Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

The Event

NBC had a mix bag last week in terms of success stories and I am going to break it down night by night and tell you what looks good coming up.


Chuck was fun, and as always it never makes a ratings impact on Monday nights, the good news is that is sustained last years numbers and creatively, it is still finding ways to change-up the formal (Beckman rocks!). This week, the Old Spice guy is new the Greta, and we see Sarah kick some ass.

The Event was NBC’s big winner last week gaining great demo numbers and over 12 million viewers. Plus with the encore airings, even more eyes saw the plane disappear but I can tell you that is not “The Event.” The next two episodes which I have seen, including tonight’s, are chock full of answers, from who is Sophia, where is the plane, what happened, and where do our characters ly. I must admit, I had my extreme hesitations but this one is one to watch because both the next two hours, are VERY strong. Chase, with guest star Robert Knepper (Prison Break), continues to fit the baddies, and in the ratings did very respectable, nothing to talk about, but if it keeps it up, NBC will have a solid hour.


The Biggest Loser is the stablest of shows on NBC’s slate but Parenthood, is showing varying signs. First the bad news, the ratings are anything but stellar, but the demos are constant and continue to perform well in the crowed timeslot, but the real test will be against CBS’s The Good Wife this week. Speaking of this week, the episode is a great showcase for Lauren Graham’s Sarah who has great banter with Billy Baldwin.


I am not going to go to in-depth with Wednesday as look for a feature this week, but Undercovers under-delivered, and SVU continues to get those emotions rocking. How great were Henry Ian Cusiak and Joan Cusack?! This week, Jennifer Love Hewitt guests in a case that also brings Detective Benson to LA, to lead off the premiere of Law and Order: LA. Check back later for more.


Community, Community, let’s make it happen people. The NBC comedies came in stronger than ever, creatively that is, but in the ratings, this night is no longer must-see TV for a lot of America. 30 Rock did good in its new earlier time-slot, but how funny was that premiere, hilarious, and Community kept its season 1 numbers which I guess is good. The Office delivered a fun episode but is not what is use to be, and America what is wrong with you? Why are you watching Outsourced? Stop, NOW.


Wasteland! Outlaw did not even make a dent in its regular slot against CBS with the premiere of Blue Bloods, but coming on the 15th the new feel-good reality School Pride, that I am certainly excited for.


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