Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

With the new fall season starting, new TV is bring us the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but how do you sort out the good and the bad? Here is what to watch this fall, so you can see the best new friendships, new loves, new action, and new heart. Now, my favorite new drama of 2009-2010 was one I never expected but will it sustain that magic in the 2nd year…

I missed The Good Wife, I genuinely craved its plot, its creativity, and its world. When Julianna Margulies did not win the Emmy for her outstanding performance as Alicia, I was upset, but when Archie Panjabi, won for her sly performance as Kalinda, I rejoiced. The Good Wife is back on CBS tonight at 10/9c, and the first two episodes show they can certainly change the game.

When we left season 1 (check out the recap above), Lockhart/Gardner was in financial ruin but was saved by an unknown third partner, and Alicia was torn between standing by her husband Peter, who is back in the spotlight, or go through with showing her love for her boss Will. The new season picks up seconds later, and Alicia makes a decision, or the better way of saying it, forced in her decision. At Lockhart/Gardner, a new partner has emerged in Michael Ealy (FlashForward), who puts a dent in the structure of the series will loved by also sheds a new light on the story.

The premiere took a bit of readjustment but with the second episode airing October 5th, the groove is set and rolling. Alan Cumming shines as the new regular, returning as Eli Gold, and Lou Dobbs makes an appearance that puts a dent in Diane (Christine Baranski) political thoughts in relation to the firm, which enjoys new tech upgrades.

The Good Wife still shines, it still shows what a procedural can be without just being a procedural, and I hope the series continues to grow in the creative and in the viewers because it deserves it. The new season begins tonight at 10/9c on CBS.


Comments on: "Fall TV 2010: My Review of Season 2 of CBS’s The Good Wife" (1)

  1. Waiting for The Good Wife to finally come back was extremelly challenging! thank god is back!

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