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Flashpoint, the forgotten summer drama.

Flashpoint premiered way back in 2008 on CBS, originally from CTV in Canada. The series revolving around a Strategic Response Unit led by the likes of Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillion, and Mary Jo Johnson, was a hit for the summer, like major and continued in its second year. Then after a length break, CBS brought it back quietly to Friday nights where it has performed well and continues it suspenseful and well-done dramatic work.

The series is nothing extra-ordinary, but it is certainly better than repeats and some of the new dramas that are premiering this year. Flashpoint airs at 9/8c on Friday on CBS, but starting July 9th will move to 10/9c. I really encourage you to check it out, and if you are not sold, click for a sneak peek at this week’s episode.


Comments on: "Best Dramatic Secret this Summer: Flashpoint" (1)

  1. I love this show and I am so excited CBS decided to bring it back. I hope it sticks around. Seems Friday night shows never last.

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