Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

This is it.

Tonight marks the end of my favorite drama and television show ever, it marks the end of a show that transcended what television was supposed to be, what it meant to the fans, the networks, the internet, and most of all the world.

Lost made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me scream, it made me travel, it made me believe that entertainment can connect us, it can make an impact, but most of all it made me think. Lost made each of its viewers think about what is next, think about what it all means, and tonight it will make us think for years to come what this episode called “The End” meant.

I did not want to write a long essay about the impact of Lost because I am sure you all know that and I know it as well. The retrospective that airs before the finale at 7/6c will cover what Lost has done to the fans, pop culture, the world, the stars, and what has actually transpired over the last 121 hours. I know someone who watched the pilot last night and said to me after, “Well I guess I can watch the finale tomorrow.” I laughed but then I realized he could. Lost is at most a drama about people, just ordinary people who are above all flawed and anybody can connect with that at anytime.

I urge you to watch Lost today the way it was meant to be experienced without texts, theories, the internet, just go about your day today without all that and then sit down tonight at 7/6c and WATCH! (Also a helpful tip, try not to read the credits in the beginning so you are not spoiled about any surprise guests.)

I leave you all, with a really tremendous scene from the first episode after the pilot, “Tabula Rasa.” which meaning is all to appropriate.


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