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New Man in Charge

Why do things have to seem so real? May has come and gone and I still often think about that final season of Lost, and now in August, that final season of Lost is now on DVD and Blu-Ray. The Sixth Season of 18 episodes comes on the disc with a fellow release of the complete series, with every episode and even more special features that made the Lost collection a must-have in your collection.

The final season disc-set includes some special bonuses, including an epilogue of sorts called “New Man in Charge” about what happen to the Island’s number 1 and 2 after that plane flew away. The special features a few known faces including Ben and Hurley, but a character you wished was in the finale but got a special and nice send-off here. This has gotten plenty of talk-back by fans but I for one was not phased by it. If this had not come to fruition, I would not have cared, and now is just an extra piece to enjoy.

Also on the 5-disc season, is even more Lost: On Location features, gag reel, and most of all and beautiful feature crafting the final year with the cast, creators, writers, and most of all hard-working cast.

Lost: The Complete Sixth Season and The Complete Collection is available now!


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