Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

There is few things on TV that amaze you and challenge the world you have been living in. Life is one of those rare treats that dazzles you and makes your imagine go wild.

Life, from the producers of BBC and Discovery’s Planet Earth, shows us the living things besides us on this planet and why they are so so extra-ordinary. Plus, Oprah narrates, she called Planet Earth one of her favorite things so she of course had to be apart of the sequel.

I have seen all 10 installments of the series (out on DVD today), and they live up to the hype and exceed it so much. The real treats in the series are the little animals like episodes on Insects, Birds, and my favorite the Frog. You can hardly believe what amazing things can come out of such tiny creatures.

Episodes included focus on Plants, and the challenge which are faced for just living. Also include is the extremely is Making of… episode which will just show you why these people who capture these images are extremely dedicated.

Life is available on DVD today nationwide, and below check out some clips for the series….


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