Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

With all the family drama talk coming about from NBC’s growing wildly good Parenthood, ABC’s Brothers and Sisters has taken a bit of a hiatus. Just as it happened last year, it is back with a two-hour event, in this year’s we flashback to the 1980’s and help solve the mystery of Narrow Lake and what exactly Dennis York (Peter Gerety) is up too.

I have the seen the episodes which air tonight starting at 9/8c and it is some of the better hours the show has ever done. With each of the flashback actors, like Kay Panabaker as Kitty, and Anna Wood as Sarah, are all perfectly cast and get the nuances of the regular actors. The episode takes us from Nora, who is scared for some reason of York, trying to convince her children to sell the family company to York, but then turns into a touching story and a wildly fun road trip by Patricia Wettig’s Holly Harper and Nora.

The real gem in the episode, however, is Matthew Rhys, who plays Kevin. I cannot tell you how he wraps into this business drama, but he plays the troubled character wrapped in his family, and his surrogate, who may or may not be able to give them a kid. It is so spectacular to watch him work especially along Sally Field in some of the best and heartfelt scenes of the series.

Brothers and Sisters (9/8c on ABC) I admit has gone downhill over its four-year run, but these hours showed me what I loved about the show in the first place, good family drama.


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