Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

In November, Tyler was meeting Anna, getting sucked in by her force, Jack got stabbed by an alien, Erica was teaming with Ryan and Georgie to form the resistance, and they started by blowing up a mystery substance in the flu vaccine. Now in March, all those things are picking up again, on ABC’s reimagaining of V.

V if you did not know centers around Erica Evans (the excellent Elizabeth Mitchell), a FBI agent, who is thrown into a major situation as alien ships hover over major cities. Those aliens are known as V’s and they as they say come in peace but are really reptilian creatures that have a secret agenda led by Anna (Morena Baccarin). Anna also has a whole armada of ships coming toward earth but her immediate problem lies in the 5th Column, a rogue group of V’s that have been planet for years.

If you need a more length refresher at the first four episodes check out the recap below but the same girl who does the awesome LOST recaps.

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I got a chance to see the return episode, the show’s 5th, and it comes back with vengeance. First thing, there is a kick ass fight scene between a visitor and Erica, in Liz’s signature Juliet fight style. Each of the shows regulars are given a start to their upcoming storylines in the hour, written by new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. As Erica and Georgie, continue to get a resistance with Ryan, they try to incorporate a new member played by Charles Mesure, a mercenary that has much need experience. Ryan is also busy with Val, as she is having a hybrid baby and has no idea. She is having some unknown side-effects and fans of the original series will be very happy at what happens at the end of the episode.

Back at the mothership, Anna and her daughter, and Tyler’s boyfriend Lisa, continue to get Tyler to join their team and that includes an introduction to a very cool par of the ship known as the “memory chamber.” Anna also is dealing with the 5th column and she realizes this is going to be one long fight.

In the end, the episode is a great sci-fi accomplishment, it shows that even with new direction, on a new incarnation of an old show, the genre can still be relevant, emotional, and compelling in a very new sense. I am very excited to see where this journey will take as in the next 8 episodes of the first year and hopefully not last.

V is well worth the wait and debuts in its new time-slot after Lost on ABC at 10/9c Tuesday.


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