Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Those iconic noises are moving coasts, the Law & Order franchise lost its mothership this year but NBC was not without an addition. Law and Order: Los Angeles joins the franchise tonight at 10/9c (we call it LOLA for short), and it welcomes some big names.

LOLA will be more L&O than SVU or CI, using the structure of half-cop, half-prosecuter story in California’s most famous locale. Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll are the two cops, who along with their captain (new addition Rachel Ticotin, who is first seen in episode three) fight the bad guys, which cases will be taken from the headlines.

On the other side, we have many characters. Each week, we will trade-off prosecuting teams with one led by Alfred Molina and Regina Hall while the other led by Terrance Howard, who moves TV and Megan Boone. One of my favorites, Peter Coyote will recur as the DA of LA County.

Nobody has seen the pilot as it went into production late and has led to some re-shoots but with the star-power I hope we can get some gritty and compelling stories. Check out a behind-the-scenes preview below…


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