Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

There is some new and exciting television on tonight and most notably…

Top Chef Masters – The super all-star spin-off of the original delicacy is just as good and new in every way and after a very successful first cycle Kelly Choi (left) and the crew return for season 2. The premiere airs at a special time 11/10c on Bravo, and moves to its regular spot at 10/9c next week. The format has changed slighty to six chefs competing in the preliminary weeks to speed up the process and get to the eight chef final.

The premiere episode which I was able to see just reminded me why we need to Top Chef on each and every week. The pacing, the personalities, and the food. The first hour includes a return of one of my favorite quick-fires as well as a lovely elimination challenge involving love and pairs. All of the fine judges are back including Gael Greene, James Oseland, and Jay Raynor, plus Gail Simmons is back as a full time judge this year. However, I am most excited about an episode coming up soon when the cast of Modern Family comes to judge. Love and Love. Top Chef Masters returns tonight on Bravo at 11/10c!

Also on tonight,

Criminal Minds – 9/8c on CBS I don’t watch Criminal Minds but tonight I will be turning it for one reason, the prospect of a new show. Tonight’s episode is a backdoor pilot that will follow a new BAU team headed by Forest Whitaker. Also in the new cast, Beau Garrett and Matt Smith. I have read the script for this episode and it has a strong case that hits home with Forest’s character.


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