Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Finale time and it really kicks of with some powerful and funny stuff tonight:

House – “Help Me” 8/7c on FOX

The House finale in one word is……monumental. It is so monumental that the director Paul Attanasio had to use a new high-tech camera for the open frames of the episode. In it is unusual in the fact that House and Cuddy are out of the hospital for the majority of the episode, dealing with the night’s big crises a crane collapse. Dr. House is putting in to some compromising situations and of course annoys his team back at Princeton. The DVD I watched did not actually include the final scene but the last scenes for sure back a punch. It leaves into question and member of the team’s status and might change House’s life for a long time. Must watch.

Castle – “A Deadly Game” 10/9c on ABC

On the other end of the spectrum but somehow similar, the finale of Castle, does what they do best…make a seemingly terrible crime and turn it on its head and make it funny. The finale is pretty note-worthy for Rick as his daughter is moving on to bigger things for the summer and maybe he should as well. Good stuff, and the final minutes really entice next season’s premiere.


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