s personal assistant under his own non-excitement on the subject.

RoyalPains16Royal Pains lags a little bit in the first 30 minutes of the 75 minute premiere episodes. That is thanks in part to the set up of going ot the Haptoms. I forgive the show for this wasted time because the show won’t ever go back to it and that said after that it only succeeds. The show like Burn Notice is beautiful to watch and is shot on location. It blends the medical and the funny aspects seemlislty and often enlists old McGyver tricks to Hank’s doings. Another reason this is the new show to watch is the humor provided by what will be a recurring character of a rich socialite from  Christine Ebersole. 

Burn Notice and Royal Pains air following Casino Royale on USA at 9/8c and 10/9c respectively.

What I Will Be Watching – February 26th, 2009

Tonight’s TV picks….

survivor-tocantins-castSurvivor: Tocantins – 8/7c on CBS I don’t talk about Survivor that much, but right now I am saying it for the record. I love Survivor, I love it in Brazil! This season has been full of great contestants some idiots, some smart, great challenges, and shocking tribals, and this is only the third week.  My favorite players so far are pretty much all of them. I love Sandy or psycho Sandy, I love Taj, Spencer, Tyson, and the crazy Coach. This season is just awesome. Watch tonight and watch in HD if you can because it is just gorgeous.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX Last night was a mixed bag. My boy Adam Lambert was the star and he did not even need the “pimp” spot. This boy has got vocals, the star power, the whole package. My other favorite, the soulful, Brooke White like Megan Joy Corkrey. Her “Put Your Records On” was just a great light in a previous dark tunnel. Better than group one, still not good enough.

Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Burn Notice – 10/9c on USA  Another show I am not talking about is Burn Notice.  The show on USA has become USA’s biggest because it is a fun, interesting hour of television that is just a great spot in the lineup. Jeffery Donavan is great as Michael Weston who still does everything with a vengeance. The series is starting to wind down to next week’s big finale that will pit Michael and Carla once more. Tonight, Michael is still finding out things that have happened to him when he confronts another burned spy.

30 Rock – 9:30/8:30c on NBC  Why is NBC airing a new 30 Rock by itself without The Office? Who knows (30 Rock started way later), but who cares. 30 Rock has been really funning recently with the addition of John Hamm and I hope this episode entitled “Larry King” is no exception. Larry King guests as he interviews Tracy.

Reminder: Check Out Burn Notice and CSI Tonight

As there is not that much new shows on tonight due to the fact networks are saving up for February and March, I felt there was no need for a long post, but there is still some note worthy ones to mention.



CSI – 9/8c on CBS  After last week’s first episode without William Peterson, I thought CSI has hit a stride. Even without the man, the show is still fun, interesting, and suspenseful thanks to Laurence Fishbourne great Dr. Langston. Tonight, the team investigates the death of one of their own undercover agents, which creates a manhunt for the killer

Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Burn Notice – 9/8c on USA If you are not watching as USA calls it “the hottest show with the coolest spy” you should be! If you don’t know what it is about, it revolves around Michael Westen, a ex-spy who was burned. Which means someone put a burn notice on him and banished him to Miami, which isn’t the worst place. He is there with two of his best friends Fiona and Sam who help him help people while he tries to find who burned him. Tricia Helfer recurs as Carla, someone related to the burning and is awesome. In this hour though, Michael, Fiona and Sam act as car stealers to help a high school kid from getting beat. Also, Michael and Fiona continue investigate who exploded Michael’s loft.

Previously on January 22nd, 2009

Some new television last night brought great reveals, new characters, and some of my favorites. Here was my take….

CSI: CSI has had it resurgence. I loved last night! Loved it. Dr. Langston fits great, he is quirky, fun, subdued, and I don’t want to put down Grissiom in any way, but he is a great addition. The scene with him cutting the trachea and opening the epiglottis was fun, and Katherine and him are a great duo. It was also great to see Riley again, I also though she is a great addition to the team. I do have one question, back in last season there was news that Liz Vassey was joining the regular cast, what happened? I love Liz. CSI is great once again.



Private Practice:  I cried, and I cried. PP is no longer a show that was a kid’s version of Grey’s. It is a full blown, hard hitting medical drama, whose cases are so gut wrenchingly beautiful, serious, and relevant. Sarah Drew returned as Judy and this time she was having her baby and of course the adoptive parents were stupid, and Judy backed out. This old plot is used a lot but on here it was still sad and beautiful. Pete and Sam were faced with the dilemma of assisted suicide. This is a rough topic but was handled beautifully on here. The old man was awesome, and the story prevalent.  The final story was about a women with agoraphobia (the fear of having panic attacks in public) and how her and Violet worked it out. Violet revealed that she is pregnant, who is the daddy? We don’t know. I love this show!

The Office:  Funny episode. Not as good as last week, but the Hillary Swank stuff was awesome. Overall, the show is doing well.

30 Rock:  I loved this week. The show is back and in a good way. I can’t really tell you what I like just that I liked it!

Burn Notice:  It is back and as good as ever. My personal fave Trica Helfer is in all the episodes for the rest of the season as Carla, and she was mad this week. It wasn’t her that tried to kill Michael and she wants to know who. The side story this week was that about medical scams. After Michael sees a man attempting suicide, he finds that he was scammed about his kid’s medicine. Michael and Fiona try to scam the scumbag women that does this and of course they are successful. I am so happy this show is back and make sure to catch it at the various times this weekend.

Reminder: Burn Notice Premieres Tonight

Burn Notice returns tonight on USA at 9/8c and I love this show. The show that stars, Jeffery Donavan, that is about a ex-spy that wants to find who burned him. The show is so much fun and exciting and it is just beautiful because it is in Miami. Here is a preview of the new season and check it out. (BTW, sorry for the light posting today been busy, normal reviews and TV shows will resume tomorrow)

Are you going to watch? Did you? What are your thoughts?