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Major changes at major case on tonight’s premiere of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, 10/9c on USA!

What USA Says:

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, USA Network’s hit original scripted series, will return with 16 all new episodes on its new night, Tuesday, March 30 at 10/9c.  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, produced by Wolf Films and Universal Cable Productions, created and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, was developed by René Balcer.  Shot entirely in and around New York City, the third installment of the “Law & Order” franchise takes viewers deep into the minds of its criminals while following the intense psychological approaches the Major Case Squad uses to solve its crimes.
After a triumphant eight-season run, Emmy nominee Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian say goodbye to LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.  The two-part season opener will showcase the brilliant partnership between Detectives Goren & Eames as they, along with Detectives Nichols and Stevens, unravel a case with devastating consequences for Captain Ross.
SAG Award nominee Saffron Burrows (“Boston Legal,” “Troy”) joins the cast as Detective Serena Stevens, a highly educated, worldly single parent with a broad range of life experiences to draw upon in solving even the toughest of cases.  Teamed with Detective Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum), the two of them create a partnership of challenging intellect and street-smart savvy.
Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio joins the cast as Captain Zoe Callas who comes to MCS from Internal Affairs, where she honed the pragmatic style and political skillfulness that make her a standout captain. She takes over the role of Captain of the Major Case Squad replacing Eric Bogosian’s character Danny Ross.  Mastrantonio was an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee in the best supporting actress category for the role of Carmen, opposite Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in the film “The Color of Money” directed by Martin Scorsese.
Academy Award and Emmy nominee Jeff Goldblum (“Adam Resurrected,” “Jurassic Park”) returns for season nine as Detective Zach Nichols, insightful and powerfully motivated to uncover the darkest side of human nature.  Nichols uses his keen intelligence and off beat charm to reveal the criminal intent behind his homicide cases.
A ratings powerhouse, LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT was second only to fellow USA show IN PLAIN SIGHT Sundays in 2009 among total basic cable viewers. Guest stars for season nine include Tracy Pollan, Dan Lauria, Ralph Macchio, Dan Butler and William Mapother.

The two-parter season premiere (airing this week and next), says goodbye to the long time regulars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe (Goren and Eames) and introduces us to Det. Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) new partner Stevens (the wonderful Saffron Burrows).

After 8 long years, it was time for Goren and Eames to call it quits along with Captain Ross (Eric Bogosian). In the premiere, one will be killed, one fired, and one retired in a huge fashion. The case is that of an international trade scandal that somehow wraps around to involve Major Case. While the case is best left handled on a more focuses show, it takes a back seat to the problems at the precinct that captivate the audience.

In the first hour, Nichols teams up with the group, and is soon introduced to Chicago transplant Stevens, who is not letting on all that she knows. Also new to the team is Zoe Callas as the new captain in hour 3 played by Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

It was said to see our old friends take off bu they did in a literal game-changing hour that provided excellent acting, emotion, and completion, and what more can you ask for from TV’s quintessential police saga.

The premiere airs tonight at 10/9c on USA.


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