Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Another show, another dollar for Jerry Bruckheimer, but will his newest project be worth the time…

What CBS Says:

MIAMI MEDICAL is about a team of expert surgeons who thrive on the adrenaline rush of working at one of the premiere trauma facilities in the country while drawing upon their wit and irreverence to survive on the edge. As part of the Alpha Team at one of the top trauma hospitals, these professionals exclusively treat patients with life-threatening injuries.  Dr. Matthew Proctor is new to the trauma team after leaving a lucrative private practice following his return from a tour of duty in a MASH unit during the first Gulf War. Dr. Eva Zambrano is a workaholic surgeon who wishes she had more time for a personal life.  Dr. Christopher Deleo, “Dr. C.,” is a playboy who thrives on the high-stakes of trauma medicine and is, by his own description, a genius cowboy.  Dr. Serena Warren is fresh out of medical school and is quickly learning the meaning of “trial by fire.”  The glue that keeps the team together is head nurse Tuck Brody, who balances the needs of the doctors and their patients’ families in this chaotic corner of the medical profession.  Together, this team of doctors excels in the “golden hour,” the 60 minutes after being critically injured when a patient’s life hangs in the balance. STARRING Jeremy Northam as Dr. Matthew Proctor, Mike Vogel as Dr. Chris “C” Deleo, Lana Parrilla as Dr. Eva Zambrano, Elisabeth Harnois as Dr. Serena Warren, and Omar Gooding as Tuck Brody

What Works: I commend any drama that tries to stray off the clichéd page but…

What Doesn’t: It often does not work, and a prime example is here in CBS’s newest medical drama. Miami Medical is a forced hour that tries to be fast-paced, traumatic, new, and innovative but what comes through is boring, and uninteresting. Similar in tone to NBC’s Trauma, that does a much better job and portraying its characters as more than their profession. Medical uses great underused talent like Lana Parrilla in a formula that just does not take off. The signature of the hour is it takes place in the so-called “Golden Hour,” the first hour after a traumatic accident. In the first two episodes I screened, the accidents went from looking like something from CSI: Miami to ER, and I was happy to see a hint of the later. In general, this is DOA on the Eye, and that is the same way I felt while watching.

Miami Medical takes over for Numb3ers on Fridays at 10/9c starting tonight.


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